How to hide the gas pipe in the kitchen: how to decorate and close, than to disguise and sew, video instruction, photo gallery

Gas pipe - this is the place where you can show imagination and creativity in the decor The gas pipe is the place where you can show imagination and creativity in the decor The gas pipe can not be called a decoration of the kitchen. You can not pay attention to it, but the best solution is a successful disguise. How to hide a gas pipe in the kitchen? There are several great ways to choose from which you yourself will have to.

    • Budget embodiment
    • Conduit plasterboard
    • Conduit chipboard
    • Using furniture
    • Application railing
    • Decoupage pipe
    • unusual way masking
    • summarize


If, after painting the gas pipe, its appearance still induces melancholy - apply the patterns yourself If after painting the gas pipe its appearance still leads to depression - apply patterns yourself The easiest way to decorate is painting the pipe for the color of the wall. To carry out the work you need white paint, colored paint, roller and brushes.

Stages of work:

  1. Remove the wall from the old paint and primer the surface.
  2. Mix the paint and the color. If the result suits you, you can paint. If not - achieve the desired result by mixing the coloring components.
  3. You can start painting. First, paint the pipe with a brush.
  4. Now you can proceed to the wall, it is painted with a roller in 2 layers.
  5. The final part is the next painting of the gas pipeline. Only then will the pipe and the wall acquire the same color.

The presented method is suitable only if the pipe can be painted.

Gypsum cardboard box

If you are familiar with such material as gypsum board, then it is worth trying to hide the pipe to them. For this, a box is built. It will become not only an element of disguise, but also a detail of the interior.

So, you will need:

  • sheets of gypsum board;
  • paint;
  • metal profiles;
  • putty;
  • self-tapping screws.

Having made an additional box for symmetry, it is possible to make a disadvantage of a gas pipe as a gas pipe If the gas pipe is in the corner, then the box for it will not practically affect the convenience If the gas pipe is in a corner, then the box for it will not affect the convenience

The stages of erecting the box:

  1. Close the pipes to the wall and the floor to assemble the profiles so that they occupy the minimum amount of space.
  2. The profiles are plastered with plasterboard. Do not forget about the windows! Otherwise, it will be impossible to reach the valve of the pipe.
  3. The box is shpaklyuyut and decorate - paint, wallpaper or other materials.
  4. The windows are closed with plastic hatches.
  5. Disadvantages of painting the pipe with plasterboard: the box takes up a lot of space, when moving the pipe, you will have to dismantle the product.

According to safety regulations, it is not recommended to close the pipes with a box!

Box from chipboard

Today the range of materials is very wide and besides gypsum board, you can decorate the pipe with a box of MDF or chipboard. Advantages of the method are a minimum of dust and the ability to make the construction collapsible. Metal profiles are also used, but the application and the assembled box are not forbidden. Profiles are attached to self-tapping screws or bolted fasteners.

Stages of operation:

  • if you decide to sew the pipe in one piece, the fixing is to the wall and the floor to the metal corners;
  • it is important to install inspection doors;
  • trim is produced by paint, wallpaper or other materials in the kitchen tone;
  • box is removable, which means it can be decorated and changed at will.

It is forbidden to tightly seal the pipe with a box. During a gas leak it will play a cruel joke.

Using furniture

Hide unattractive communication can be with conventional furniture. So, if the location of the pipe is vertical, it can be covered with a vertical pencil case. When the pipes are horizontally used, there are hinged cabinets, although it is necessary to remove the rear wall. But there is another option - you can make special slots to enter the pipe, then mount the cabinet and its back wall.

The advantage of the chipboard box is that it is very easy to organize access to important elements of the gas pipe The advantage of the chipboard is that it is very easy to organize access to important elements of the gas pipe Doors will not only leave all the functionality of the gas pipes, but also make it easy to make a kitchen in the chosen style concept Doors will not only leave all the functionality of the gas pipes, but also make an unobstructed kitchen in the chosen style concept

The pipe passing through the floor can be sewn with plastic box or furniture.

It is forbidden to carry gas pipes without permission! Except in cases where permission is obtained from public services.

tubes arranged in the corner, just hide angular pencil case or use the smoothing angle. How to do it? Just close the gas pipeline with wallpaper. As a result, you will get a fillet that is nice to the eye.

Application railing

С помощью рейлингов можно буквально "завесить" газовую трубу, не прибегая к более кардинальным решениям Using railing can literally "hang" gas pipe, without resorting to more drastic solutions

Close gas pipe can by means of railings. What are they? These are the devices by means of which various utensils and accessories are placed in the kitchen: hooks, shelves and so on. Of course, fixing them on the pipe does not make sense, but you can install the railings near the gas pipeline. And on them hang a few nice little things that will hide the tube. It is preliminary important to implement the decoration of the gas pipeline. With the help of chrome paint, it is given an attractive metallic luster.

Decoupage pipe

The gas pipe can be laid out in mosaic, painted, painted or covered with decorative elements The gas pipe can be laid mosaic color, overlay patterns or decorative elements pasted Close tube can use the decoupage. This is a good option for a hi-tech or techno style. Also, the gas pipeline can be covered with silver.

There is another option: take the black and white paint and apply the smears on the pipe. As a result, an ugly element will resemble a birch tree.

Closing the pipe is not necessary in this way. You can just paste on it napkins with beautiful patterns.

How to do it:

  1. Spread glue pipeline - not all, but only sites.
  2. Wrap around the napkins.
  3. After the glue dries, apply the lacquer directly onto the napkins.

unusual way to disguise

If you are lucky and the gas valve is located 75 cm from the floor, it can close the tabletop! A special hole is made in it. It will be located above the crane. Bottom of the pipe make a sawing - it is put directly on the valve.

As a result, it turns out that the valve easily overlaps with the countertop. No norms are violated at the same time, which means that there are no expectations from the gas workers.


If you are not confident in their abilities, refer to the designer. He will certainly find the best option for your kitchen. Maybe it will be a mosaic, or maybe new ideas for decoupage. In any case, the pipe will turn into a stylish element of the interior.

The pattern from a mosaic or on napkins should approach to an interior of your kitchen!

So, you can decorate the gas pipe in the kitchen in many ways. What option to choose - everyone decides on their own. It all depends on the financial possibilities and what you want to get in the end result. If you do not know what to do, ask for help from a specialist and choose from ready solutions.