Table top made of mosaic: the choice of material and the features of making your own hands

The top of the mosaic is not only an element of kitchen design, but also a functional part of it countertop mosaic is not only an element of kitchen design, but also its functional part Mosaic is one of the oldest methods of interior decor. Traditionally, the material is used to decorate walls and floors, less often it is laid out pictures. The spectrum of application of the technology has significantly expanded over time, mosaic tiles have recently been used for pasting tables. It is worth noting that making the tabletop with your own hands is easy, this requires minimal skills and a lot of patience.

Contents: Mosaic: types and features
  • Features of finishing the tabletop mosaic
  • How to decorate the tabletop with mosaic
  • Putting the mosaic in the kitchen with your own hands( video)
  • Examples of mosaic countertops in the kitchen( photo)
  • Mosaic: types and features

    It is not necessary to use several colors, just a few shades of the same color Not necessary to useSeveral colors, just a few shades of the same color

    There is a rather large number of varieties of mosaic. The most common are the following:

    • Glass;
    • Ceramic;
    • Stone;
    • Metal;
    • Wooden;
    • Ceramic granite.

    The most optimal option, according to experts, is the combination of colored glass with flexible tiles. Flexible tiles are products made from crumbs, processed for a specific texture of brick or stone.

    The flexible tile will allow to finish a surface of almost any shape Flexible tiles allow to decorate the surface of virtually any shape Flexible tiles can be used not only on the table top, but also on decor elements Flexible tile can be used not only on the table, but also on the elements of decor

    Benefits flexible tiles:

    1. Humidity resistance;
    2. Long service life;
    3. Mechanical strength;
    4. Frost resistance;
    5. Resistant to aggressive environments;
    6. Color retention under the influence of moisture and sunlight.

    Spectacular artistic image mosaic is provided by aesthetics and ease of laying, the material is ideal for gluing mosaic tabletops with your own hands.

    Features finishing countertops mosaic

    It is important to observe the technology of laying the mosaic, so that it is hermetic and is maximally protected from external factors important to observe the mosaic paving technology, so that it is airtight, and maximum protection against external factors To make a countertop from a mosaic it is quite possible independently Make tabletop mosaic is quite possible to independently

    Mosaic looks great in the kitchen, this option decorations perfectly refreshing interior and makes it more original and bright. With proper care, the table top will retain its original appearance for many years. Mosaic tiles are not recommended to glue on a not very new set - the old countertop should be replaced with a new one.

    You can buy a new table-top in the building materials store. Also as it can be installed board of polyurethane foam of different thickness.

    To simplify measurement and cutting, sometimes a centimeter grid is applied to the board.

    A stainless steel profile can also be sold, which is glued to the edge of the product for the same glue as the mosaic. As a glue, a standard elastic compound is used, for glass mosaic a transparent or white glue is used, which is suitable for mounting tiles of any color. Such glue also serves as a sealant, which is ideal for kitchen furniture. Mosaic coating involves many compounds, which can lead to the formation of mold. To avoid this, special antifungal cleaners are used to clean the countertop.

    How to decorate a table top mosaic

    Mosaic on the table top can be a highlight of the kitchen Mosaic on the table can become a highlight of the kitchen There are three basic ways to make the countertop with his own hands:

    first method :

    • Stage 1. The worktop is cut from the board in accordance with the dimensions, and the edge of their profile is also prepared. The edge of the perforated part is pushed up on the edge of the board;
    • 2nd stage. The selected adhesive is applied to the surface and leveled with a notched trowel, the adhesive should also be applied to the upper edge of the profile;
    • Stage 3 of the .The upper perforated profile is laid on the glue, which forms the edge of the countertop;
    • Stage 4. After the glue dries, tiles in the form of squares are pre-cut into the surface beforehand. The same adhesive can be used as a sealant, a small part of it is rubbed on the surface of the countertop, so grouting is carried out;
    • Stage 5. Surplus dried up adhesive is wiped off with a damp cloth.

    The finished table top is polished to a shine with a soft cloth, no additional coating is required, only the maintenance and maintenance of the mosaic surfaces are necessary.

    It is not recommended to put hot dishes on the mosaic cover, do not cut it with a knife, and allow heavy objects to fall and hit.

    If you want, you can finish the sink - it will be extraordinarily beautiful If desired, you can trim the sink - it will be extraordinarily beautiful. To decorate a set with an element in one color style, Chinese mosaic . To finish the set with an element in one color style, the Chinese mosaic

    Mosaic for the table top can differ both in color and in the size of each puzzle is ideal. The mosaic for the tabletop can differ both in color and in size of each puzzle. Mosaic in classical tones is ideal for modern kitchen style Mosaic in classical tones is ideal for modern kitchen style

    The second way :

    If the decor of the tabletop with your own hands does not involve complex artistic compositions, it is recommended to use the method of transferring drawings from the paper on the tablenitsu.

    • Stage 1. The mosaic sheet is neatly laid on the pre-prepared adhesive base, the paper layer should be on top;
    • 2nd stage. The paper is gently dabbed with a damp cloth until it starts to easily detach from the surface of the mosaic;
    • Stage 3 of the .The debris of the paper is removed without too much effort, which can provoke a shift in the position of the elements;
    • Stage 4 of the .After removing the paper base, the pattern should be left for a day, after which the grouting of the joints is carried out;
    • 5 stage .Surplus grout removed with a damp cloth.

    Mosaic is compatible with almost all styles of kitchens Mosaic is compatible with almost all kitchen styles

    The third way :

    This method is considered the most simple, it involves laying the mosaic using a grid.

    • Stage 1 of the .The mesh base is immersed in the adhesive solution, this must be done so that all its parts are uniformly submerged to one depth;
    • Stage 2 of the .The pattern freezes for 24 hours, after which the grout is applied;
    • Stage 3 of the .To remove excess grout marks that can not be removed with a sponge or a damp cloth, we recommend using light solvents( such as White Spirits).Use solvents should be a week after completion of work;

    Putting mosaic in the kitchen with your own hands( video)

    All ways to make a tabletop with your own hands have their advantages, with their help you can decorate any kitchen. Mosaic is not necessary to buy, a beautiful pattern or pictures can be created from shards of broken tiles or bottles.

    Examples of mosaic countertops in the kitchen( photo)