Embroidered cross-stitch pattern of the girl: in a hat man and woman, sets in red, with a jug and a bicycle, with an umbrella

A beautiful embroidered picture with a girl must adorn the interior of the living room or bedroom Beautiful embroidered Woman necessarily decorate the interior of your living room or bedroom needlewoman all know that the most precious gift one that is made with love. Embroidery is a whole art that requires diligence, attentiveness and painstaking work. Subjects for embroidery can be very different. Widespread popularity among needlewomen is enjoyed by the plot with the image of a woman. Cross stitch, namely girls scheme is a graceful and elegant picture that will be a wonderful gift and memory for years to come.

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    Occupation embroidery has always been a nobleM occupation. This is not only the conduct of leisure. Embroidery is a long creative process that require

    s attentiveness, diligence, diligence, diligence and accuracy.

    needlewoman beginners often encounter difficulties when sewing: what fabric to choose where to start embroidery, how to make a chart and move it onto the fabric, how to do stitches, how to hold a needle.

    Today it's easy to become an assemiler. This requires a great desire and a little patience. Buy ready-made embroidery kits can be in specialized stores or online. They already have specially selected fabric, threads, pattern and needles for embroidery.

    Before embarking, it is necessary to prepare in advance all the necessary materials for work Before starting to embroider, you should prepare in advance all the necessary materials for

    Set of materials and tools:

    • Canvas. The most common type of canvas is Aida, Hardanger. The tissues of the interlacing of Davos and Dublin are also common.
    • Embroidery frame. For ease of use, many needlewomen use the embroidery frame.
    • Needles. The choice of needle depends on the density of the canvas.
    • Moulinet. Special threads, presented in the domestic market by both domestic and foreign manufacturers.

    Embroidery kits can also contain special scissors. Embroidery also requires additional pieces in the form of clips, etc. The measure of their need for each needlewoman determines for herself.

    Cross Stitch: girl in hat

    Before you proceed directly to the embroidery, you need to prepare the fabric correctly. It is important to note that after washing it can sit down a little, so you need to choose a quality fabric and wash it correctly. Depending on the size of the embroidery, you should determine the size of the fabric.

    It should be noted that in the process of work, the cut off fabric edges may crumble. They should be swept or anointed with glue.

    Embroidery is best done on the canvas. Embroidered with a cross "Girl in a hat" will look beautiful and elegant. Before you start, it's important to decide whether the embroidery is colored or monochrome.

    Beautiful girl embroidered hat will be a great and original gift that you can do with your hands

    How to prepare a scheme:

    • scheme can make their own, and can be found online.
    • scheme should print quality, high-resolution.
    • The circuit should be clear.

    It's best to store the schema in a transparent file. It can also be laminated, as in the process of embroidery it can become worthless. Places of folds of the paper circuit can be sealed with adhesive tape.

    cross stitch kits: girls in different subjects

    the Internet you can find a lot of ready-made schemes stories on the theme of women and girls. Stories full of a great variety, so you can choose the option corresponding to the taste preferences of the needlewoman. Very popular pictures of girls with flowers.

    It is quite difficult to embroider a female silhouette. Especially if the image is monochrome.

    When choosing a complex story, you should be patient. Usually the picture is a color image with many details. It is important that the embroidery scheme is of high quality, then it will be much easier to perform embroidery.

    Find a beautiful picture for embroidery with the image of a girl you can both in specialized stores and on the Internet Find a nice picture for embroidery depicting girls as possible in specialty stores and on the Internet

    imaging options:

    • Image girls hat;
    • Girl with a jug;
    • Girlfriends on bicycles;
    • Girl with an umbrella;
    • Girl in a red dress;
    • Girl with a pearl earring;
    • The heroine of fantasy;
    • Girls with a deer in the forest;
    • A woman with geese.

    The female image is very attractive. This embroidery will look natural, beautiful and harmonious, it does not matter whether it is depicted summer, autumn, winter or spring. You can download embroidery versions online.

    simple cross stitch scheme: a man and a woman

    Embroidery - not only a pleasant experience, which calms the nervous system and leads to harmony with itself. Embroidery can be a good gift, which will retain a long memory. The picture with the image enamored men and women can be present for a birthday, wedding, anniversary and other celebrations.

    The image of a couple in love will bring harmony and prosperity to the house. This picture can be hung in the hall or bedroom.

    Diagrams with the image of a pair can be downloaded on the Internet. It should be noted that not all resources have qualitative schemes. To work was not a burden, you need to choose a clear and complete scheme of embroidery.

    Unusually decorate the interior of the guest room can be embroidered painting, which will depict a couple in love unusually decorate the guest room can be embroidered painting where a loving couple

    image will displayed:

    • Kissing couple;
    • Lovers at sunset;
    • Couple in the boat;Loving couple and doves.
    • .

    The choice of colors depends on the personal preferences of the needlewoman. Images can be colored and monochrome. It is important to remember that monochrome images are not easier to perform, and even more complex than color pictures.

    beautiful embroidery Cross: girls scheme( video)

    cross stitch many use as a sedative activity which leads to simultaneous concentration and relaxation. This is a kind of meditation that allows you to be alone with yourself, to be a creator. Embroidery can have a variety of images. Very popular images of girls. They are refined and elegant. Very popular sets Riolis 486.

    cross stitch Examples: girls diagram( photo)

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