Home Decoration


Decoupage picture of the picture with your own hands photo: on the wall of cardboard, decor with putty master class, from newspaper tubes in the technique decoupage, blanks, video

The picture in decoupage is powerful even for those who never held a brush or an easel in their hand. Decoupage is an old technique that allows decorating various objects by gluing various cut pictures, fragments, etc. In this case, the result is covered with several layers of varnish, ...

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Panel on the wall with your own hands: a photo of the wall, how to make a beautiful master class, what is it, by the day of the mother, pictures in the interior, metal in the living room, video

Several practical advice, and your imagination will help you create a unique decor in the house with his own hands modern panels on the wall - it's often work the whole family, when all members of the household are working on a bright decoration. Today in fashion, it is such options, when i...

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