Cross-stitch patterns of nature: download landscapes for free, sets for beginners, needle and igolochka

These landscapes are loved by many embroiderers. To embroider the first large scheme with a cross, such a green picture will do just fine These landscapes are loved by many embroiderers. Embroidery of the first great circuit cross this green picture fits perfectly many needlewoman all over the world have long appreciated the beauty of the embroidered works, and how interesting the most created from colored threads beautiful landscapes or still lifes, and you can create a picture of the animal world. Embroidery with a cross can be interesting for both children and adults, because here you can choose for yourself something for every taste.

    • Fascinating cross-stitch: nature as a subject
    • Scenic nature: cross-stitch pattern for all
    • Natural cross-stitch: nature and landscapes
    • Wildlife: cross-stitch embroidery( video)
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  • fascinating cross-stitch: nature as a theme

    at all times people love and love to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Everyone, as he can, keeps the favorite species in memory or on various carriers.

    Embroidery is a fascinating process, the result of which is getting an image on canvas or household items Embroidery - exciting process, the result of which is to obt

    ain an image on the canvas or objects related

    For example:

    • artworks;
    • Photos;
    • Embroidery.

    Very often it happens that love embroidery children begin to instill in school at lessons of work or in the classroom in various sections and mugs on crafts. Such lessons are not only quick, but also interesting, developing a child's love for beauty. Embroidery will be useful for a person of any age, both for children and adults.

    Children with embroidering, especially the cross, develop a small motor skills, and for adults this will help to distract from the problems of carriers.

    Embroidery landscapes favorably affect the internal state of man, and embroidering this kind of work is really not so difficult.

    picturesque nature: Scheme cross stitch for all

    If you are just beginning to get acquainted with the art of embroidery cross, then turn your attention to the special sets. They are best for beginners.

    Embroidery frame. Round or square, plastic or wooden in medium size( 20-25 cm in diameter).It will be great if they have such a protracted mechanism. With its help it is easier to regulate the tension of the tissue Embroidery frame. Round or square, plastic or wooden in medium size( 20-25 cm in diameter).It will be great if they have such a protracted mechanism. With it easier to adjust the tension of the fabric

    The standard set usually includes:

    1. Canvas. The color of the canvas depends on the idea of ​​the author, and can be anything, but more often than not, it is white.
    2. Threads. The classic for embroidery are floss threads. For the quality and composition of threads for embroidery, the question can be solved by ourselves. You can also embroider a cross with woolen threads, silk threads, threads with eyelet. Depending on the quality and thickness of the embroidery threads, they can be single, double and triple. Also, the shape of the embroidery has an effect on the number of threads, for example, if it is necessary for any part of the embroidery to be made in a tapestry style, this is usually done by a single thread.
    3. Needle. It does not come with all manufacturers.
    4. Embroidery scheme. It can be either color or black and white. In black and white schemes, thread colors are displayed using a variety of icons.

    Schemes of embroidery can be as small or rather bulky. For those who are just beginning to learn how to embroider, it's best to choose sets with color schemes. In this case, it will be easier to match the color layout of the threads to the mulina and the corresponding "squares" on the diagram, in addition, so it will be possible to assume how the finished embroidery will look.

    In order not to get confused in the cells of the canvas and how many cells need to be closed, you can use the counting method, that is, by calculating the cells. For example: 5 cells of red color, 7 cells of blue color and so on.

    In addition, another option is embroidery first with one color, then another.

    This also helps not to get confused and make no mistake in the picture. Also, do not forget that the embroidery scheme can be applied directly to the canvas. In this case, there will not arise a classical question for beginners: where and with what to begin?

    Good kits can be found among the products of the brand "Igolochka".Their embroidery is one of the brightest, and among the products of Igolochka you will find a variety of embroideries on the theme of landscapes and nature.

    Natural cross stitch: nature and landscapes

    With the help of needles and colored threads, the canvas can be "painted" the landscape no worse than the paints on the canvas. To create embroidering schemes with a cross, various pictures with landscapes can be used, as well as photographs.

    Variety of variants of cross-stitch embroidery are many: landscapes and still lifes, images of people and animals, and much, much more Varieties of cross-stitch options are many: landscapes and still lifes, images of people and animals, and much, much more

    Dimensions of such pictures can be:

    • Large;
    • Small.

    Here everything will depend on the size of the work and the story the person wants. For example, the mountains will look spectacular on a large canvas, because it is large sizes that can allow to work out the scheme of embroidery in detail, and therefore, to reflect on the final canvas every nuance of the picture.

    Also, the final appearance of the embroidery will depend on the location of the pattern on the canvas.

    This can be a vertical or horizontal position. The forest is most advantageous on horizontal embroideries, when the width is greater than the height, but the mountains will look better when positioned vertically, then the embroidery itself and the mountain range depicted on it will tend to go up.

    Now popular are such scenery scenes as:

    • Mountain ranges, especially Mount Fuji.
    • Forest massifs.
    • Parks in summer or autumn time.
    • View of a lake or pond. There may also be birds on the water, trees or wood.
    • Marine species.
    • Rustic views are also very popular now.

    Thus, any person will be able to pick up a picture of the embroidery to their liking and a suitable size, according to the person's desires.

    Wildlife: cross-stitch embroidery( video)

    Embroidery with a picture of a landscape in a natural beautiful place can not only decorate the house, but also be an excellent gift for any celebration.

    Details: stitch nature( photo examples)