Patchwork ideas for inspiration: photos, novelties of quilting and quilting, New Year's ideas for home with your own hands, video instruction

Patchwork will help to decorate the interior of the house with minimal expenses Patchwork help original design the interior of the house at minimum cost Different techniques of patchwork, called the common word patchwork, long since become popular worldwide. Originally this kind of needlework appeared as a way of saving and reusing remains of fabrics. And now this whole direction, in the technique of patchwork sewing not only useful and convenient things are created, but also whole masterpieces. A lot of people in different countries have chosen a hobby of patchwork and did improve their skills, willingly sharing ideas and patterns. How can I apply patchwork techniques at home? Unusual quilting ideas:

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Christmas ideas

great solution for New Year and Christmas decoration at home can be a variety of little things made in the technique of patchwork. So you can make gifts for your relatives and friends, as well as festive decorations.

Patchwork ideas on New Year's themes include various panels with traditional ornaments, all kinds of souvenirs and Christmas stockings for gifts. You can sew an unusual and bright decorative skirt for the Christmas tree. A variety of patchwork ideas are presented on the Internet in a variety, special books are produced. There you will find a photo for inspiration.

Decorative carpet for a small Christmas tree will decorate any New Year Decorative mat for a small Christmas tree will decorate any New Year's ikebana

New-year napkins and potholes adorn the festive table, and decorative pads will become an indispensable attribute in the recreation area New-year napkins and potholes will decorate the festive table, and decorative cushions will become an indispensable attribute in the recreation area

You can also use patchwork to decorate the festive table. Stands for cutlery, made of shreds, decorate the feast and give the room a smart and unusual look. You can also make Christmas trees, garlands, and even a star on the top of the Christmas tree. Your imagination is not limited by anything!

So, Christmas patchwork ideas for inspiration:

  • Christmas tree decorations;
  • Garlands on the Christmas tree;Garland decoration for the room;
  • ;
  • Socks for gifts;
  • Decorative skirt for the Christmas tree;
  • Supports for plates;
  • Warmer for teapot;
  • Sofa cushions;
  • Blankets and bedspreads.

Decorative elements in the patchwork technique will introduce a festive atmosphere in any interior. Decorative elements in the technique of patchwork will make any interior a festive atmosphere

Ideas for Baby

more likely patchwork appropriate in the children's room. It is there that you want to see bright, cozy and emotionally warm things. The things done by one's own hands always turn out to be special, there can not be two identical things. Sewing things for a child can be a great occupation for a future mother. For a children's room it is better to choose warm, calm colors and traditional patterns. Also, different patchwork with appliqu├ęs will look wonderful in the nursery.

Most often, the design of a children's bedroom involves the sewing of blankets in the patchwork or quilting technique.

Quilting is a quilted patchwork product with filler. Most often - a blanket.

There is a feeling that patchwork was created especially for decoration and decoration of rooms in which children live. It is there that bright colors and unusual textures are most appropriate. You can make your own patchwork in the style of your favorite cartoons and fairy tales, and also withstand a common color style. Photos can also be taken from the web or books.

Quilting and patchwork for a baby cot - a quiet sleep of your baby Quilting and patchwork for baby cot - restful sleep your baby

The decor of the children decor children's room in the style of patchwork is able to make life a little of its inhabitants fabulous

So patchwork ideas for baby:

Blankets: mosaic or else made in quilt;
  1. Coverlets;
  2. Pillows;
  3. Toys;
  4. Curtains;
  5. Floor mats;
  6. Baskets for storing toys;
  7. Pockets for small items;
  8. Decorative panels;
  9. Soft curtains for the crib.

You can come up with many more ways to apply patchwork in the interior of the nursery.

Patchwork novelties

A huge variety of products in the technique of patchwork sewing can be applied in almost any interior. Photos for inspiration are easy to find on thematic sites. Gifts for friends and relatives, gizmos for the house, made by own hands, various interior items, accessories, even clothes - anything that inspires you.

From the flaps you can make an original gift with your own hands From the flaps you can make an original gift with your own hands

The novelty is that now they produce and sell many special patchwork products. If before the patchwork sewing used remnants of fabrics from other, larger products, now the fabric is often bought specially. However, this is not necessary, here as you please.

Also for serious employment by patchwork sewing of the needlewoman quite often buy special sewing machines - stitching, or ploskovoshnye. This technique gives more opportunities and freedom in sewing from shreds. But if there is no opportunity to purchase special equipment, or if the patchwork has not become so serious for you so far, the usual sewing machine is also quite suitable.

A cozy warm blanket or patchwork will transform the interior of any bedroom A cozy warm blanket or quilt will transform the interior of any bedroom

Ideas for inspiration, things for the house with your own hands and other handicraft joys:

  • Bags, beach and casual;Quilted skirts, bright and cheerful.
  • .In the fashionable style, bohos chic, or hippies;
  • Beautician;
  • Organizer in the bag;
  • Pen case for pens and pencils;
  • Pockets for storage of various trifles;
  • Bedspreads;
  • Blankets;
  • Floor mats;
  • Cloaks for sofas and armchairs;
  • Covers for chairs;
  • Decorative cushions;
  • Tablecloths;
  • Curtains;
  • Soft pillows on stools, with holders;
  • Potholders and gloves for the kitchen;
  • Stands for hot;
  • Warmers for the kettle;
  • Decorative panels.

New in patchwork: fresh ideas( video)

Patchwork is constantly developing direction of creativity. Constantly appear new drawings and ornaments, various techniques. Special fabrics are produced, new prints and textures appear. Quilting has become a part of our lives. In each house there must be at least one patchwork product. These can be things you donated, made by yourself, or bought in art salons. And maybe this is some kind of thing that is passed on to your family from generation to generation? Anyway, a fascinating kaleidoscope of scraps will not leave indifferent neither the adult, nor the child. Traditional ornaments from different countries, as well as new trends and techniques, guarantee an interesting pastime for an interesting patchwork man for many years to come.

patchwork in the interior( photos)