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How many meters in a roll of wallpaper width of 1 meter: the dimensions, the width of the standard for the walls, the length of a meter roll, 50 cm in one roll, wide, m2, photo, 1 m,

Each square meter of wallpaper weighs no more than 100 grams. When repairing an apartment, the last step in decorating walls is to glue the wallpaper. Today's industry offers the widest choice of paper, vinyl or non-woven wallpaper, self-adhesive or ordinary. Single-color wallpaper "for...

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Dairy kitchen from January 1, 2017: whether dairy kitchen for pregnant women will be canceled, how to receive benefits, how to issue documents, to what age free of charge, video

Documents on dairy food production begins to draw a pediatrician The best nutrition for infants has always been the mother's milk, but for many reasons, not all mothers have the ability to breast-feed. It can be replaced by a baby formula that can be cooked at home. This handbook also issue...

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Types of spotlights for stretch ceiling

Spotlights help correct accents in interior design stretch ceiling requires special fixtures - mortise and overhead. Stretch ceiling helps to hide all the irregularities of the main ceiling plate, hide communications. It is suitable for offices, industrial and residential premises. But one ...

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