Cross-stitch embroidery flowers: threads and pictures, photo of wildflowers, sets with still-lifes, fairy's face, watercolor

Beautiful flowers are the most popular option for embroidery both among skilled needlewomen and beginners Beautiful flowers are the most popular option for embroidery how little embroiderers who once would not take over the flower theme among advanced needle women, and newcomers .Many girls begin to embroider with unpretentious flowers, focusing on the lightest samples. And if we talk about today's fashion, floral miniatures are increasingly decorating clothes and accessories. Therefore, it will be useful to learn how to embroider several beautiful floral patterns, and thus give a new life to an old blouse or rag handbag.

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  • Fashion embroidery: cross flower on

    clothes often do you see a cross embroidered things, or rather, the things for which there embroidered miniatures? Such patterns are found on the clothes of children, and if we s

    ee on the girl a blouse with an interesting embroidery of the same flower, we are exactly amazed. Beautiful floral patterns on clothes - squeaking fashion. Especially it concerns the summer things.

    White light sundresses, decorated with different floral compositions, and even short denim shorts in the field colors - that's what will distinguish you in the summer. Such things, as practice shows, and last longer, and become loved.

    It is creative and unusual to decorate a blouse with a beautiful embroidered flower creative and unusual to decorate a blouse can be beautiful embroidered flower

    Flower Poetry on clothing resulted today in a separate kind of needlework. There are masters who specialize precisely in such embroidery. Sometimes imitations of old patterns and pictures, thanks to which you can get a whole vintage collection.

    Popular kits for cross stitch flower

    As for the trendy set, but today large popularity came to the sets, based on - a portrait, framed by flowers. It is at the expense of flowers that this picture looks unusual, fresh. Usually the center of attention is the face of a beautiful girl and in a floral frame. Spring flowers emphasize the color of girls' eyes, the most popular are the "blue sets"( with a dominant blue color).

    To embroider a beautiful picture with flowers is easy, the main thing is to get all the necessary materials for work and determine the pattern of the composition embroider beautiful picture with the colors is simple, the main thing - to get all the necessary materials for the work and determine the picture composition

    Floral still lifes are not far behind - and they look like a watercolor painting. If you want a bit of ease and tranquility in the room - take the purple still life, if you want to revitalize the interior - red flowers in pots, bright plexus thread embroidered on one picture to decorate a room, where for a long time did not change the situation.

    Delicate embroidery: fairy of flowers

    The flower fairy is another fashionable theme in the "flower".Each flower here is not accidental - they all make up a portrait of a beautiful fairy. This is a camellia, and a lily, and an unforgettable, and other delicate flowers.

    A beautiful flower arrangement beautifully decorates a bedroom or living room Beautiful flower arrangement will perfectly decorate the bedroom or living room

    The flower fairy will look good in the girl's room, in the room of a young child. If, of course, the concept of the room is predisposed to this. Also it will be a good gift, for example, on March 8.Very romantic, subtle, feminine. A good addition is such embroidery will be to a beautiful, elegant cup and flower tea - original and cute.

    How to choose the desired scheme: embroidery colors by the cross

    You can get lost in the variety of schemes of flower embroidery. Since this handicraft is most often selected for interior features, the choice can really be thorough. Stylistics of the scheme should fit into the style of your interior.

    Which schemes are popular today:

    • Marble roses;
    • Crocuses;
    • Fire nasturtium;
    • Bouquet of hydrangeas;
    • Garden roses;
    • Petersburg Sonata;
    • A bouquet of pansies;
    • Roses on the table;
    • White lilies.

    The most popular colors for embroidery are marble roses The most popular colors for embroidery are the marble roses

    Especially worth talking about the embroidery associated with the name of Jen Harbon. This artist-illustrator, famous for its amazing watercolors. It's not the first year that she has been in the Society of Flower Painters. Her works are filled with the whole gamut of feelings that attract flowers from lovers of natural beauty. And if you find or can draw a diagram on the works of Jen Harbon, the embroidery will turn out to be surprisingly thin, precise, sensual.

    Of interesting - quite fashionable steel embroidery on the theme of "Flowering cacti."By the way, such embroidery will be a good gift to a man who for a long time is waiting for something. In the period of trouble, the expectation of life changes such a gift will be symbolic. Say, bloom can happen in any period of life - hope, believe, know how to wait for your beautiful.

    And anyway, any high-quality flower embroidery is a win-win gift to a woman who is not indifferent to flowers. Live flowers can not long please, and beautifully framed embroidery will remain a small beautiful stroke for a long time.

    Popular cross-stitch embroidery: flowers( video)

    Not everyone can embroider a cross bypassing the flower theme. And why deprive yourself of the pleasure of touching the artistic interpretation of the theme of the most beautiful earthly creatures from the floral world.

    Easy circuits and great results!

    Embroidered cross flowers( photo examples)

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