Cross-stitch embroidery of large landscapes: schemes free of charge, sea and winter, urban and rural, small monochrome, sets for autumn, summer and spring

There is a wide variety of schemes for embroidering winter, summer, autumn or spring landscapes There is a wide variety of schemes for embroidering winter, summer, autumn or spring landscapes Large embroideries have recently become very popular among experienced embroiderers. The very pattern of cross-stitching large-scale landscapes differs little from small schemes, only the work itself will take more time and materials. If you like to embroider and you are doing it well, then you will be able to embroider a big and beautiful landscape.

    • Cross-stitch embroidery of the winter landscape: details of the work
    • Original cross-stitch: monochrome landscapes
    • Cross-stitch: cityscapes in all its glory
    • Cross-stitch embroidery: underwater stones in the work
    • Cross-stitch embroidery of autumn landscape: riot of various shades
    • How to createCross-stitch patterns: small landscapes for every taste
    • Cross-stitch rural scenery: feel the breath of nature
    • How to embroider large-scale landscapes( video)
    • Examples of cross-stitching large-scale landscapes( pho
      to schemes)

Cross-stitch embroidery of a winter landscape: details of work

Embroidery itself is a work that requires special care and perseverance. If this is a large picture, then this work is doubly difficult. However, lovers of this business are all on the shoulder, even if the creation of the picture will take a lot of time. Particularly in demand is the winter landscape in blue and white tones.

Embroidery with a winter landscape is able to give the interior a cosiness and comfort Embroidery with a winter landscape can give an interior a cosiness and comfort

Winter is a time when nature takes a time-out and changes its colors to white-blue tones. At first glance, it may seem that nothing complicated in the performance of this work is. In fact, for embroidery of the landscape it can take a lot of shades of blue thread to depict the winter sky. However, not only blue and white colors are involved in winter embroidery, but also a variety of brown tones - for trees, orange and red - for winter sunset.

Winter landscapes are quite diverse - they can be depicted as a classic Russian winter, or in a fairy-tale style.

Original cross-stitch: monochrome landscapes

Quite common in recent times has become a monochrome embroidery cross. Completed in black and white, embroidery looks both simple and original.

What is the difference between single-color embroidery and conventional? Unlike ordinary color embroideries, monochrome-embroidery uses only black color. It can transfer the background, and the object itself will be white or, conversely, a black drawing on a white background. White thread can be used if you want to give the picture volume.

Tip: The outline type of monochrome embroidery is not exactly suitable for creating large paintings. The drawing will look wretched and unfinished.

Monochrome-embroidery is great for beginners, since only one color is used for embroidery Monochrome embroidery is great for beginners, because only one color is used for embroidery

There are three types of monochrome embroidery:

  1. Contour. The idea of ​​such embroidery involves creating only the outline of the picture, the rest of the picture remains empty. Such embroideries look original in portraits and small still-lifes.
  2. Cross. The most difficult and painstaking work. The entire pattern is embroidered with a black thread. Even though only one gloomy color is used, the picture turns out to be rich and beautiful.
  3. Blackwork. There are two colors in this style - white and black. In work the technique "back needle" is used. For experienced embroiderers, such work will only be a joy, although the ion has its difficulties. You can use ordinary cross-stitch to fill large parts.

Cross-stitch: cityscapes in all its glory

For the apartment, decorated in a modern style of high-tech is clearly not suitable for Russian motifs or flowers with apples. In such apartments it is very appropriate to look at the city landscapes, which include the streets of megacities, famous sights and cozy cafes. Many different city landscapes can be found in the catalog of embroideries "Riolis".

Set for embroidering urban landscapes includes a scheme of embroidery, canvas and thread for embroidery. It is suitable even for beginner embroiderers.

Embroidery in the form of a city landscape, inserted in a wooden frame, perfectly fit in the classic interior Embroidery in the form of a city landscape, inserted in a wooden frame, will perfectly fit in the classic interior of the

. For embroidery of urban landscapes, it is best to use quality fabrics and threads, and finish the work in a wooden frame in dark colors.

Beautiful cities, where we once visited, divorced bridges, clean streets - all this can be stored in memory not only with the help of photographs. We embroider familiar places and seem to re-experience the emotions that surrounded us during our travels.

Cross-stitch embroidery of the sea landscape: pitfalls in the performance of the work

Seascape from the point of view of practical implementation almost does not differ from other types of embroidery. The richness of colors for conveying the color of water - blue, pink, turquoise, violet can be present in work on the marine theme. The mountain landscape includes both rocks, and the sea, and green vegetation on the slopes. All this is insanely beautiful in embroidered paintings.

Assortment of sets for the marine theme is quite wide:

  1. Beautiful sailboats in the light of the moon;
  2. Sea sunrises and sunsets;
  3. Brigantines and ships with sails, based on Green, symbolizing expectation and love;
  4. Storm and bad weather( paintings by Aivazovsky and other artists);
  5. Mountains with a stormy waterfall or the smooth surface of the blue sea.

Embroidered seascape gives the interior freshness and evokes pleasant memories of a holiday at sea The embroidered seascape adds freshness to the interior and brings pleasant memories of rest at sea.

However, it should be borne in mind that embroidering the sea is not easy, you need to carefully approach the choice of scheme, palette and quality of threads. The sea is heterogeneous in color, and in order to accurately depict it in embroidery, you need to pick a few shades of blue. A large selection of schemes on the theme of seascapes is provided by the producer of Juno.

Choose pictures for embroidery on the sea theme is not easy, but any skilled craftswoman will uniquely find a scheme to her liking.

Cross-stitch embroidery of the autumn landscape: riot of every possible shades

Landscapes of golden autumn are especially beautiful - both in art and in needlework. Autumn landscape, like spring, shines with a wide variety of colors. Embroidered trees that have changed into gold, really deserve special attention. Autumn motives create a special cosiness and bring calmness and warmth.

Large paintings in the autumn motif on the shoulder only experienced masters. Smooth transition of shades can be obtained only thanks to a careful selection of floss.

The vision of the finished embroidered painting is an ability that only skilled needlewomen can do.

How to create cross-stitch patterns: small landscapes for every taste

Buying large sets of embroideries can be ruined, because quality drawing, thread and fabric are not cheap. If you want, you can not buy a scheme, but create a drawing on your own. Thanks to the Pattern Maker program, you can transfer to any sheet of paper absolutely any picture - your favorite landscape, photo or portrait.

To create a landscape scheme yourself, you need to find a picture and use the program on your computer To create a landscape scheme yourself, you need to find a picture and use the program on the

computer. To get a small landscape with the program, you just need to download the image you like in the application interface, select stitches, adjust the color gamut and create a key to the scheme. You will get a ready chart, which will be embroidered.

For those who are just learning to embroider the perfect embroidery schemes with a full set - canvas and floss. All that is required of you is to buy a hoop and a needle and have the desire to learn how to embroider. Beginners need to buy small schemes for embroidery with a light pattern.

Small pictures look good in oval frames, while rectangular shapes are better suited for large landscapes.

Cross-stitch rural scenery: feel the breath of nature

The so-called Fedoskino miniatures are in great demand in the category "Rural landscapes".In the original - this mini oil paintings, but modern needlewomen have adapted to translate the image onto a piece of fabric.

Forest and rural landscape is especially loved by young needlewomen. For embroidery, a simple scheme is chosen, the color scheme includes basic colors without difficult transitions. Summer landscapes of the countryside are pleasing with a variety of meadow grasses, flowers, white birches and bright saturated colors.

Embroidery with the image of a rural landscape fits well into the interior, made in a natural style Embroidery with the image of a rural landscape fits well in the interior, made in the natural style of

Embroideries of the rural landscape look good in the interior of the kitchen. They make a note of a sunny day and warm air into the room.

Rural motifs on kitchen towels and sticks will be very original.

How to embroider large landscapes with a cross( video)

Embroidering, the masteress spends not only finances for the purchase of the embroidery set, but also puts her soul and work into each of her work. With the right approach to this matter, you can make it very profitable. Recently, there has been a growing demand for embroidered shirts - hand-embroidered shirts, so manual work is so appreciated.

Examples of cross-stitching large-scale landscapes( photo schemes)