Decoupage hours in the kitchen: options, stages and methods, materials, master classes

Decoupage hours - it Decoupage hours - it's surprisingly easy and fun! Kitchen clock is an important thing in every kitchen. Thanks to the hours of the hostess can detect, for example, the time to prepare a particular dish. And such a thing has already become ordinary, so very few people pay special attention to its appearance. However, not all so simple! After all, watches can become an accessory in your kitchen, which will emphasize your personality, especially if they are made with your own hands.

    • Kitchen clock, basic types
    • Decoupage in the design of the kitchen clock
    • Decoupage from the frying pan
    • Steps for decoupling the frying pan
    • Decoupage on a wooden base
    • The main stages of decoupage of wooden clockskitchen
    • Decoupage kitchen hours with their hands( video)