Paint for concrete floor: Teksil for concrete, acrylic and epoxy enamel, latex industrial

The paint for the concrete floor must be wear-resistant Paint for concrete floors must be wear-resistant Paint for concrete floors not only gives it a more attractive appearance, but also protects the surface, which is exposed every day to mechanical stress and stress. In spite of the fact that concrete is a durable and hardy material, above all, it acts as a base, and therefore can wear out. Staining is aimed at optimal increase in the period of its operation and improvement of structural characteristics. There is a wide range of coloring paints for painting, but the choice depends on the functions of a particular room.

    • AS Good for paint Texsil for concrete
    • Wear-resistant acrylic paint for concrete floors
    • Features and properties of epoxy paint for concrete floors
    • Which concrete enamel is the most durable
    • Overview of paints for concrete floors(Video)
  • Than good paint Texl for concrete

    Texil is a reliable paint, having an organic composition and intended for concrete.

    The enamel has a number of advantages:

    • Composition is conveniently applied to the surface;
    • Possible application at negative temperatures;
    • Drying takes place during 2-3 hours;
    • The enamel has a minimum abrasion;
    • The paint creates a dense protective layer that increases the wear resistance of the coating.

    Paint can be used for floors in garages, basements, hangars and industrial buildings. With her help, you can also carry out outdoor work - painting balconies, paths, bridges and parking lots under the open sky.

    Teksil paint for concrete - reliable, and has several advantages Teksil paint for concrete is reliable, and has several advantages

    Before painting it is necessary to thoroughly prepare the concrete surface. To do this, clean it from dirt and dust particles. It is necessary to remove the cement film( milk) formed after setting. The concrete must be absolutely dry.

    You can apply Teksil by spray. To do this, you need to make a more liquid solution by diluting the paint with acetone. If the area is small, you can do with a roller and brush.

    At low temperatures, the enamel dries up to 6 hours. Staining is done in 2 layers.

    Abrasion Resistant Acrylic Paint for Concrete Floor

    Based on acrylic composition there are polymer compounds and acrylic resins, which, forming a strong film, protect the porous surface of concrete from chemical attack, corrosion and adverse effects of climatic conditions. In addition, acrylic paint is able to disguise small flaws and reduce the accumulation of static electricity on the surface.

    The main advantages of acrylic:

    • Simple staining process;
    • Fast drying;
    • Resistance to humidity;
    • Harmless to health;
    • Another plus of paint is its affordable price.

    Acrylic composition includes several types of product: matt, semi-matt and glossy paint for painting the concrete floor. The paint is used for upgrading garages, terraces, cellars.

    Acrylic paint for concrete floors is absolutely harmless to health Acrylic paint for concrete floors is absolutely harmless to health

    Painting is done using a roller and brush. The atomizer is used in rare cases.

    Before work, it is necessary to clean the concrete of dirt, fat deposits and vacuuming from dust and debris. Primer is needed for better adhesion of paint to the concrete surface.

    For concrete floors, it is best to choose a special wear-resistant acrylic paint that has resistance to active chemicals, fire resistance, and also a loyal smell.

    Features and properties of epoxy paint for concrete floors

    Epoxy paint is the most resistant, due to the content of epoxy resins in it.

    There are two-component compositions on the basis of filler and in the form of powder, which do not contain modifiers, which are considered to be thermally insulating.

    The paint, depending on the type, is able to form a film on a surface for different purposes: protective, quick-drying, anti-slip, etc.

    Painting mixture properties:

    1. Does not have a sharp odor, painting can be done without ventilation.
    2. The dye can be coated with concrete, 4-5 days after pouring, which increases the adhesion, preventing the formation of cracks.
    3. The composition effectively solves the problem of dedusting and hardening of porous in its structure of concrete.
    4. The coating has increased wear resistance and low abrasion.
    5. Paint can perform a decorative role, thanks to different textures( gloss, opacity, "citrus peel" effect).
    6. The surface covered with epoxy is not yellowish.
    7. Painted concrete well tolerates wet cleaning.

    Epoxy paint for concrete floors does not have a sharp odor epoxy paint for concrete floor does not have a sharp odor

    Among the shortcomings can be identified certain risk if unmixed ingredients fall into the sewer or into the open ground. But in the hardened state epoxy paint does not emit harmful substances and is completely safe. Another disadvantage is a relatively short lifespan.

    The coloring of the fresh concrete screed begins not earlier than 5 days after the filling and the removal of the cement milks. The surface of the old concrete before painting should be absolutely dry. It must be cleaned of dust and debris, preferably with a vacuum cleaner. Defects are leveled with a special epoxy putty after coating with a primary coat of paint, until it is frozen.

    After applying the primer, you can coat the concrete floor with two layers of dye. The process should be carried out at a temperature of 5 to 25 degrees indoors.

    What concrete enamel is the strongest

    Sexual enamel composition is an alkyd, acrylic and polyurethane.

    Their characteristics are as follows:

    1. enamel based on alkyd varnish does not fade, has considerable durability, water resistance, perfectly retains its structure during a critical amplitude high and low temperatures. It is used for both internal and external work with concrete. In addition, it has antistatic properties and is heat-resistant.
    2. Acrylic paint is well tolerated mechanical action, forming a dense film, dries quickly, does not emit harmful fumes and virtually no smell. Work with it can be at a temperature of +15 degrees with humidity not higher than 80%.
    3. Polyurethane enamel has the greatest adhesion to the surface of any floor, including concrete. The film formed during painting is very durable, water resistant and is not afraid of temperature differences. It is usually used for concrete floors in production, where the maximum load on flooring is.

    Enamel for the floor in its composition is alkyd, acrylic and polyurethane enamel floor in its composition is an alkyd, acrylic and polyurethane

    Before painting prepare the concrete surface, clean it, all the flaws fill putty. The stains can be removed with a solvent, and the unevenness is removed with an electric saw.

    After grinding, collecting dust and fine particles, the concrete is evenly coated with a primer. Enamel should be applied by roller in 2 layers for greater reliability.

    Less demanding paints for concrete are urethane-alkyd compounds and mixtures based on acrylic and silicone. For use in household purposes, latex paint can be applied, which is applied without a primer, does not burn out and safely tolerates any climate and external influences.

    Review paints a concrete floor( video)

    For concrete can approach any of these dyes, most importantly, that its application period has not expired. And, of course, when choosing one should be guided by the appointment of a particular room. For living rooms should choose the most secure types of coverage. Pay attention to the temperature at which the coating is applied and can last a long time.