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The best wood stoves for the bath

For thousands of years, the bath has brought joy and pleasure to people. It has a beneficial effect on the health of the body, and also helps to relieve stress. It's nice to spend time with your friends or family in the steam room. But for the process of parks in a Russian bath to really benefit...

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Finnish stoves for a sauna on firewood

Everyone knows that people in Finland just love to bathe in a bath. Well, they have everything for this. Finnish baths are very popular all over the world. And after all half of all bath is an oven thanks to which the premise is warmed up and filled with steam. An ideal option for a steam room i...

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Which oven for a bath is better to choose

Choosing a stove for a bath is not difficult, if you specifically understand what kind of atmosphere in the sauna you prefer: sauna or Russian steam room. All other issues are often associated only with ease of use and affordable options for energy sources for the operation of the furnace. ...

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Varvara stove for the bath

The market of equipment for equipping the sauna and steam rooms is saturated to the limit with a variety of options for stoves, steel and cast iron ovens, convectors, combined devices that can not only heat, but also soar, both imported and domestic production. There are many frank consumer good...

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Furnace for a bath from a vertical pipe

As a rule, the sauna oven is designed to be compact, relatively inexpensive in terms of materials and, most importantly, the most reliable and simple design. The classical scheme of a boiler or a stove for a bath presupposes a vertically placed body of the device, with a tank with water, a heate...

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Furnace for a bath from a pipe horizontal

Everyone who has ever built a sauna oven knows how much effort it takes to make even an unpretentious body made of sheet metal according to his own drawings. It is simpler to build with your own hands a stove for a bath from a pipe, especially since the drawing of such a building is not a proble...

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