Remaking old furniture by yourself: the stages of work, surface preparation, video instruction, painting, decoupage, aging, master class

Remaking old furniture by yourself - this is the most economical and effective option for updating the design of the kitchen Altering old furniture with your own hands is the most economical and effective option for updating the design of the kitchen After the repair in the apartment and the eye it is nice and breathing easier. But the return of old furniture to its original place can spoil the impression of fresh repair. If you get rid of the ancient interior items is not included in your plans, fixing the situation can rework old furniture - whether it is a cabinet, shelves or even an update of a whole kitchen set.

    • Preparing an action plan for
    • Preparing for
    • Getting rid of excess
    • Painting old furniture: a monochrome classic or two-tone modern?
    • Exquisite shine-chic
    • Surface sculpting
    • Decoupage of old furniture: floral motive
    • Decoupage of a chebie-chic dresser( video instruction)
    • Coating work with varnish
    • Conclusion

Making an action plan for

A little imagination and efforts will help to update your interior with small materialCosts. The main th

ing is that before starting work, decide what you want to do:

  1. Choose a style.
  2. Sketch the sketch.
  3. Make a list of required materials.

Updating the facades of the kitchen with your own hands, you can radically change the design of the kitchen Updating the facades of the kitchen with your own hands, you can dramatically change the design of the kitchen

And, of course, learn the technology of altering yourself those interior items that you decided to change. To alter the furniture that has lost its appearance is not so difficult as it may seem.

The requires tools:

  • screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • sandpaper;
  • putty for wood;
  • brushes or rollers;
  • adhesive;
  • paint for wood;
  • furniture varnish.

Preparatory work for

Replacing the facades of the headset with new ones is one of the most effective ways to convert furniture in the kitchen Replacement of facades with a new one is one of the most effective ways to convert furniture in the kitchen

Regardless of which style of alteration will be used, old furniture will need to be spent on preparatory work. For example, if the old cabinet becomes an object of alteration, it will be necessary to dismantle it. For cleaning:

  • remove all doors;
  • remove the drawers and shelves;
  • unscrew the hardware;
  • remove the decorative elements.

If the case does not need repair, the cabinet does not need to be completely disassembled. It is wiped with a damp sponge and a solution of laundry soap. After that, the cabinet is wiped off from moisture and allowed to dry.

Get rid of excess

The next important stage of the preparatory work is the removal of the old varnish. It will go faster if you use a grinder.

Remove varnish from the old furniture can be using ordinary sandpaper You can remove the varnish from the old furniture with ordinary Also for the removal of varnish, you can use special tools sandpaper. Special tools

can also be used to remove varnish. Rare furniture should be cleaned from varnish with more gentle means. To do this, use special washing. It is more convenient when the surfaces to which such gels are applied are in an upright position.

To remove a layer of varnish from furniture it is possible ordinary emery paper. To make it more convenient to hold it in hand, a sheet is wrapped in a sheet. An old cabinet based on particle board should not only be sanded, but also degreased.

If necessary, change old rusty bolts and screws. Small cracks are smeared with glue for wood. More significant faults are masked with putty in the tone of the tree.

Painting of old furniture: a monophonic classic or two-tone modern?

It's easiest to give the old furniture a more modern look, refreshing the surface with a new paint. For the cabinet, acrylic is a good choice. Among its advantages:

  • no odor;
  • thicken, just diluted with water;
  • can adjust the hue by mixing color;
  • , if necessary, it is easy to wash off;
  • dries quickly.

Before painting, cover the furniture with adhesive tape to paint only the elements that are necessary Before painting, be sure to cover the furniture with adhesive tape to paint only the elements that are necessary.

Before surface painting, the surface must be primed. The primer is applied with a thin layer. For this use a roller.

The paint is applied in 2-3 layers. The next one is applied only after the previous one is completely dry. The brush moves on the surface in one direction.

For the first time painting the cabinet with your own hands, you can first stop at one color of the paint. Monochrome design of ivory or natural wood colors will look organically in any interior.

If the monophonic set is boring you, then you can resort to an easy restyling - paint it in different colors If you are bored with a monophonic set, you can resort to an easy restyling - paint it in different colors.

. If the single-colored furniture seems boring to you when the main color is applied, you can accent others on certain details. Choosing a pattern, on its contour on the cabinet glue sticky paper tape. So you will avoid unevenness and inaccuracies during the painting of details.

The alteration will not be complete unless the product is lacquered. It dries quickly, forming a transparent film. Such a kitchen cabinet can be washed with warm water and mild soap. It remains only to add hardware.

Exquisite shine-chic

Old furniture in the kitchen can be changed into a style of shebbie-chic, making it incredibly stylish and cozy Old furniture in the kitchen can be remade in the style of the shebi-chic, making it incredibly stylish and cozy

The popular trend in furniture design today is the chic chic. This original style combines objects in pastel colors with a touch of antiquity, artificial abrasions and cracks. It is used in the interior of bedrooms, children's, kitchens.

Create an exclusive thing with your own hands in this style is easy. Especially if you are going to experiment on old furniture.

We also recommend you to view the video gallery of the interiors in the style of a shine-chic:


To remodel a kitchen cabinet with your own hands in the style of a shine-chic, you will need:

  • PVA glue;
  • lacquer for single-step krale;
  • sandpaper;
  • paraffin candle;
  • dark acrylic paint;
  • hair dryer.

Paint to create the effect of artificial abrasion is applied to the cabinet with a special technique:

  1. On the surface, apply one coat of paint.
  2. When the product dries, you need to go through it with a thin sandpaper.
  3. The next layer is applied across the previous one.
  4. This procedure is repeated 3-4 times more.
  5. To achieve a texture with the effect of scuffs and cracks, a dark color is applied to these places.
  6. Top of these spots are varnished for a single-step craquelure.
  7. Varnish can be replaced with PVA glue, which is applied thickly on a dark spot.
  8. When the glue dries a little, apply the main tone and immediately blow dry with a hairdryer.

Натерев поверхность парафиновой свечой, можно создать эффект "старой поверхности" Surface waxing with a paraffin candle, you can create the effect of "old surface" A fairly radical way - painting old furniture in a new shade A fairly radical way - painting old furniture in a new shade

To achieve the effect of antiquity with your own hands is easily another non-standard way. For this place with a dark paint rub with a paraffin candle where you want to see the cracks. After complete painting and drying these areas are rubbed with sandpaper. Bright tone will be removed, and through it will break through the dark cracks.

Decoupage of old furniture: a floral motive

It is best to decorate furniture in the style of a shebbie-chic decoration in the technique of decoupage. For this, use paper napkins with patterns of colors:

  1. Separate the top layer of the napkin with the picture.
  2. Gently tear off the pattern along the contour. If you use scissors, sharp transitions of the cut edges will be visible on the surface.
  3. The napkin is applied face-to-face with the office file.
  4. Moisten with salted water from the spray gun.
  5. Attach a file with a wet napkin to the furniture surface.
  6. Through polyethylene straighten the pattern with a rag.
  7. The file is removed, and the napkin is glued with PVA glue after 1-3 minutes.

Decoupage of Chest-chic Chest( video instruction)

If the picture looks too bright, it's easy to grow old with a brush with stiff bristles and a paint of the main tone. Brush with paint you need to get wet with paper and move lightly through the pattern. When the strokes dry, the pattern is wiped with a fine sandpaper.

Coating with

varnish The finishing touch of the work will be the varnishing of the product. If the cabinet is to stand in the kitchen, it is better to choose a water resistant one. For furniture in other rooms you can apply parquet.

The varnish covering of decoupage will save the drawing for many years and will give it a pleasant gloss The varnish covering of decoupage will save the drawing for many years and give it a pleasant gloss

It is important to take into account that different varnishes create a different effect on the surfaces. They can be glossy and matte, silky. For a cheby-chic style, the coating should not give a strong shine.

It is more convenient to work with a varnish in a spray bottle. It is applied several times in a thin layer. Flows and irregularities are easily eliminated by moistened with fine sandpaper.


As you can see, remaking furniture is not only a saved budget, but also a very exciting activity. Look at your old wardrobe from a new angle. Surely you will see in it a wide scope for creativity, which will be limited only by your imagination.