Window decoration in the kitchen: photo of modern decor, ideas of curtains that hang on windows with balcony, photo gallery

Window decoration - one of the key moments of kitchen design window design - one of the key design points kitchen window in the kitchen - one of the key elements that attract the most attention. That's why the question of decorating a window needs to be approached seriously. And, believe me, even if the budget is limited, there are a lot of options for decorating the window, in which we will convince you!

    • Decorating the window sill in the kitchen with your own hands
    • Decorating the window glass: creative options
    • Curtains: a bright touch in the design of the kitchen
  • Cozy kitchen is a guarantee of health and good mood, not onlyIts owners, but also the guests who come to them. After all, a successful design and properly selected design contribute to a good appetite and improve the digestive system, which positively affects the health of people in general. And to the , the window of the window plays an important role in the aesthetic perception of the whole room.

    How to decorate a window in the kitchen so that the whole room a bright accent was t

    he most attractive, not everyone knows. But if you have the necessary information, you can do it yourself, without attracting designers.

    We decorate the windowsill in the kitchen with our own hands

    Similar to the decor of the window sill is suitable not only for the cuisine of Provence, but also for the Scandinavian style kitchen Similar to the window sill decor not only for the kitchen of Provence but also for the Scandinavian style kitchen.

    If your kitchen sill serves as a storage shelf for various small items, the number of which is constantly increasing orBecame a favorite place not a single step away from the kitchen of the cat, it is worthwhile to think about changing its functions. Sometimes it is the window sill that can completely transform the interior, becoming its dominant part.

    The window sill in the kitchen is a kind of podium for the window. Having given complete freedom to your imagination and imagination, you can decorate it in many ways, creating a unique design.

    Making sill may depend on the style of your kitchen interior:

    • in the kitchen of classical style windowsill is an integral part of the window, and made from the same material as the window frame( either natural wood or PVC).As a decor, you can install beautiful dishes, original vessels with spices, made by yourself or flower pots with indoor plants. When pobre plants need only take into account the fact that accustomed to culture, loving moisture and heat.

    The decor of the kitchen window should bear not only a decorative character, but also be practical.

    New Year New Year New Year

    Putting in a row the same flowers, you can achieve a visual expansion of the window By arranging the same colors in a row, you can achieve a visual extension of the window If you have a white kitchen, we strongly recommend decorating the window not with accessories, namely plants If you have a white kitchen, it is highly recommended not to decorate the window accessories, namely plants

    • In small apartments , where, as a rule, very compact kitchen, eachSquare centimeter plays an important role. And in modern interiors not only small, but also spacious kitchens, very often the sill is a continuation of the working area. From the point of view of practicality, it is very convenient, since daylight is the brightest and it is most useful for vision, besides it helps to save energy resources.
    • Sill kitchen in country style can decorate the winter garden with a mini-grown his hands herbs, vegetables and root crops. If you beautifully draw a pallet, such a garden will not only be an important functional part of the kitchen, but also an aesthetically attractive element.
    • If the kitchen is decorated in the oriental style of the or with its elements and its window has a wide window sill, it can create a wonderful recreation area, not forgetting the decorative cushions sewn by hand.

    When decorating a window sill with cactus, it is important to pay attention to their variety When making a windowsill cactus, it is important to pay attention to their diversity

    Regardless of the kitchen interior, taking into account only the wishes of the owner and especially the sill can decorate the window sill as follows:

    1. can create on the window sill a bar mini-rack or a small dining table( depending on the floor space and required).
    2. If cheating window functions in the plans are not included, and is important only design, can be placed on a windowsill kitchen accessories that will successfully complement an interior atmosphere of the room.
    3. An excellent kitchen window decor can be served by an old watering can for flowers or a teapot. If these elements are updated with their own hands, painted in any color they like, they will become the original flower vases that perfectly fit into the interior of any kitchen.
    4. Curly indoor flower in a hanging pot, fixed on the top of the slope will be a perfect addition to any decor on the windowsill. Excellent for this purpose is the unpretentious chlorophytum, the favorable habitat of which is high humidity, high air temperature and other factors unacceptable for more plants.

    Window decoration: creative variants

    Frescoes, which came from the Middle Ages, and today are able to surprise with their appearance Frescoes from the Middle Ages can still surprise with their appearance If the budget is limited, you can decorate the window in the kitchen using ordinary paper If the budget is limited, you can decorate the window in the kitchen with plain paper

    TodayIt became fashionable to decorate window panes in the kitchen. This adds to the design of the room of special refinement and uniqueness, besides, if the view from the window is not quite interesting or attractive, the decor of the window glass will help to get out of the original situation.

    There are other options:

    1. striking accent on the glass can be painted or pasted with their hands stained.
    2. You can decorate the kitchen window with various decorative stickers on the kitchen theme. If lace curtains are used to decorate the window in the kitchen, an extra charm will be attached by a lacy sticker on the contour of the glass.
    3. When the main purpose of the window pane is to hide an unfavorable landscape, you can use a decorative film covering the entire surface of the glass.
    4. The shelves with potted plants in pots placed throughout the entire height of the window will become a wonderful hedge.

    Curtains: a bright touch in the design of the kitchen

    Дизайнеры рекомендуют делать шторы всегда светлее стен - так интерьер становится "воздушнее" Designers recommend to make curtains always lighter than walls - so the interior becomes "airier"

    Curtains on the kitchen window are not only its functional component, but its bright decoration.

    Properly fitted blinds, curtains or tulle are profitable beat, for example, a narrow window to make visually not very high above the window opening, and much lighter to make a dark kitchen.

    choosing fabric for curtains need to take into account characteristics of the premises: fabric should be practical and easy to wear .Also do not forget about the colors. An advantageous solution will be a choice of color on which small spots will be little noticeable. Do not choose a fabric in a fine pattern: it gives a sense of dirt. In the kitchen, more harmonious curtains of light shades, as dark curtains and fabrics of bright colors visually reduce space.

    Roman, roller blinds or Venetian blinds, attached to the window frame will perfectly fulfill their function during the night and not take up too much space. You can beat such a window with a short arched tulle of light tones.

    Minimalism in the interior is becoming increasingly popular and curtains also did not pass by The minimalism in the interior is becoming more popular and the curtains also did not bypass the Roman curtains in the kitchen give her austerity design Roman curtains in the kitchen give it austerity design

    The length of curtains and curtains can be absolutely anything. Its choice can depend only on whether the space under the window is free and whether it needs to be closed.

    Cornice should be chosen in accordance with the interior of the kitchen and the style of its decoration. For the kitchen in the hi-tech style, chrome-plated cornice is more acceptable, and for the country style - a cozy wooden one, which can be bought or made by hand. Visually expand the excessively narrow kitchen will help a long cornice from wall to wall. In an apartment with a low ceiling, the cornice is placed as close to the ceiling as possible to visually make it higher.

    Correctly selected design and successful design of the kitchen window will give the room the necessary charm and completeness. To win a window in the kitchen, it is not necessary to attract specialists: you can do everything yourself with the necessary knowledge.