Diagram of embroidery figures of the cross: metrics like embroidering, small Roman, beautiful font, both on a calculator

It is not difficult to embroider beautiful figures, so even a novice needlewoman will cope with this task embroider beautiful figures is easy, therefore, to the task cope even novice needlewoman professionals and newcomers are often used in the figures scheme for cross stitch. At the same time, one should not think that it represents any difficulty for those who are just beginning to master the art of needlework. On the admission of many, a well-designed scheme greatly simplifies the work. The master has only to follow that in order to achieve the desired result.

    • As embroider figures cross: schemes and
    • font selection rules correctly embroider figures cross:
    • scheme of action figures cross: practical advice
    • Beautiful embroidery of letters and numbers cross
    • How to embroider cross letters and numbers( video)
    • Examples digits schemesand letters: cross-stitch( photo)

As cross embroider figures: the scheme and font selection rules

Regardless of whether the planned creation of numbers or letters, you must choose an adequate manner the mark. There a

re many options, including a variety of shapes, decorative elements and even whole compositions. Masters with experience advise newcomers to pay attention to linear forms that do not contain complex aesthetic forms. In this case, you can quickly cope with the work. The result will only bring positive emotions.

For the first embroidering of figures by a cross it is better to choose simple and easy schemes For the first cross embroidery figures should choose simple and easy

schemes addition recommendations for the selection of simple patterns for tracing letters and numeric symbols, there is another. It is related to the selection of the style of writing on the canvas of the desired information.

Simply put, you need to choose an appropriate font for the particular occasion:

  1. The metric is made as simple as possible. Only important facts are indicated.
  2. A gift for the birthday of a close relative or loved one implies the presence of aesthetic elements. It is not recommended to focus on the age, unless it is a round anniversary. It is better to embroider spiritual wishes.
  3. If it is a question of creating a decorative element, then in this case you can embroider your favorite quotation or family motto.

Correctly embroider the numbers with a dagger:

Action Scheme The end result is perfect in only one case. To do this, follow several recommendations. First, regardless of the complexity of the information that is planned to be applied to the material( canvas), it is worth using the "cross" technology. Secondly, during the embroidery it is necessary to constantly ensure that the stitch always looks in one direction on the rim. Otherwise, the work will lose in terms of aesthetic component.

The right embroidery technology will help make the figure with figures beautiful and neat correct embroidery technology will help to make a drawing with the numbers nice and neat

should not lose sight of a number of other recommendations:

  • cross stitching does not seem to be difficult, if it is to go from right to left;
  • The alternation of vertical and horizontal bars is mandatory;
  • It is not recommended for beginners to use letters with rounded elements;
  • It is necessary to think in advance where the movement of stitches will go from bottom to top, and where - vice versa.

Figures with a cross: practical advice

Having defined the content of the future composition, it is necessary to choose adequate schemes for work. On this depends largely on the effectiveness of the whole work. It takes only one minor error in cross stitch to the whole composition was hopelessly tainted. It is recommended first to make a simple pencil markup on the surface of the canvas. This not even quite sure in their abilities to cope with the work of a novice.

Find an interesting and simple scheme for embroidering figures can be both on the Internet and in specialized stores Choose an interesting and simple scheme for embroidery figures can be both on the Internet and in specialized shops

In addition to these practical tips, there are a few recommendations, compliance with which is mandatory:

  • A beautiful font, as on a calculator, will work for everyone, if you start from the middle;
  • It is advisable to try not to deviate from the pencil marks made earlier throughout the composition;
  • When embroidering a metric or congratulating a loved one, you must constantly monitor the number of spaces and crosses.

Beautiful embroidery of letters and numbers with the cross

Beginners and professionals should always remember that when it comes to embroidering Roman or Arabic numerals, you need to consider some specific features. In order for embroidered fonts to look attractive, you need to carefully study their characteristics. They come in several forms. Open the list of printed, differing by straight lines and the absence of rounded elements. As mentioned earlier, they are suitable for beginners.

In order for the embroidered picture to turn out to be original and beautiful, you should use only 2-3 colors in work In order for the embroidered picture to turn out to be original and beautiful, only 2-3 colors should be used in the work of

. Depending on the specific features of the embroidery, small or capital letters are created. On the second place on frequency of occurrence there are letters and figures with monograms.

The density of the arrangement of decorative elements depends on the density of the canvas and the position of a specific letter.

To ensure that the work does not seem impossible, the following small tricks will help achieve the desired:

  • In work, it is not recommended to use more than 2-3 colors or shades;
  • The more numbers or letters are planned to be applied to the fabric, the denser the material should be;
  • We embroider decorative elements always from top to bottom.

How to properly embroider letters and numbers( video)

Regardless of the level of professional skill, schematic assistants allow you to create on the canvas the required letter or digital image. In this case, it depends on the master how difficult it will be. Beginners are advised to start with straight lines and angles. As you acquire additional skills and knowledge, you can go to different decorative elements.

Examples of schemes of numbers and letters: cross-stitch( photo)