Cross-stitch embroidery: diagrams and embroidery kit, free download, vase and photo, bouquet of riolis, meaning

For beginner needlewomen, a simple embroidery with peonies For beginners needlewomen perfect simple embroidered with peonies Familiarity with needlework does not necessarily start with the boring and uninteresting patterns ornaments, aspiring seamstresses are sure to enjoy a simple cross-stitch "Peony".Flowers - these are the simplest and most effective motives for the first works, it will look great peony in a vase or a bouquet of these flowers. The value of the peony on Feng Shui is passion, and therefore such a picture will be an excellent gift for the newlyweds.

    • Cross stitch "Peonies": diagrams and preparation
    • Teaching embroidery cross "Peonies"
    • Peony cross: diagrams and procedures
    • Convenient set for cross stitching "Peonies"
    • Beautiful embroiderycross pions( video)
    • Examples of cross stitch peony( photo)
  • cross stitch "peonies": schemes and preparation

    facilitate the work process, and to accelerate the appearance of the result can correct preparation of embroidering.

    In order to embroider an incredibly beautiful dr<div><center>
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</center></div>awing, you must prepare in advance all the necessary materials for work In order to embroider an incredibly beautiful drawing, all necessary materials must be prepared in advance for the work of

    . In order not to be distracted from the working process, all the necessary materials must be prepared in advance:

    • Canvu( its size can beDifferent, it is better to give preference to Aida 14);
    • Threads of a mulina( for beginners it will be more convenient to purchase them with a special organizer);
    • Needle( you can use double to speed up the process);
    • Embroidery frame( or embroidery machine);
    • Scissors;
    • Diagram for embroidery;
    • Pencil;
    • Water-based marker.

    It should be noted that all materials should be of good quality, to all the works have not gone down the drain.

    Teaching cross-stitch "Peonies»

    If this embroidery fabric acts as a tutorial, is especially important to pay attention to the diagram. However, experienced craftsmen should also pay proper attention to this issue. A qualitative scheme is a guarantee of an excellent result.

    embroidery schemes may be obtained by one of the following ways:

    • buy ready-made kit counted cross;
    • Find the schematic in a specialized periodical or on a network;
    • Make a diagram yourself using a special program to rework the pattern in the embroidery scheme.

    A qualitative scheme of peonies for embroidery can be bought both in specialized stores, and found on the Internet Qualitative pions scheme for embroidery can be purchased in specialized shops or found on the Internet

    Selecting one of these options, it is best to print the scheme or make a copy of it to be able to spoil the paper, painting over onScheme those areas that are already embroidered.

    scheme and outline best divided into cells of 10x10 squares, so as not to get lost in the process of needlework. To mark out the canvas, it is better to use a special water-based marker that is easily washed off.

    Peony Cross: schemes and procedures

    framework for products can be ordered in a special baguette shop or to make independently. The frame, made by themselves, will give the masterpiece even more value and can perfectly fit into the interior.

    In order for your picture to turn out neat, correct and beautiful, it is necessary to mark out the canvas in advance and carefully study the scheme In order for your picture to be accurate, correct and beautiful, you need to pre-mark the canvas and carefully study the scheme

    Conditionally the whole process of embroidery of pions can be divided into the following stages:

    • Preparation for needlework( purchase all necessary materials and tools);
    • Layout and work with the scheme;
    • creative process of embroidery( embroidery best to start from the middle, then the picture is not "go", and the result will be viewed at once);
    • Washing and drying of the result( will get rid of grid lines and prints only wash your hands in warm water, do not wring, dry on the towel face down);
    • Ironing( performed on the left side by a warm iron);
    • Framing the product.

    Convenient set for embroidery cross "Peonies»

    most convenient option for aspiring needlewoman can be considered ready set for embroidery cross.

    In the current market, there are the following popular manufacturers' kits:

    • Riolis;
    • Nitex;
    • Luca's;
    • Shop Fonduchka.

    These and many other companies produce quality embroidery kits of various price categories. User feedback is the best way to confirm the convenience of using such ready-made sets.

    The most popular and popular are the ready-made embroidery kits "Peony", produced by the company Riolis most popular and in demand are ready sets for embroidery "Pion", which the company produces Riolis

    Usually kit includes canvas, convenient and straightforward scheme, instruction and thread all the necessary colors. Certain colors on the diagram will correspond to certain graphic symbols: dots, crosses, and toes. The canvas in such sets can already be labeled, which greatly simplifies the task. It remains only to buy hoop and you can start creativity.

    to create a certain image can be used a variety of stitches, but in some sets of instructions even have a description of the implementation of these stitches, which is very convenient for beginners handy people.

    According to the picture available in such sets, you can determine how saturated colors should be: scarlet, white, pink. In accordance with this, the washed-out watercolor tones can be obtained with the thickness of the filament in two layers, and the saturated bright flower should be embroidered in four layers.

    Beautiful cross-stitch pions( video)

    choosing floral motifs for his first work, mistress with due diligence will be able to get a very beautiful picture, which is then able to decorate a room. All preparation can be done independently or buy a ready-made set of "Peony", which will not affect the quality of the result. Examples

    cross stitch pions( photo)

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