Schemes of embroidery cross owls: free download, white on a branch, how to draw drawings

A colorful scheme with a wise owl for embroidering a cross will please you with its extraordinary and noble character colorful scheme wise owl embroidery cross will delight you with its extraordinary and precious This method embroidery originated a long time ago. At the moment, many girls are engaged in this kind of needlework, devoting to this process their free time. Make products from colored threads, using a special fabric for the base. Cross-stitch embroidery makes it possible to develop fine motor skills of fingers and to enjoy the process itself. Schemes are simple and complex, depending on the figure itself. For each picture, the strands of a certain scale are suitable, which are indicated in the diagrams.

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    • Styling: embroidery white owl cross
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Beautiful sovushki: embroidery cross schemes

Before you start embroidery sovushki, you must have all the necessary materials

and the scheme in which bchildren performed a decorative item. You can draw such a diagram yourself or choose already ready from the book, on the website on the Internet. Find a suitable owl can be among the remarkable and original works of Inga Palzer. The artist paints watercolor illustrations for books, according to which people make embroideries with a cross. The pictures are colorful, beautiful and original. The emotional state of the main character is clearly traced. Like they are alive, at the same time stylized and simple for embroidery.

Each scheme for cross-stitch embroidery, which depicts the owl, bears the originality and wisdom Each diagram for cross-stitching with the image of a hamster bears the originality and wisdom

To produce such an owl, you will need the following materials:

  • Diagram or drawing that will be used to make it;
  • Canvas of a certain size for the base;
  • Fingers;
  • Set of needles of different sizes;
  • Threads of a moulin of certain colors.

Having everything you need, start the work on embroidering the cross with an owl cross. Fantasy has no boundaries, so it will find its place and will please you and others.

She can decorate the house to hang framed on the wall, to sew the finished product( a summer bag), make a pillow for the Owl Pillow pattern.

You will find a wide variety of source pictures for schemes from the author Inga Palzer: a sweet couple of hamsters will decorate your product and make it individual.

Stylization: white owl cross stitching

You decided to embroider and bought all the necessary goods. Then you need to organize the workspace. Cross-stitching requires patience. This lesson is very painstaking, and few are able to start with huge amounts of work.

If you are a beginner in this kind of needlework, then you should choose a small scheme and start working with it. Then increase gradually the scale of the pictures you want to embroider.

Girls face the problem of image selection. The white owl will look very beautiful, and it is not difficult to perform such embroidery, since the main color is white. There is no suitable ready-made scheme - it does not matter! Take the original picture of the owl and stylize it, generalizing it by colors.

In the process of embroidering a white owl you need to be extremely careful, since similar shades in this work will be enough During snowy owl embroidery need to be extremely careful as similar shades in this paper will be enough

How do styling for the scheme correctly? To do this you will need the following:

  • A suitable picture of an owl;
  • A blank sheet of paper in a box;
  • Colored pencils;
  • Fantasy and patience.

After you start transferring the finished image of an owl onto paper by cells. Paint the necessary areas with a certain color( either on the source or similar to it).After that, fill the fill with white color, embroidering large areas. Then there are empty areas on the tissue: paws, eyes, shadows on feathers. They are embroidered with other colored threads, which should be darker than the shades of white. You need to be careful in this process and immediately transfer everything to the canvas correctly, so that you do not have to undo and redo it later.

A white owl will look beautiful on a branch, and if there is a background around it. Then it will be able to stand out on the fabric, if based on a white canvas. You can do without background, if the fabric is colored( blue, gray, blue).In this case, the background is optional.

Fairy owl embroidered with a cross

You can decorate your house with a cross-stitch embroidered with a fairy-tale owl. These animals themselves are very beautiful and mysterious. They can be made sitting on a branch. Sweet couple can flaunt on a tree and make you happy. The embroidery process itself will help to distract from work and fuss. Just concentrate on the work and plunge into it completely, so that the process delivers pleasure. You can make two owls according to the scheme. But, do not forget about the dimensions. In each scheme it is written what size the finished product will be, how many stitches need to be made.

A fabulous owl embroidered with a cross can be a wonderful gift for dear and beloved people The crossed fairy owl can be an excellent gift for dear and loved people

The colors and number of threads for each circuit are also indicated. For embroidery in two strands consider the number( corresponds to a certain color) and the number of skeins.

Read these schemes very easily, even a child can cope with it. The squares are painted with their color, you just have to transfer everything to the canvas, using everything you need to work. You, like an accountant, must calculate the number of materials necessary for work. And then go and buy everything, with the already prepared list.

Fabulous owl is very easy to make. You can make it small and use it as an ornament on clothes. SOVUCHKA make unusual and original schemes will help you, which you will find on the Internet on sites devoted to the subject of needlework.

Mysterious world: cross-stitching an owl on the branch

Inga Palzer is engaged in drawing various illustrations. Mysterious watercolor world of the owls has amazed many girls who are engaged in needlework. Therefore, there were schemes of embroideries on this subject, which were made by illustrations. You can find a lot of owls with additional decorative elements: in hats, a key, bows, hearts, on a branch, objects in hands. You have the opportunity to make embroidery with your own hands as a New Year's gift to close people.

You can embroider several hamsters at once, where the atmosphere of family warmth and coziness will be traced You can embroider several sovushek, which will be traced the family atmosphere of warmth and comfort

embroider it on the finished product:

  • Svitshote;
  • Bag or backpack;
  • On a purse made of cloth;
  • Decorate as a decorative panel in a frame.

New Year's gift will be made by own hands. You will enjoy the process itself, and the result will please the person to whom you give the gift.

Initially, it is worth training and making embroidery on canvas, and then transfer to the finished product. So you will avoid mistakes by executing the picture again.

consider schemes embroidery stitch owls( video)

The variety of modern materials allows to produce high quality images, beautifully and accurately. Threads of mulina are sold in different colors and shades. Acquire all the necessary will not be difficult. You will spend your time with use of embroidery: soothe and distract from the worries of work. The process will help develop fine motor skills, attentiveness, imagination and artistic abilities. Examples

owls embroidery stitch( photo circuits)