Patchwork quilt: photo, bulk quilted, sewing technique from squares, video instruction

Blanket from pieces of fabric will transform and make any interior cozy Blanket from pieces of fabric will transform and make any interior as cozy For sure there is a story in the memory of every person or a page with a picture of a grandmother's blanket created from small pieces of various sizes and configurations, using a unique technique. In this way, not only memories, but also an entire era of culture and identity of our previous generation.

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From such memories and wails not only longing for the past, but also respect and respect for diligence and assiduity of the needlewomen of the time. Although, it may be unfair to underestimate the modern lovers of quilting. Let not in such volumes and scope, but, nevertheless, among our generation there are masters of such original art, photos of which can be found in a wide variety. And for sure, each of us has seen in our lives already modern copies of masterpieces

created, which will tell the story, where the stitch and technique are just perfect, though not in close examination, but in a photo or on the Internet - for sure.

Bulk quilt

Creation of a product called quilted quilt means, first of all, making an object for a cozy and comfortable rest and sleep. To do this, we need a warmed version and a suitable photo with the finished product for easy implementation. It is appropriate to note here that a quilted article can be created in bulk, and then the heat and coziness index will reach the maximum mark. Ideas for creativity, created patterns, technique and stitch can be so diverse that the product becomes not only functionally used, but it can also be attributed to works of art.

The fabric itself, the shreds of which are used, where the right stitch and gasket, are able, with skillful combination and combination, to create a real work of art. Much depends on the ability of the needlewoman to do the work and stitch of the finished canvas on the photo and the technique used. It is also important to feel the combination of colors and colors in which the fabric is colored, the feeling and sense of vision of the finished product.

Bulk quilt can be made by different methods The volumetric quilt can be made by different methods.

The stitch used in the work and various fabrics make it possible to create not only a double-sided covering of the blanket, but also replaces the duvet cover. Between the two canvases of patchwork planes we lay the material that creates the volume. In this role can act and thin foam rubber, and batting, and sintepon, and hololayber. The main thing is correctly stitched stitch, successful patterns and technique with creative combination of flaps. Each needlewoman can have her own ideas, but each created duvet covers her fabric.

Pre-prepared elements at the final stage are interconnected Prefabricated elements in the final stage are interconnected

Quilt stitch

To create a masterpiece of needlework, for which the fabric of different colors is used, you need very little perseverance, the idea, a few photos from the Internet to createIts image, and, of course, a fabric that can be matched by the texture of the fabrication, by contrast or by the combination of the pattern. And then the created blocks can be combined into a whole duvet cover. The tiles created from individual patches create the uniqueness of the whole image. The tile is made of blanks and individual parts, with the connection of which separate blocks are formed. Blocks are connected with each other, after which you can see that you have already got your story and your own manufacturing techniques.

When the two main parts are joined, a blanket is obtained. Now we need to place and form a pattern, by which the stitch is executed. The ideas of stencil drawing can be different, and the way too, but the main thing is that the manufacturing technique allows expressing the whole meaning, and the stitch and tile lay flat and help create exactly what is expected.

What you need for the screed

The technique, in which a correct and beautiful stitch is created, primarily involves the use of the necessary tools:

  • Embroidery frame;
  • Threads No. 30;
  • Special foot for a sewing machine for easy operation.

Ideas for their creations can be taken from the Internet Ideas for your creations can be taken from the internet


First of all, using all the photos and descriptions of used materials to form your idea, you must stock up all tools and devices, Is the tile ready to make the blocks equal.

Your story starts with the following list:

  • Fabric sorted by varieties for the top of the blanket;
  • Fabric for the lower part of the blanket - lining;
  • Different sewing needles: for manual stitches with a large eyelet, and for a typewriter;
  • Ruler;
  • Safety pins: straight and straight;
  • Threads for auxiliary and major joints;
  • Sewing machine.

For the assembly of the upper part of the product, in which the tiles are joined, we create the desired quilt cover and its image.

We perform the following operations:

  • Sorts tiles, for which the fabric is taken according to the semantic characteristics;
  • Cut to the desired size;
  • We spend scraps on two pieces face down;
  • Stitched pairs are joined together to make the tile look neat;
  • Blocks are folded with faces and we spread.

The patchwork quilt is made up of identical pieces of cloth of the same size The patchwork quilt is made up of similarly varied pieces of fabric

Quilted quilt made of squares

The creation of such a work of art as a patchwork quilt for which the tile under the duvet cover must be selected correctly is very interestingAnd the creative process, where the needlewoman projects its thought and fantasy onto the embodiment in a concrete drawing or duvet cover. Of course, the easiest way to create a quilted quilt of squares. However, these photos of grandchildren will not please, and you need to come up with something very interesting. Clear equality of the sides allows the creative process to use a riot of fantasy and create a unique pattern. How many of these photos that you can imitate, something to unite or come up with, adding it is difficult to imagine. The strips created from individual squares are subsequently joined together. It is important here to withstand the docking of each joint, and then the product will look more neat. It is better to trim the patchwork by hand.

In quilting, it is important to observe the correct jointing of each joint

Using the maximum attention, the right combination of colors and colors, as well as a well-chosen tile, you will use all the spaces for creating a unique pattern and a combination of shades to a duvet coverTurned out unique. And your quilted quilt will be a real masterpiece, and your family members will appreciate such works of home art. After all, make out, not every woman is capable of creating such a masterpiece. Moreover, not all are friendly with the sewing machine.

The simplest geometric shapes, such as squares, are able to create unique images and for your fantasies and colorful imagination, you can discover compelling horizons, and you are ready to create real miracles in your work.

When assembling already prepared parts, it is important to pay attention to the processing and cleanliness of the facing, especially if an extra blanket is sewn. It is on this depends on the overall picture and the effectiveness of the appearance.

How to sew quilts( video instruction)

If you are absolutely sure that your idea of ​​creating a masterpiece of needlework meets all the requirements and photos, and the history of creating such a necessary thing in everyday life is worth the time and labor, then boldly get down to business! And you will succeed! After all, the main thing here is the desire and availability of a sewing machine, everything else will follow along the way. And at your disposal will first appear a quilted quilt, and after that other products created by the soul and skillful hands.

Quilts with your hands( photos)