Metric for newborn cross-stitch patterns: download free baby, the birth of a boy and a girl, date

A metric for newborns, embroidered with a cross is a wonderful symbolic gift for parents metric for babies, embroidered cross - is a great symbolic gift for parents In order to perpetuate the memory an event such as the birth of a child in a family, people use different methods: photos, videos. A metric is an indication of the date of birth of the child, the name, as well as height and weight. Such embroidery will become a symbolic and memorable gift for parents. The metric does not imply full filling of the field with a cross, so embroidering such things is quite simple.

    • is a cross-stitch embroidered with a cross. The unique cross-stitch metric for cross-newborn( video)
    • Details: metric for newborns, cross-stitch and schemes( photo examples)
  • cross stitch Baby:

    metric scheme presentedbe cross-stitch with the metric - means to leave a memory. Beautiful and original embroidery will emphasize the good feelings for the parents of the newborn.

    First you need to decide on a set of tools:

    • Threads( especially embroidery);
    • Canvas( the canvas on which the emb
      roidery will be);
    • Convenient needles;
    • Frames( to make it more convenient to work);
    • Embroidery scheme( if you do not want to invent yourself).

    Before embroidery, it is necessary to prepare a set of tools Before embroidery, it is necessary to prepare a set of tools

    Of course, you can do without the hoop - everyone works as convenient. But professionals advise beginners to start work with hoops, so it will be much more convenient.

    It is not necessary to purchase a metric for embroidery. You can invent something of your own, unique, or download for free on the Internet. Many needlework schemes are handed over from hand to hand. And metric schemes can be purchased complete with an embroidery kit in a specialized store.

    Simple cross stitch patterns for newborns

    Choosing a scheme for embroidery is not an easy task, because there are many options.

    popular are traditionally "children's" motives:

    • cartoon characters;
    • Storks;
    • Teddy bear and other animals;
    • Children's attributes - strollers, booties and so on;
    • Children themselves.

    The colors are also traditional: pink for a girl, blue for a boy. But it is not necessary to follow the traditions.

    Choose a scheme for embroidery is easy, because there are many options to which you should pay attention: bear cubs, storks, cartoon characters Select scheme for embroidery is quite easy, as there are a variety of options, which you should pay attention: bears, storks, cartoon characters

    If experience with embroidery not, it is not necessary to experiment with fonts, which have different monogramAnd other complex ornaments - only the picture will deteriorate. The same goes for the picture. Especially popular schemes with animals: kittens, puppies, cubs and rabbits. Among this variety stands out the well-known teddy bear Teddy, who won popular love with a pretty face.

    For future travelers a unique world map will be used, where continents and different transport, for example, a balloon, will be depicted. It is also customary to depict the newborns on canvas. No, not portraits, of course, but cute little children. If the metric is for a girl, then different butterflies, hearts and bows are very relevant, and for boys the machines are good. Ready work is usually placed in a frame and given to the child or given to the parents.

    First and foremost you need to embroider the most important thing - the name. Then, decorative elements and other information about the newborn are already embroidered.

    How the cross-stitch is made: metrics for newborns

    The metrics with pictures of storks and babies in cabbage are interesting. One of the popular prints is a baby on the crescent. Fonts should be selected carefully, too, so that all the desired information about the child can fit in. Often embroider and the sign of the child's zodiac - the main figure or next to the date of birth. More professional needlewomen can even embroider a small quatrain, but it is recommended that the information about the child. Sometimes the names of parents are added.

    The metric for newborns must be performed flawlessly The metrics for newborns must be performed flawlessly.

    Embroiderers use several techniques to obtain a good picture:

    • The outset must be free of defects;
    • It is necessary to closely monitor the threads, so as not to be confused;
    • It is better to make children's embroidery in a good mood.

    If you do the work carefully and with love, then after many years in the picture you will feel a part of the soul.

    Date of birth of the child: cross-stitching

    In addition to the baby's name, the date of birth, sometimes even hours and minutes, is also indicated on the metric. This is a good move, because now, for the compilation of various horoscopes and astrological forecasts for life( for those who believe), these data are needed.

    If a family has several children, then the metrics can be done as follows:

    • As a diptych or a triptych;
    • Double embroider the same scheme, one mirroring the mirror;Place all the data in one drawing.
    • .

    On the metric for the newborn, you can embroider the date of birth, indicating hours and even minutes On the metric for a newborn you can embroider the date of birth by specifying hours or even minutes

    You can not only use the finished circuit, but also create your own. Many modern photo editors are equipped with a vector graphics function, that is, splits the spectrum of colors into pixels using a special grid. Do not get carried away with multi-color and colorful pictures: halftones are much more difficult to convey than pure color.

    Ready-made pictures according to embroidering schemes with the date of birth can be not only inserted into the frame, but also designed as postcards or made as the cover of a children's photo album where parents will clock each wonderful moment in the life of their son or daughter.

    Cross-stitched unique metrics for newborns( video)

    One day a newborn will grow up. He will become a loving father or a caring mother. Maybe even several children will appear. And then, they will with a light sense take in hand their embroidered metrics and feel the warmth and happiness that their parents felt at the time of the emergence of a new life in the family. Perhaps, a similar metric will be presented to their children, and then embroidery of metrics will become a good tradition.

    Details: metric for infants stitch and circuits( photo examples)