Interior in vintage style

Vintage style in the interior

In recent years, vintage style has become popular not only in the design of clothing, but also in the design of interiors."Vintage" - the word French, means "old wine, long kept in the cellars."Like a mature drink, whose taste only improves from time to time, vintage items that have been preserved since the time of our grandmother's youth are becoming more valuable every year. In this article of the blog about interior design "Cat's House" we will consider the vintage style in the interior.

Strictly speaking, vintage items include furniture and interior items, which are more than 20 years old. However, in fact, for this style, things are more suited to the 20s-30s of the last century, which best characterize the era when plastic, synthetic and other artificial materials were not as common as, for example, in Soviet times. Let's look at the interior of the photo below:

Interior in vintage style

We see that vintage style interior - is primarily emphasized antiquity and uniqueness of things, so linoleum, laminate, carpe

t, suspended ceiling and other commonly used nowadays technology, Can simply cross out all other elements of design. The only way to apply modern materials is to artificially age them. So, the first important feature of the interior in the vintage style:


  • - vintage style uses only natural materials or artificially aged
  • - vintage style wallpapers
  • - vintage style ceiling and floor must remain natural
  • -in the style of a vintage used furniture "with history" of natural materials
  • - symmetry in the arrangement of furniture
  • - in the interior in the style of a vintage used an abundance of accessories
  • - interiors vintage style ICsOlza textiles made of natural fabrics

- in vintage style uses only natural materials or artificially aged

Creating interior in the vintage style begins with the choice of color, which will be the basis of design. Usually muted tones are used, natural light or dark shades. For example, in the following interior walls used for lighter shades:

Vintage interior
Interior in vintage style

Although this principle applies not at all. Many interiors in vintage style in contrast, have a rich color due to the specificity of vintage wallpaper, which we will now talk about.

- wallpaper in vintage style

Features that distinguish the wallpaper in vintage style from the others - patterns( floral motifs, interlacing branches, flowers).
All kinds of wallpaper that are commonly used in vintage style interiors can be divided into three versions. The first of them:
Wallpaper with a contrast pattern, brought from the Art Nouveau style.
In the photo below, you can see examples of such wallpaper with a large pattern, very often this kind of wallpaper is supplemented with striped wallpaper.

Vintage wallpaper
Vintage wallpaper
Vintage wallpaper
Vintage wallpaper
Vintage interior

second version of wallpaper in interior vintage: Japanese motifs, bright saturated basic background and birds / flowers.

Japanese style wallpapers
Vintage vivid wallpaper

Do you want something more calm?Use the third version of wallpaper in the vintage style: wallpaper with a smaller and less intense pattern in pastel colors.

Vintage-room( remake)
Wallpaper with a small pattern

Note that now under the influence of modern trends such wallpaper is glued not to the whole room, and one wall. If you want as much as possible to approximate the style of your interior to a vintage one, you should wallpaper the whole room, and not just a part of it.

Vintage wallpaper( whole room)

- in vintage style ceiling and the floor must remain natural

Considering interiors in the vintage style, you can note the cracks and slight unevenness on the ceiling, this only adds charm and authenticity to the interior. Very often stucco molding is used.

Ceiling 122

The floor must necessarily be natural - parquet or a wooden floor for rooms, antique or antique stylized bath and kitchen tiles are ideal. For example, in the previous or in the following interiors in the photo we see a natural beautiful wooden plank floor.

Plank floor
Plank floor 123

- In the style of a vintage used furniture "with history" of natural materials

great importance for the creation of such interior has aged furniture. It should be made of natural materials - wood, wrought iron, brass and copper in conjunction with interesting finishing fabrics. It is desirable that the furniture had a unique history, scrapes and scratches only give it value. But you can use modern furniture, a well-aged tree in the interior does not spoil the composition. But it will cost more. For example, in the next interior we see wooden furniture with patina.

Furniture vintage 2

The photo below bedroom interior in the vintage style with wrought-iron furniture

Forged-furniture( f)

Vintage stuff - it's not just the old stuff, they invested much more sense. Vintage things - a high level of quality, uniqueness, blagorodstvo. Sleduyuschaya feature vintage-style in the interior:

- symmetry in the arrangement of furniture

choosing and placing furniture, remember the important features of the vintage style in the interior - symmetry. Buy steam armchairs, shelves and cabinets and arrange them symmetrically, for example, opposite each other and your room will immediately acquire a vintage shade. The symmetrical arrangement of furniture we can observe in almost all the interiors of the vintage style.


The interior in the following photo shows us how the symmetry in the dining room is emphasized by the symmetrically arranged decor on the wall.

Vintage symmetry

Now let's look at the accessories that complement the interior in the vintage style. It should be remembered that even at the planning stage, you must decide what will become the color center of your interior: furniture and accessories or the color of walls and ceiling, so the room will not be overloaded with details. Bright wallpaper should be supplemented by discreet furniture, and an interesting upholstery of the sofa, for example, stand out against the backdrop of light walls.

- in the interior in the style of a vintage used an abundance of accessories

For example, in the interior, shown in the photo below, a lot of furniture, decor and accessories, so the light-colored walls, they are neutral background abundance of accessories and furniture.

Vintage furniture

Now consider another example: bright contrasting wallpaper on the walls attract all the attention on himself, if you add objects of decoration on the wall, they get lost, and the interior will look congested.

Vintage decor 23

If you like to decorate your house with numerous accessories, there is also a neutral option. The interior, which is presented in the photo below, gets an excellent vintage impulse with the help of wallpaper in the appropriate style, but the walls "take" the decor perfectly, as the wallpaper is unobtrusive, pastel.

Accepts decor

To create this style, you will need a large number of vintage accessories for the home. Look for them on the shelves of your grandmothers, in antique shops and flea markets.

Vintage Decor 122
Decor vintage1233

Will be useful interesting ceramic figurines, candlesticks, frames, mirrors, shelves, vases and many other elements of decor. However, try not to turn your home into a museum, for a vintage style choose one room, the rest you will design in adjacent styles.

Vintage decor7899

An integral part of the vintage interior is textiles: bedspreads, pillows and upholstery on furniture, as well as lacy napkins and tablecloths. Fabrics should be natural, with an interesting intricate risunkom. Itak, remember:

- interiors vintage style using textiles made of natural fabrics

Linen, cotton and silk will suit perfectly. Most often, textiles use a floral pattern that echoes with a pattern on the coverlet, upholstery or wallpaper. For example, in the following interior, the pattern on the curtains repeats the pattern on the fabric of the bed head.

Text on the lampshade repeats the wallpaper pattern

Textiles on a lamp

In order to accent vintage furniture, the curtains can be matched to the tone, for example, as in the following interior.

Vintage Textile 1223456

word, textiles vintage interior serves as an assistant in the creation of a harmonious picture. If you want to emphasize a vintage note - used textiles with a pattern, if vintage accents in the interior is already enough - plain textiles are used.

And now consider what kind of lighting is better to use in the vintage interior. As a rule, these are crystal chandeliers or chandeliers with fabric lampshades, as well as numerous lamps and candlesticks, for example, forged ones. In the following interiors, we see crystal chandeliers and lamps with fabric lampshades.

Vintage lighting
Vintage lighting

Some rooms interior design in vintage style has its own peculiarities. Vintage style kitchen interior asks antique tiles on the floor and working walls, wooden furniture, tablecloth gruff textile, solid or in a cage. The dishes should be interesting and different, with rustic themes and gentle floral patterns. A variety of plants, living, in vases and pots, or dry, collected in the composition, will make the kitchen even more cozy.

Vintage lighting 144

Vintage style bedroom interior can be created using a canopy and pillows, as well as unusual dressing table with a mirror in carved frame and a plurality of drawers. Be sure to place on it powder boxes, unusual perfume bottles and hair combs.

Bedroom in vintage style

kitchen in vintage style and the bedroom in vintage style - a theme for another article, we will discuss them later.
Vintage style is a cosiness and romance, in such an environment you want to dream and create a unique history of your home. I hope this article has convinced you of this.

Comfort at your home!