Decoupage of furniture with napkins by one's own hands: how to make a choice of a picture, video instruction, nuances, advice of masters

With the help of decoupage technology you can update the boring, monotonous interior of the kitchen With the decoupage technique, you can update bored monotonous kitchen interior Decoupage - popular technology decorative surface treatment, which is able to give new life to almost any thing. Caskets, kitchen utensils, furniture - all this is transformed, thanks to the technique of decoupage.

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often some piece of furniture can not be thrown away or even to move to the country - old, not fashionable, but tooM of roads. But a little change, make it relevant and stylish it is possible. Using the technique of decoupage furniture, you can not say goodbye to your favorite things.

Decoupage with napkins helps to update your favorite interior items Decoupage napkins will update the favorite subjects of the interior

Decoupage - what it is and how it

It's simple: we liked the cut image and fix it on the surface, fixing a new layer lacquer. This technique of decoration beyond recognition can transform any thing. Most fans of decoupage in their own way transform furniture: chests of drawers, cabinets, coffee tables, kitchen sets, chairs.

For decorating surfaces, you can use napkins, cuttings from newspapers and magazines or special paper for decoupage for decorating surfaces, you can use napkins, clippings from newspapers and magazines, or special paper for decoupage

As a new image using napkins motives, newspapers and magazines, special paper for decoupage. Technique used in the design of different surfaces:

  • Ceramics;
  • Glass;
  • Plastic;
  • Metal;
  • Fabrics;
  • Cardboard;
  • Soaps;
  • Skin.

Especially popular is the wooden furniture, the appearance of which, to put it mildly, depresses. And with the help of decoupage, it echoes with the style of Provence, and you can do it yourself, without ruining your purse.

Kitchen in the style of Provence can be made by own hands cuisine in the style of Provence, you can make your own hands

Decorating napkins can not only elements of the interior, but also favorite items of utensils decorate wipes can not only elements of the interior, but also the favorite utensils Original design of the refrigerator with napkins original design refrigerator towels

napkins to decoupage yourhands( video)

Decoupage furniture to kitchen cabinets example

Consider the process of registration of the old kitchen furniture in decoupage technique. Let it be lockers: so you can transform a podnadoevshy set. Often this way decorate the furniture of tenants of rented apartments: coziness for little money and such a creative "thank you" to the owner.

Old furniture can still last a long time, if you improve its appearance Old furniture can still last for a long time, if ennoble its appearance Decor in the style of Provence the most common kind of decoupage of kitchen furniture decor in the style of Provence is the most common form of decoupage kitchen furniture

To transform the cupboard, take:

  • emeryPaper;
  • Adhesive for decoupage or simple PVA adhesive;
  • Medium hardness brush;
  • Scissors;
  • Acrylic lacquer;
  • Wipes.

Making cupboard cloths in the style of Provence - the most popular form of decoupage. We follow the instructions:

  1. We will walk on the surface of the cabinet by sandpaper. If the furniture has cracks, it is rational to use the filler. If you decorate the furniture with a polished surface, it must be degreased.
  2. Prepare the drawing. We remove the top layer of the napkin with the image in the style of Provence, it should be done very carefully, so that the pictures do not tear.
  3. Apply glue to the picture, it must soak. Try not to touch the front of the image with your hands. By your careless actions, you can ruin all the work. Suitable for napkins PVA glue.
  4. Apply the picture to the surface, level with a brush, and not with your hands. The task is to smooth out the picture so that there are no bubbles or creases.
  5. We wait until the surface dries, and only then we apply the varnish. Do this before the time can not be - all the work will go to scratch. The varnish is applied in four layers. Each layer is a break per hour.

The finishing coat of varnish is applied only after the surface is completely dry Finishing coat of the varnish is applied only after the surface has completely dried

Actually, everything is ready. Of course, in practice you will feel some subtleties of work, you need to try to decouple kitchen furniture with your own hands, in order to understand the essence of the technique. After the first successful work, decoupage, especially in the style of Provence, will want again and again. And not only cabinets! Transform the appearance of old furniture - this task is both pleasant and useful.

Decoupage motives

The kitchen cabinet can be turned into a real man-made miracle, colorful, bright. And it does not matter in what style you are going to do it: ethno, provance, country, classical. The most interesting and favorite patterns of the masters:

  • Folk motifs;Small meadow or field flowers;
  • Grape vines;
  • Pear apple;
  • Lilac;
  • Angels on a plant background;
  • Birds;
  • Mosaic.
  • The old kitchen with the new facades decontaminated in the technique, will last many years after the replacement of the table top The old kitchen with the new facades decontaminated in the technique, will last many years after the replacement of the table top The old kitchen with the new facades decontaminated in the technique, will last many years after the replacement of the table top The old kitchen with the new facade decoupage technology will last many years after the replacement of the

    . Such a decoupage can resemble the patterns of the beginning of the last century, decorated with everyday objects, personal belongings( boxes, for example), romantic ladies. The chic of those things finds a response in the modern style, where there is always a retro place, even if created by one's own forces.

    Nuances of the technique of decoupage

    The technique of decoupage furniture, although it is satisfied is simple, but it has its own subtleties. It depends on what you decuppose( cabinet or vase), with what surface the object( smooth or polished), in what style will be the object of your creativity.

    In decoupage, the following effects are often used by :

    • Gilding( applying gold paint to the cabinet, table, chest, etc.);
    • Creating a deliberate rubbing - the effect of antiquity;
    • Craquelure - the creation of artificial cracks;
    • Tinting with color paints( you need to do this if you want to enhance the effect of color);
    • Patination - dark spots left on the object from frequent contact with hands.

    These are the most common effects that make an object more and more vintage. The closet is either the back of the bed, a stool or a countertop a la Provence - by your own efforts you can decupit literally any furniture.

    Effect karakle creates an aged appearance of the item being decorated effect karakle creates the aged appearance of the decorated item Processing patches of furniture patina adds the effect of aging its general appearance furniture fragments Processing patina adds to the effect of aging of its general appearance

    interesting idea

    With these ideas you can start your way to Decoupage:

    • A coffee table in the kitchen, decapitated by scraps from old newspapers and magazines;
    • The stool with the image of small florets, with its outlines resembling naive still lifes;
    • Segment with Provence accents;
    • Drawers in kitchen cabinets, if you are not yet sure that you will be able to transform all the headsets with your own hands.
    • Old chairs, their worn-out seats in the dump - they can become a vintage adornment of your house.

    This is about furniture, but of course, not clever in still new for yourself technique hands, it will be difficult to do something big. Start with small things, and then complicate the choice of items of decoration.

    Decoration of furniture by decoupage( video)


    Decoupage is a technique where only by its actions, ideas and ideas one can achieve classical beauty in the interior, novelty and brightness.

    Have fun! Examples

    kitchen decor decoupage( photo)