Cross-stitch embroidery: schemes and sets, free, ponies running on water, Riolis for girls

Embroidering a horse is difficult, so first you need to gain experience embroider a horse is difficult, therefore, to begin to gain experience Girls began to embroider a long time ago. During the Middle Ages there was not much choice of entertainment. Therefore, the beautiful ladies spent all their free time devoting it to this occupation. The materials were primitive. And the color palette of threads is not as varied as it is now. Embroidered products looked beautiful, despite this. Finished products( skirts, sarafans, shirts) were decorated in Russia with patterns, ornaments, depictions of animals and plant elements. Horses were embroidered back in those days. Now there is everything necessary to start doing this kind of needlework.

    • Cross Stitch horse sets for needlework
    • embroider pony cross: schemes for beginners
    • Cross Stitch: horses running on water
    • original cross-stitch riolis horse
    • Monochrome: woman with a horse cross stitch
    • Doing their own hands: cross-stitch horse( video)
    • Examples of cross stitch horse( photo schemes)

cross-stitch kits handicraft horse

Initially The necessityto prepare all the tools and materials. All this can be bought in a specialized store or ordered online. There are special sets that already have embroidery schemes and all materials. This makes it easier for any needlewoman. But you did not find the right kit. In this case, you need to buy everything yourself.

For embroidery of horses, you need to have the following:

  • Diagram;
  • Canvas for the base;
  • Embroidery frame of the desired size;
  • Needle set;
  • Threads of a floss;

All necessary accessories for embroidery of a horse, including a scheme, can be purchased at any specialized store All necessary accessories for embroidery horses, including the schema, you can buy in any store Specialized

All kinds of embroidery carried out in a specific pattern. You can draw it yourself. Either take the original image from a book or the Internet, and translate it to checkered paper.

There are a lot of illustrations and pictures that can serve as the starting material for the circuit. The image of the horse you will find on many sites. Problems with the search for the original picture you will not arise.

Make embroidery beautiful and original - the task of the person who is engaged in embroidery. Three horses will decorate your house. It is possible to make it in the form of a panel, decorate it in a frame and hang it at home. Or make such a gift to a loved one for a new year or any other holiday. The artists depicted the three horses in their paintings in different variations - in the summer, in the winter, in a harness, with the heroes in the saddle.

When you have all the materials and the scheme, get to work. It is very easy to embroider a cross. It is necessary to be careful to transfer the image correctly from the circuit to the canvas. The image of the horse will decorate any pillow, bag or clothes.

We embroider ponies with a cross: schemes for beginners

Organize your workplace for this kind of creative activity. You already have all the materials, time and place. No one distracts you. But you have not decided on the pattern of embroidery. There is a cartoon film "Mayle pony": a character for the scheme can be taken from it. It's a very good idea to make such a picture on a children's T-shirt. There are many characters in the cartoon. So ask your child which hero he likes and begin to embroider.

The characters from the "Mighty Little Ponies" are bright and colorful, they are sure to please the child and will look beautiful on a T-shirt or backpack.

The pony embroidery scheme is great for children and teenagers scheme for embroidery pony is perfect for children and adolescents

What in the cartoon characters have:

  • Applejack;
  • Pinky Pai;
  • Rarity;
  • Fluttershy;
  • Sparkle;
  • Rainbow Desch;
  • Princess Celestia;
  • Cadens;
  • Twilight Spark;
  • And many other secondary.

Find these characters is not difficult. There are ready-made embroidery schemes on the Internet for this subject. These original T-shirts are suitable for girls. If you have a girl, then she will like to embroider a cross. You can devote this lesson to spare time and make the product together.

Embroidery with a cross requires attention and patience. It is a painstaking task. If you are new to this, do not just take a complex and large scheme. For the first time it will be enough to embroider a small image. Then, gradually increase the volume.

Cross Stitch: horses running on water

Horses will look great on a beautiful background. Running on the water horses will decorate your house. You can make a big picture "Horses on a watering place" and hang it in the hall. This will take a lot of time and effort. The work will be voluminous, but the process itself will please the result. You will digress from problems and worries, making a work of art. How to make a complex circuit?

Embroidery depicting horses running on the water, can decorate any interior Embroidery depicting horses traveling on water, is able to decorate any interior

Use the following actions:

  • More suitable picture;
  • Print a color image of the correct size on the printer;
  • Transfer through the glass onto paper in a cage;
  • Color on the cells in different colors;

This is not difficult to do. It is enough to connect your imagination and use your drawing skills. After you find the desired floss yarns and start to work.

The main thing - do not get confused in the colors when you embroider horses. Look carefully at the diagram and select the color of the thread.

original cross-stitch riolis horse

Riolisom called crafts with their hands, made to decorate the house. The meaning of this word can be treated differently, as goods for creating needlework. Such sets include patterns and threads of mulina of different colors. You can buy the kit for yourself or your child.

Embroidery allows children to develop fine motor skills and thinking. It is possible, together with the child, to make such a product together.

Embroidery of horses is an excellent gift for any holiday Embroidery of horses is an excellent gift for any occasion.

The embroidery of a horse can be done in several stages:

  • First execute the shadows( the darkest thread colors in the set);
  • Then chiaroscuro( threads are slightly lighter);
  • Embroider the lightest areas.

You will understand when and where to use a certain color. For this it is enough to look at the diagram.

Monochrome: woman with a horse cross stitch

Decorate your home can be a painting, done in monochrome. This will require threads of the same color, but different tones. Animals will look good in this color scheme. A girl with a horse, and in the background the moon is a good composition for the circuit. The girl's head can be tilted toward the shade, then you do not have to rack your brains and spend a lot of time embroidering your face. Such a pair can be in an open field.

The second idea for embroidery "shire horses".This horse breed is very beautiful. They are usually black or brown in color: they have white spots or paws, which are very shaggy.

If your girl loves horses, then embroidery with her image near the horse, will be a good gift for March 8 If your girl loves horses, then embroidered with her picture near the horse, will be a good gift on March 8

White Mane suitable for a horse to make her fabulous and wonderful, when sewing in monochrome.

The third motif for embroidery is bright poppies with horses. Pictures for the scheme can be found or done by yourself.

Doing their own hands: horse cross stitch( video)

For a child will be easy and interesting embroidery scheme of the horse "Equestria Girls."This process will calm the child and help focus on the work. And you, along with your daughter or son, have time together for an interesting lesson. A variety of materials will help you make a beautiful picture and decorate it with a house. Or to make a product as a gift.

Examples of cross-stitch horses( photo charts)