Cross-stitch embroidered house scheme: mini-scheme with the New Year, whether it is possible to store, the fulfillment of desires, the cut to do

Beautiful painting with a cozy house is able to decorate almost any interior Beautiful picture of a cozy house can decorate almost any interior For any needlewoman set of embroidery - a welcome gift, and a lot of them do not exist. And with this many interesting stories are related. Perhaps, for beginner embroiderers this is a novelty, but there are even lashes for the execution of desire. Embroider a cozy country house, make a wish to build the same, and it can be fulfilled! Do this trick or not, it's up to you, in any case, the time will not pass for nothing - even the embroidered house will please the eye.

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  • pictures embroidered with a cross: houses, schemes

    One of the most popular themes in the embroidery houses - a summer house on the background of the forest landscape. Sets with s

    uch an image can be found in any needlework store. From small huts in the forest to a chic dream house under the canopy of snow-covered pines. What is not motivation to build the same?

    The most popular option for embroidery is a drawing with a small cozy house against the background of a forest landscape The most popular option is for embroidery pattern with a small house on nice background scenery Woodland

    Moreover, such cross embroidery can be an interesting purpose - can work beautifully designed to give the couple or settlers. It will be symbolic. If they want their cottage - embroider this, if the house against the backdrop of a blooming garden - visualize this desire.

    Gingerbread House: embroidery cross schemes

    Another house, which is able to fulfill the desire - Gingerbread. These are miniature fairy-tale houses, a fashion in which European traditions have been handed over to our latitudes. The most interesting is that the work turns out to be voluminous. Not just embroidery in a frame, but a real fairy-tale house - colorful, voluminous, magical. Children will be delighted!

    Beautiful gingerbread houses are not sewn very quickly, but to say that this work is extremely laborious, and newcomer it will not master - is also wrong. This dollhouse put in the nursery at night, on the eve of( the same New Year), and in the morning the children find it a miracle, and the delight of their limit will be.

    It's easy to make an embroidered gingerbread house, the main thing is to get all the necessary materials for work in advance and get a good mood

    What is usually included in the gingerbread house kit:

    • Plastic white canvas;
    • Needles and threads;
    • Beads and beads;
    • Decorative tape;
    • Diagrams.

    The instruction is usually very detailed, understandable - without the help of outsiders you can make the house voluminous. After the holidays, it can be put into the trunk, and kept there until the new venue, and so he will serve you for many years, and perhaps even become a family heirloom.

    Elegant schemes embroidery stitch: the house and New Year

    Well, if to a large schemes of houses found material you are not afraid to handle, try themselves in miniature. For example, on New Year's postcards for friends and loved ones you can paste small embroidered pictures. The same gingerbread house, or just snow little house, mountain cabin, Christmas streets with houses in anticipation of the holiday. ..

    excellent gift for the New Year is sure to become creative embroidered house with his own hands

    It is very atmospheric, cute and original. You can make not only a postcard with such a miniature, but also, for example, a suspension. And some craftsmen make such a nashvochku for Christmas balls. Try not to make monochrome compositions-they do not look so smart.

    And one more idea - to make a garland of flags, on each of which to paste miniatures with small houses. And such a garland can hang in the aisles, on the window, over the crib, etc. In a word, it's only necessary to make beautiful, not curves, miniatures, and there will be a lot of applications for them.

    Cross-stitch: key house

    And such sets for embroidery( Korea, Russia, China - any production) to find today is not difficult. Embroidered house, which is designed as a housekeeper, will decorate your real house. A nice detail with taste - just what you need to create a cosiness.

    Original decorate the hallway with an interesting embroidered house with a frame for storing keys original way to decorate the hall, you can use the interesting embroidered house with frames for key storage

    So, as a basis, you can take any scheme with the house - a house by the river or the sea, the house, from the windows of which look funny Domovyataetc. If you want to do a truly family job, take a scheme that is feasible for embroidering with children. After the embroidery is ready, you can arrange it for the housekeeper. Only so that the fabric does not dissolve in the cut, do not forget to cover the edges with a colorless varnish.

    For this, not a simple wooden frame for a photo needs to be screwed a few hooks, on which the keys will be hung. A cloth with a drawing can be pulled on a thick piece of cardboard - the drawing should fall on the center of the frame. The cardboard is placed in a frame, and your self-made housekeeper is ready.

    Creative cross-stitch: the scheme of houses( video)

    Images homes do have some motivating force for good reason often embroidered on them, even prayer, and this hand crafted item starts to "work".Try it and you embroider the house of his dreams, he also created his own hands, and this power of creating their own, even if such a small house, will help you in more close-ups!

    Good results! Examples

    cross embroidery: schema houses( photo)

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