How to decorate a refrigerator with your own hands: various options, decor, decoupage, painting

For decorating fit all refrigerators without exception suitable for decorating all refrigerators without exception At this point we can not say that the stores deficit equipment. But all of it is for the most part monotonous and does not look very interesting. Therefore, the decor of the refrigerator with their own hands is as relevant as ever.

    • frames and magnets
    • Airbrush
    • Using labels
    • 2 in 1: Refrigerator and organizer
    • decoupage technique
    • Decoupage fridge "Grapes"
    • magnetic whiteboard
    • PaintingRefrigerator

Consider options. ..

Frames and magnets

Such unusual magnets on the refrigerator will surely surprise your guests again and again Such unusual magnets on the refrigerator will certainly surprise your guests again and again How to decorate the hallA solitary without big expenses? To emphasize its individuality will help beautiful magnets or frames for a photo with a magnetized base.

You can buy magnets in any stationery store! But, if possible, it is better to make them yourself.

In order to make magnets, you can use a salty dough. Figures can be made in the form of fruits, flowers, animals,

geometric shapes. Then the future magnets are colored and glued to them with a magnetic plate on super-glue.


Such an original solution will be very appropriate in such styles as English and loft This original solution is very appropriate in such styles as English and loft If the kitchen is made in a modern style, then the picture on the refrigerator should not have small details, since this will make the interior less complete If the kitchen in a modern style, the picture on the refrigerator should not have small parts, as this will make the interior of at leastHolistic

How to decorate the refrigerator so that it looks spectacular? Use an airbrush! With the help of it you can get drawings of any complexity.

Themes are chosen by each individual. If you are not confident in your abilities, you should contact the designers!

Using labels

most inexpensive way to decorate an old refrigerator - ready to paste it vinyl stickers or tape, self-adhesive. In the second case, the design of the device will change completely. The refrigerator can become "stone", "leopard" and even "wooden".Stickers will make the product more attractive.

Today, a huge number of ready-made solutions are offered for selection, plus everything, you can order photo printing with your own design Today you can choose from a huge number of ready-made solutions, plus everything you can order photo printing with your own design.

Most popular images:

  • marine life;
  • colors;
  • cat;
  • birds;
  • butterfly.

In addition to stickers, you can apply glitters, crystals or ribbons to the refrigerator. You can draw a drawing with colors or a marker.

2 in 1: Refrigerator and organizer

VCR for refrigerator - convenient and functional Videomagnet on the refrigerator - convenient and functional This option is perfect for business people. It is enough to purchase a VCR and install it on the refrigerator. The gadget not only looks beautiful, but also suitable for storing records in video format that will remind you that it's time to pay bills or go shopping.

Videomagnet is an electronic organizer: it can store notes about business, mark time for cooking and be notified when they are ready.

The device has a speaker, microphone, camcorder and LCD screen. A special indicator signals that there is a message.

Technique decoupage

Decoupage represents decorating technique, implying cutting of paper of various images. These images are glued directly to the refrigerator.

Decoupage allows you to create a unique image technology, which will suit to your interior!

Decoupage of a refrigerator is a great way to try yourself as an artist or designer Decoupage refrigerator - a great way to try yourself as an artist or designer may also use techniques such as the gold-plating or sostarivanie. Volume decoupage involves the use of a model mass.

Where to take pictures? The first option is to purchase beautiful multi-layer napkins. In this case, it is necessary to separate the first layer with the picture, cut it out and paste it on the refrigerator with the help of PVA.After the glue dries, lacquer is applied to the image in several layers.

The second option is to print the image you like on the printer. Paper is suitable for office use. Then the following steps are performed:

  1. Cover the printout with varnish several times.
  2. Wait until it dries.
  3. Put the leaf in a bowl with water.
  4. Place a towel on the table and place a wet picture on it, the image should look down.
  5. Roll the layers of the paper base with your hands.
  6. must remain thin film made of acrylic with the image - and its glue on the refrigerator.

The separation of the paper substrate is a complex process. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare two printouts. One of them can be trained.

Decoupage on the refrigerator "Grapes"

It It's no secret that the green color is able to greatly diversify the interior, and the painted grapes will only strengthen this effect. . Standard materials used for decoupage and wipes with a pattern of "Grapes" will be required.


  1. Cut out the drawing. Important! That grapes do not look monotonous, clean with a few sprigs or leaves a couple vinogradinok.
  2. Consider the pattern and arrangement of all the elements. Then proceed to gluing.
  3. After the decoupage is completed, and all the bunches are glued, draw a mustache and a rod connecting the grape.
  4. Do not forget to apply glare with white paint.

Decoupage is complete. After the work has dried, the fridge is covered 2 times with varnish.

Magnetic board for entries

The magnetic board will make the kitchen look a bit like Italian restaurants. Why not? Magnetic board will make the kitchen a bit similar to Italian restaurants. Why not? A record board is a great way to decorate a refrigerator. It costs only 400-800 rubles. Also, anyone can make such a board on their own. It will take only magnetic paint and MDF sheet. The board is cut directly from the MDF sheet.

Then it is necessary to process the edges and apply a magnetic paint to the product in several layers. It remains only to wait until the board dries and can be used!

You can also purchase a finished product. The magnetic board can be a marker board or a slate( for drawing with chalk).

The slate board is distinguished by a black cloth. The drawings are smeared with chalk and a damp sponge. Stand for sponges and crayons, too, is attached to the refrigerator on the magnet.

The marker board is a more modern variant. In the kit comes a special sponge and markers.

A novelty that stores offer is a multi-colored marker board. It will make any refrigerator bright and attractive.

refrigerator Painting

The painting of the refrigerator is perhaps the most difficult method, as it requires not only imagination, but also the initial skills of handling the brush and paints refrigerator painting, perhaps - the most complicated way, because you want to not only the imagination, but also the initial skill with a brush and paints Decorate refrigerator can be painted. For this, different types of paints are used:

  • stained glass;
  • oil;
  • acrylic.

Compared with such techniques as decoupage, painting requires a certain skill. If you are not sure of your abilities, use templates. Popular as images on an abstract theme - abstraction, copies of famous canvases, and images of kitchen utensils.

So, there are many ways to make a homely monochrome refrigerator a real work of art. At the same time, most decoration techniques can be learned independently.