Cross-stitch embroidery of wolves: couple schemes, sets of Ekaterina Volkova, author and free, happy white

Embroidered picture with wolves beautifully and unusually complement the interior of any room Embroidered picture with wolves beautiful and unusual complement the interior of any room wolf symbolizes not only monogamy and warmth in the relationship, but also courage, bravery and honor. From ancient times in Russia this animal was considered the embodiment of victory over the greedy and evil beginning, the image of the wolf was used both at home and in combat. Strength, agility and piercing wolfish eyes awaken in man the deep forces of natural energy.

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Noble white wolf: stitch

white wolf Symbols penetrates into the depths of Slavic mythology. In ancient times it was believed that the wolf albino is a prince over other wolves, possessing all the best wolf qualities

multiplied many times. White wolf is often found in Slavic myths and fairy tales. Embroidery with white wolf will bring to your house an element of the Slavic miracle and beauty.

Embroidery with white wolf is a wonderful gift, which will surely appeal to both adults and children embroidery with white wolf is a wonderful gift that is sure to appeal to both adults and children

white wolf symbolism:

  1. independence. A white wolf is most often portrayed alone. Although the scheme, where the white wolf is near the same white wolf, can also be easily found.
  2. Pride. A white wolf is an animal that is ready for anything for its own purpose. Proud and unyielding, he beats to the end.
  3. Freedom. The albino wolf always comes into conflict with the forces of evil, combining with the positive hero of a fairy tale or myth. The white wolf becomes an assistant to the liberator, representing the power of freedom.
  4. Magic and wonder. In the myths of different Slavic peoples, there is a reference to the fact that white wolves magically influence the swarm of dark wolves.
  5. Cleanliness. By its natural property, a wolf is not predisposed to eat carrion, even if it is hungry for several days. Therefore, the white wolf, like any other wolf, is a symbol of cleanliness. And the white color of his skin only strengthens this value.
  6. Fabulous. Everyone knows the story "Ivan Tsarevich and the Gray Wolf" is just about the adventures with the participation of a wolf-albino.

Embroidery with white wolf is full of symbolism, beauty and originality. Embroidery with white wolf will be a perfect gift for a single man or a couple.

Cross stitch pattern: wolves - happy animal pair

Why are wolves considered a symbol of happiness in the family? The answer is obvious: wolves belong to a rare group of monogamous animals. Many people have much to learn from these noble animals!

The picture with an embroidered pair of wolves is perfect for a married couple, where love and understanding reign picture with an embroidered pair of wolves is perfect for couples, where there is love and understanding

What are the signs of different wolf and a wolf in a relationship with each other:

  • They never disagree with each other and do not mate with other individuals until the death of one partner.
  • Wolf cares for his wolf, provides her with food and protects her from enemies.
  • The wolf takes care of his cubs, does not throw them. All travels of wolf families occur together, excluding hunting time, for which animals separate, but afterwards they always find each other.

Wolf has a high morality, which makes it a wonderful symbol of a happy family life.

Cross-stitch: wolves and single wolves

It should be noted that not only for the Slavic mythology, wolves became symbolic animals. Other cultures also symbolized the wolf, as well as a pair of wolves with a wolf.

In many Slavic myths the wolf was considered a guide to the world of fairy tales, so embroidery with beautiful wolves will perfectly fit into the interior of the children In many Slavic myths the wolf was considered a guide to the world of fairy tales, so embroidery with beautiful wolves will perfectly fit into the interior of the children's room.

What the wolf in different cultures meant:

  1. In the Indo-European tradition, wolves were the companions of the warring gods. The symbol of the wolf pack was important in military campaigns for a team of fighters who dressed in wolfskins, approaching the soul and body with these animals.
  2. In Egypt, the wolf merged with the image of a god who carried out the mission of the guide into the realm of the dead.
  3. Scandinavians in myths emphasize the dual nature of the wolf: on the one hand, wolves are assistants and ministers of the supreme god Odin, and on the other - wolves symbolize chaos and death. According to legend, they swallowed the sun and the moon.
  4. In the Christian tradition, the wolf is close to devilish vices, sins and all otherworldly.
  5. Slavs revered the wolf and considered him a guide to the world of fairy tales.

Knowing the symbolism of the wolf, it's easy to understand what the wolf means to you personally.

Cross-stitch kits: wolves are embroidered easily

If you purchase a cross-stitch kit, then inside you will find all the necessary materials, as well as a detailed outline. However, if you decide to choose a scheme on the Internet and choose the nuances of threads yourself, then your work will bear the features of uniqueness. Author's works are not often found in modern society.

To embroider a beautiful picture with a wolf a cross is easy, the main thing is to get all the necessary materials and stock yourself with a good mood To embroider a beautiful picture with a wolf cross is easy, the main thing is to get all the necessary materials and stock yourself in a good mood.

A few tips on cross stitching:

  • . To avoid mistakes with the place where embroidery starts, find the center on the fabric by folding it twice in half, and combine this point withCenter on the diagram.
  • Even if you have a long work with one color, do not cut more than a meter of thread. Even a meter is an option for experienced needlewomen who are not afraid to get confused in a long thread.
  • If you are not a pro, cut the thread shorter to avoid knots that will spoil the picture and your mood.
  • Do not handle complex work with a lot of colored threads, if you have not cross-stitched large works before. A monochrome picture depicting one or two wolves is quite suitable for a start.
  • To fasten the thread, make several stitches without knots.
  • After embroidering, be sure to iron it from the back.

Follow the rules, and your wolves will bring only happiness and joy to the house!

Do it yourself: embroidering wolves with a cross( video)

In addition to these configurations, there are many more variants of paintings for embroidery involving a wolf. For example, a girl depicted next to a wolf is also very unusual and beautiful. Embroidered wolves patronize such large and important things as family, animals, fidelity. If you believe in signs, the wolves depicted in the house guard people from evil spirits.

Examples of cross stitch: wolves( photo schematics)