Monkey cross-stitch pattern: to the new year 2017, free, drawing

Embroidered monkey cross - it embroidered monkey cross - is the perfect gift that's sure to appeal to both children and adults Say goodbye to 2016 can be a very original way: embroider a souvenir monkey! A monkey is not a simple animal, which has a variety of symbols from different peoples. A single-valued interpretation of this symbol you will not be able to find. However, the fact that this cute and pretty playful animal, it is clear to everyone! Perhaps, that's why I do not want to part with a nice monkey, and I want to devote her handicraft work.

    • Diagrams of cross-stitching: monkeys for the new year
    • The value of the monkey according to the eastern calendar
    • The value of the monkey in the culture of different nations of the world
    • How to embroider a monkey: choose a scheme
    • How to embroider a monkey with a cross(video)
    • Examples monkey embroidery cross( photo schemes)
  • embroidery cross schemes: monkeys for the new year

    Christmas embroidery is not only festive but also tematichnosTh. Thus, for th

    e memories of the outgoing year, you will need to create embroidery, which will be traced to the New Year theme, as well as drawings depicting monkeys.

    • The monkey that somehow contacts the symbol of the holiday. It can be a Christmas tree ornaments, a garland.
    • You can depict a monkey, and then embroider a wish for a happy new year or something like that.
    • Symbolically will look like a monkey next to the number 2017. This will emphasize that her year is gone.

    Now you can turn any scheme of embroidery monkey into a New Year. You need to add just a few letters, numbers, snowflakes, fir-trees, and your monkey is no longer just a jungle inhabitant, but a symbol of the outgoing year!

    To image the monkey was even more New Year, add to its pattern several New Year's attributes:. Snowflakes, caramels, etc.

    Value monkey on the eastern calendar

    In the eastern calendar monkey interpreted in two ways. On the one hand, the monkey is open, sociable and sweet, and on the other - impulsive, unprincipled and wild.

    A beautiful picture with a fun monkey is perfect for non-ordinary and sociable individuals Beautiful picture with a fun monkey is perfect for non-ordinary and sociable personalities

    What features are typical for an ape in the Eastern calendar:

    1. Artistry. Imitation is the foundation of everything human. The monkey is not too backward in evolution from man, therefore, "monkeys" with might and main. Deceit, cunning, selfishness.
    2. . These negative qualities are not always bad: selfishness promotes personal development. Thus, you should not worry that embroidery with a monkey will symbolize cruelty towards others. On the contrary, the symbol of the monkey gives concentration to its own physical and spiritual needs, which is also important in relations with other people.
    3. Optimism and extraversion. Sociability and curiosity of the monkey make it a symbol of outdoor activities, parties and travel! The monkey likes to impress and encourage the situation in the team.
    4. Vigorous. All these characteristics monkey failed to have, if not for its natural energy, which controls its instinctive, impulsive and cheerful disposition.

    monkey characters, embroidered cross and placed reveal your best features in a prominent place in your home or office, you will make a positive and energetic!

    Value monkey in the culture of different peoples of the world

    Monkey has a deep mythological significance in world culture. Many tribes from ancient times celebrated their connection with monkeys, and came to the conclusion that man really came from the monkey. Their intuition did not fail.

    A nice embroidered monkey can decorate the interior of any room

    What importance did the monkeys have been given by different nations of the world:

    • In Egypt, the monkey was revered and even considered more capable of learning than some people. Also, the monkey was a symbol of the passage of time.
    • In the Chinese tradition of , a monkey is considered a symbol of mimicry, play and a thirst for achieving a goal. The inhabitants of Tibet had a myth about the origin of man from the marriage of an ancestor-man with a monkey. Thus, even then the theory of Charles Darwin originated in the intuitive knowledge of the people of Tibet.
    • In Japan, monkeys became famous for the popular figures of the world 3 monkeys with closed ears, eyes and mouth. This amazing trinity symbolizes the rejection of contact with the evil and evil in the world. Embroidery of such a symbol will help to approach the Japanese understanding of benefactors. Also in Japan, a monkey is considered the protector of all children.
    • In India, the monkey symbolizes loyalty, strength and sacrifice.
    • In the Christian tradition of , the monkey symbolized the Fall. Sins peculiar to a monkey's nature are coquetry, greed and theft, lust, vanity, etc. in the same spirit.

    The image of the monkey has the oldest history, as a symbol with diverse interpretations from peoples of different countries. Embroidery with this symbolism will have a strong energy if the work is done in an inspired way in the mood of mischief, joy and fun.

    How to embroider a monkey: choose schemes

    Drawings for embroidery with the image of a monkey very much. All of them are imbued with the above mentioned motifs of monkey symbolism. That is, the monkey is often associated with imitative games, narcissism, mischief, childhood and a variety of game motivations. In the images of monkeys you can often find humor and charm, which will appeal to a cheerful and easy-going people.

    To embroider a monkey with a cross is easy, the main thing is to select an interesting scheme and prepare the necessary materials It is not difficult to embroider a monkey with a cross, the main thing is to find an interesting scheme and prepare the necessary materials.

    Which embroidery patterns of the monkey cross are considered the most successful:

    1. Monkey with banana. Banana is considered the favorite pet of the monkey. Make your embroidery happy with the image of a ripe banana!
    2. Girl's attributes. A monkey-girl is a little girl with a bow and a mirror. Such a symbol will support a feminine and amuse any girl or woman.
    3. Children are monkeys. The image of baby monkeys will be very nice for children of any age. In addition, it refers to the Japanese tradition, where monkeys protect children from trouble.
    4. On the branch. Monkey in his natural environment for playing or hunting will bring mischief into your home, natural energy and fun.
    5. I do not see evil, I do not hear evil, I do not speak evil! Image of the famous triple monkeys will be a perfect symbol of spiritual development, calmness and purity.

    Take advantage of the most popular ways of displaying monkeys and let in your home an atmosphere of fun, joy and coquetry!

    How to embroider a monkey with a cross( video)

    Only embroidered with love a monkey will present you its gifts. Choose a drawing that would awaken in you creative energy, joy and fun. Pleasant needlework! Examples

    embroidery cross monkeys( photo circuits)