Patchwork trivia and not only: wares for home, patchwork patches in patchwork technique, master class, video instruction

Creative trifles, created by their own hands in patchwork style, uniquely diversify the interior Creative little things by their own hands in patchwork style, unordinary interior diversify Patchwork - fashionable technique of creating different elements of the decor, which is easy and originality. Crafts and serious products in scrappy technique are created not only from fabric, but also from tiles or wallpaper. First of all, of course, sewing and textiles are used. Unique patterns from bright colors and geometric shapes with their own hands can create everyone. Dimensions and purpose of products for the home can be very different, but, in any case, the comfort and beauty of home interior needlework will provide.

    • Patchwork in the interior: seats for chairs or chairs, a cup, furniture
    • Patchwork pictures( video)
    • Patchwork trifles and more( photo)
  • Patchwork, as well as small items and handicrafts for the house

    FlapThe principle of mosaic is the basic technique, the essence of the scheme consists in drawing a picture of small details. An important plus - ther

    e is no cost to purchase the material, as everything that is necessary for the work can be found in the attic or in the closet. What can you do with this kit yourself? Things patchwork - a stylish curtains, bedspreads on the couch or bed, napkins on the table, blankets, rugs, Seats, cosmetic bags, purses, crafts. .. You can wipe the furniture( ottoman, sofa or chair design).Patchwork sewing will decorate the head of the bed.patchwork technique is ideal for making covers for the sofa and chairs, decoration( cup, teapot, the original tablecloth on the table), the room( a colorful mural).Other ideas for the house will prompt the photo.

    Unusual products help to colorfully arrange a home life Unusual items help build colorful home life

    Homemade crafts and handicrafts in the technique of patchwork allows you easily create beautiful and original features, breathe new life into the old stuff, filling the housing bright color and a sense of celebration. The technique of patchwork involves two methods and different schemes. Application - sewn on a basis from a monophonic fabric fragments from multi-colored shreds, sewed in a certain composition. Decorative stitch can be contrasting or in tone. Or a lot of shreds are made into a certain product like puzzles.

    interior design with elements of patchwork( video)

    napkins, runners and tablecloths patchwork own hands

    The patchwork technique fabric may be in the same color palette, to complement each other, or contrast. In this case, the finished product will be in harmony with other interior items or dominate it. Create an interesting tablecloth with your own hands for your home, the main thing is that the stitch, the color of the path, the table tops and other furniture do not merge when choosing the scheme. The tablecloth-table can be sewn on its own hands even from handkerchiefs of a matching color, arranged as patchwork. Complement the interior of the cup with a cover in the power patchwork. The track on the table in black and white creates a classic serious style. A master class on creating a swipe can be used as a guide for more voluminous things.

    Any napkin on the table, potholder or stand under the hot can be made from improvised materials Any napkin on the table, tack or hot stand can be made from the handy materials

    For table napkins you need to prepare:

    1. Fabric base 36x36 cm;
    2. Old knitted things;
    3. Synthepone 33x33 cm;
    4. Chalk, scissors;
    5. Triangular pattern;
    6. Iron;a car;
    7. Fabric stripes 90x4 cm - 6 pcs.
    8. Sewing machine.

    Sewing products is quite simple and step by step guide will exactly meet all the nuances, without missing a beat. Table cloth Table cloth, instructions:

    • Expand all the strips, having assembled to your taste, sew with 0.5 cm allowance. Press the panel one side. For the scheme, it is desirable that the tissue connections be contrasted in color.
    • From dense cardboard, make a template of an isosceles triangle with an angle at the top of 45º.The width and height should correspond to 1/8 of the width of the panel.
    • The template is put on strips and circled with chalk.
    • Cut parts along the contour.
    • Fold the napkin layout in the form of a diagram.
    • The parts are stitched in pairs and ironed. The stitch is machine-made. You will get 4 cross-linked triangles.

    If you have a roller knife you can do without chalk If you have a roller knife can do without chalk

    • Just pairs sew second half of napkins and smooth seams.
    • Connect two semicircles and sew a napkin as in the photo.

    Next, you will need to prepare 2 squares with a side of 12.5 cm and cut each diagonally Next, you will prepare a 2 square with sides of 12.5 cm and cut each diagonally

    • These parts are sewn on the corners. To arrange them it is necessary so that from a round napkin became square.
    • We obtained a patchwork sewing in the form of the upper part of a napkin measuring 35x35 cm. We proceed to the lining.
    • Cut out the lining of knitwear in the form of a square with a side of 36 cm. It is better to make a gasket of synthon, the square should be smaller, with a side of 33 cm.
    • Fold all 3 layers and secure with pins.
    • On the sewing machine, first cut the radial seams, and then - the concentric ones.

    The stitch can be straight or curly Stitch can be straight or curly

    • trimmed edge at the napkin and cut the excess fabric.
    • The final touch is the edge processing. For her, you need to cut a strip of 5 cm wide, press it inside out and stitch it to the underside of the napkin.
    • Bend the obtacle to the face and sew it up again. Stitch - straight.
    • Smooth the napkin and decorate the table.

    Edge processing - the final stage of tailoring edge processing - final stage of tailoring products

    Beautician and purse patchwork

    ancient kind of needlework - quilting - today at the peak of popularity. It is fascinating, first of all, its variability, as, for example, a purse or cosmetic bag - crafts in Japanese style with elements of origami.

    For its production by our own hands it is necessary to prepare:

    1. Two types of basic fabric;
    2. Washable lining fabric;
    3. Lightning - 34 cm;
    4. Suspension for lightning;
    5. Non-woven fleece;
    6. Threads - contrasting or in tones.

    Do-it-yourself cosmetic bag will be the first assistant for you at home and on the road executed with their hands beautician will be the first tool for you at home and on the road

    Pretreatment of the material: in order to avoid deformation, patchwork fabric is necessary to wash and to iron.

    When everything you need at your fingertips, you can start making products:

    • prepare a template:. Circle Ø 16.5 cm, Ø 14 cm circle and a square with sides 10 cm smaller circle and the square should be cut out of plastic orRigid cardboard.
    • Cut out the blanks: a circle of 16.5 - 19 pieces from one main fabric. A square is 19 pieces from another basic fabric and 19 details of non-woven fabric.
    • We collect patchwork according to the scheme in the photo. Collect a large circle, the stitch is shallow, with a 3 mm margin around the edge. Tail the threads long, so that you can tighten the template.
    • A small circle of cardboard placed in the center of a large, sifted from the wrong side. Evenly tighten, tightening the ends of the mark. Smoothing, keeping the shape of the part. Notching the estimate, carefully remove the template and iron the part.
    • In the center of the circle on the underside we put the square workpiece, press the projecting edges of the circle onto the square.
    • We connect the square from the other main fabric with non-woven fabric, put it into the workpiece and iron it. We fix the product with stitches, leaving the edge 2 mm.

    Based on this scheme, you need to make 19 parts Based on this circuit, you need to make 19 parts

    • Collect a cosmetic bag or purse from the blanks. From
    • fabric for lining cut rectangle 42h52 cm. Folded into halves, sew side seams with an allowance of 1 cm. The item turns 40h26 see. The lower edge is metered by 7 cm on each edge and form folds, sew.
    • Beautician or purse folded inside out. From the top we turn 1 cm level with the front side, fix it with pins and note.

    Elements are connected according to the scheme elements are connected, according to Scheme

    • Zipper sewn manually, by securing two pieces of cosmetic end zipper( 4 cm) must hang.
    • Sew a handle for a zipper( 2 children), unscrew and cut off the corner.
    • Press ironing the edge inward. Insert the free end of the zipper and sew.

    It remains only to fix the suspension on the lock and the product is ready It remains only to fix the suspension on the lock and the product is ready

    By the same principle, not only a patch cosmetic bag or purse, but also a handbag, a phone case, various handicrafts in the style of Japanese patchwork.

    Patchwork in the interior: Seats on the chairs or chairs, cup, furniture

    Handcrafted always appreciated, and patchwork will highlight in any home style. With the help of a patchwork sewn, you can restore an old sofa or other furniture, realizing your ideas. Sofa and armchairs with a patchwork padded bright spot dominate in any interior. For this, the remaining items are desirable to withstand in pastel colors. Upholstery in the scrappy technique can be made independently or ordered in a furniture workshop. If you restore the furniture( sofa or armchair) at home, you need to remove the old upholstery and use it as a pattern. The main rule is to choose fabrics that are close in texture and thickness, since thinner ones wear out more quickly. If you still have to sew thin fabrics, they need a lining. The color range is limited only by imagination and taste.

    With the technique of patchwork sewing, you can transform a children With the technique of patchwork can turn a playroom into a vivid tale

    identity and looks stylish interior in the style of patchwork in the kitchen, helping to put together diversified furniture replete with a variety of details. For stools in the style of patchwork you can make cushions or cushions. Curtains, potholders, towels, tablecloth, variegated cup and other crafts will add brightness to the design of the kitchen. Original looks cup or teapot in patchwork style.

    Interior room supplement pillows on the sofa, pictures, paintings and curtains in patchwork technique. The main colors are important to duplicate in accessories, given their color scheme.

    The interior of the bedroom can be supplemented with a quilt, cloaks, a coverlet. Stylishly looks furniture - patchwork padding or chairs, if the choice of the base color, choose a shade that is already present in the interior. Draw inspiration on the photo.

    Patchwork picture( video)

    patchwork can be decorated walls and special wallpaper or tiles. Well hold the form of non-woven wallpaper. Typically one wall is glued - such a bright accent should be in harmony with the interior of the room or bathroom.

    Patchwork detail and not only( photo)