Wooden floor in the garage with your own hands

Accomplishment of the garage begins with the selection of a suitable floor covering. The task has many solutions, boardwalk is one of the most common options. It can be spread to the ground or concrete screed. Having studied the features of the process, how to make a wooden floor in the garage, the work will be done on its own.

Features of the wooden floor

There is no unanimous opinion about the practicality and comfortable operation of the boardwalk. Finally, to verify the correctness of the chosen solution will help study the features of the wooden floor in the garage. Among the advantages are the following parties:

  • Long service life. Preliminary treatment of wood coating with protective compounds significantly prolongs the period of operation of the floor. The time of wear depends largely on the intensity of using the garage.
  • If a part of a wooden floor is damaged, it can easily be replaced with new material.
  • Doing an inspection or repair of the car is much more pleasant on the wooden sur
    face than on a cold concrete screed.
  • Correctly matched material can compete on strength with a concrete base.
  • Simple installation allows you to make your own wooden floor in the garage.
Note! The use of wood impregnations contributes to the reduction of moisture in the garage, which slows the process of corrosion of the body.

Any covering for the garage floor has disadvantages, it is worth noting the following negative aspects regarding the wooden flooring:

  • Wood actively absorbs foreign smells. Spot from accidentally spilled oil or gasoline is almost impossible to withdraw, and a specific flavor will long remind the incident, especially when the engine is on.
  • The cost of material varies in different regions, so from the economic point of view it is sometimes more profitable to decorate the garage with floor tiles.
  • The wood floor is not water resistant, so there is a risk of rotting. It can damage rodents and insects.

Preventing the problem is the ability to treat wood coating with protective compounds, which will be discussed later.

Protection of wood coating

Before starting installation in the garage floor of wooden boards, care should be taken to protect the material. The use of various formulations in the form of impregnations, varnishes and paints improves the performance characteristics of wood.

All the variety of protective devices are conventionally divided into three groups:

  • Antiseptics and fire retardants. Protect the wooden floor in the garage from damage from rodents, putrefaction as a result of high humidity, impart fire resistance.
  • Wood varnishes. Protective film slows down the process of abrasion of the floor and reduces the negative impact of mechanical loads.
  • The paint features are similar to the wood varnish and additionally play a decorative role.
Tip! Before proceeding to the processing of the wooden floor, the material is thoroughly dried and treated with antiseptic substances. The combination of the formulations depends on the purpose of the garage and the likely risks.

Installation of a wooden covering on a concrete screed

The erection process is preceded by a study of the floor device, a detailed action plan, the purchase of material. There are several technologies for how to make a wooden floor in the garage with your own hands. The following option is considered to be optimal:

  • Formation of cement screed reinforced with reinforcement.
  • Mounting the waterproofing layer.
  • Improve the quality characteristics of the floor from the boards will help its insulation, although this stage is not mandatory for the garage.
  • Strengthening the lag.
  • Installation of the floor board.
  • Treatment of the wooden floor with protective compounds.


List of materials for fitting onto the garage floor of a concrete screed with subsequent covering of a wooden floor:

  • gravel of gravel or medium fraction to form a pillow;
  • cleaned sand for cushion and concrete preparation;
  • get a strong screed will allow cement grade M400 and above;
  • waterproofing function will perform polyethylene or ruberoid;
  • for transverse logs, there is a bar with a cross-section 200 x 200 mm;
  • insulation is created by claydite or mineral wool;
  • deck installation is carried out board, the thickness of which is greater than 3 cm.

Dimensions board is largely determined by the mass and intensity of auto garage operations. The use of tongue-and-groove boards greatly facilitates the installation process due to the presence of grooves, and a tight joint contributes to the formation of sealed joints.

Preparatory work

The work on the arrangement of a concrete screed in the garage as a rough floor for wooden flooring consists of the following steps:

  • Remove the soil layer to a depth of 40 cm, level the horizontal surface using a building level.
  • The soil is rammed, then it goes to the formation of a cushion.
  • The first layer consists of sand, then the rubble is laid. The oriented thickness of each layer is 5-6 cm. All are carefully rammed.
  • Reinforcement significantly increases the strength of the floor in the garage. For this purpose, a net of metal rods is tied together. The size of the cell varies from 15 to 20 cm. The rods are connected with wire, the reinforcing frame is fixed on bricks, so that there is a gap of a few centimeters between it and the pillow.
  • For garage floor preparing solution cast-layer thickness of 10-12 cm.
  • After pouring proceeds to leveling the surface of the subfloor in a garage.

After drying, the concrete base goes to the waterproofing arrangement. The installation of the material goes with the admission to the walls, the sealing of all joints with adhesive tape facilitates the achievement of tightness.

Installing beams

joists under the wooden floor made of timber 200x200 mm. If a material with a section of 150x200 mm is used, the mounting is carried out on the edge to increase rigidity. There is a certain order of installation:

  • Beams are located across the garage with an interval of 0.3-0.5 m. The optimum interval depends on the thickness of the wooden floor and the weight of the car.
  • The boards must be laid perpendicular to the beams.

main stages of the installation process for a wooden lag garage floor:

  • tree has the ability to deform during level changes in humidity or temperature, so the beam between the end wall and leave a gap of 2-3 cm
  • Application level during stacking logs provide stability..Correct the slope will help wooden pads.
  • There is a need for air circulation between the beams and the rough floor of the concrete screed. For this purpose, a gap of 2-3 cm is formed using the same wooden liners.
  • edges lag based on grillage, column or pedestal height of 10 cm.

Mounting beams is performed by direct manner or by strapping garage perimeter.


Installation in the garage of wooden floors provides for the implementation of thermal insulation.

Note! The process is not mandatory, but in the absence of a source of heat it will help keep the heat in the cold period.

Claydite and minvate have the appropriate properties. The material is distributed to the free areas between the beams.

When making mineral wool insulation layer is necessary to lay the mats with maximum density, sufficient space is allowed. Keep the performance characteristics of the material will help its impregnation with fire retardants and antiseptics. This measure will prevent the risk of ignition of mineral wool and its damage by bugs. If the insulation function is carried out with expanded clay, it is filled up between the lags and carefully tamped. To achieve the maximum effect of heat preservation, additional application of the transparent insulating film on the top will help. This is especially important if the wooden floor of the garage is to spread unprimed boards.

Clear floor design

The final stage of the arrangement in the garage of the wooden floor will be the installation of boards. The process does not contain complex actions, the key is keeping the seams tight. Strengthen the integrity of the wooden floor will help pre-treatment of joints with silicone.

Installation starts from the far corner of the garage. The boards are spread in such order that the end join of the first row is not next to the joint of the next one, that is, the chess method is used.

When the installation of the plank floor in the garage is finished, proceed to the processing of the wooden cover. Prior to the application of varnish or paint, the wood floor is cleaned of dirt and dust, antiseptic agents and other protective agents are applied. After drying, proceed to the decorative design of the garage floor. Paint and varnish materials are selected taking into account their purpose for wooden surfaces.

Tip! Plots where it is planned to touch the wheels of a car with a wooden floor can be decorated with a rubberized coating. This contributes to the extension of the boardwalk service.

Arrangement of a wooden floor on the ground

It is faster, easier and cheaper to equip a wooden floor in the garage without preliminary design of a concrete base. The technological process consists of the following stages:

  • Inside the garage, the top layer of the soil is removed under the foundation.
  • As a pillow a mixture of sand and rubble is used, it can be supplemented with clay. After filling and leveling, the layer is carefully compacted.
  • Wooden beams for the floor will be located along the edges of the garage foundation. The function of the intermediate supports is performed by the posts.
  • For grooves, grooves are prepared with a size of 40x40 cm. The depth of the holes corresponds to the level of the foundation of the garage.
  • The bottom of the pits is closed by a layer of gravel of coarse fraction. The height of the pillow is 15-20 cm.
    Important! The first row of posts for wooden beams retreats from the walls of the garage to 0.5 m. The next set with an interval of no more than 1 m from the first row. The gap between the beams should be no more than 0,6 m. The dimensions are chosen individually, their choice is influenced by the thickness of the wooden cover, the weight of the machine and the frequency of the garage operation.
  • Concrete is mixed with fine gravel. The obtained composition to the top is filled with pits for the columns. This procedure prevents soil shedding and helps strengthen the supports.
  • After the concrete has dried, proceed to the installation of the posts. They are formed from red bricks laid out in 2-3 rows.
  • After completion of the process, it is necessary to verify that the horizontal line is observed using the level. Defects eliminate, otherwise the wooden floor of the garage will quickly become unusable.

The areas where the wheels of the car are planned are reinforced with additional supports. It is also desirable to equip this place with stronger lags.

Instead of brick supports, it is possible to mount the installation in a wooden floor garage on a columnar foundation made independently. To do this, drill holes are prepared, into which a pipe from the roofing material is inserted. Inside the reinforcing frame is installed and filled with cement mortar.

The remaining stages of the arrangement in the garage of the wooden floor are carried out in a manner analogous to the stated laying process on a concrete base.


Despite some drawbacks, a wooden floor can become a reliable garage cover, provided that the technological process of laying and processing for protection is complied with.

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