Pictures for decoupage in the Baroque style: steampunk and country, Polish and rococo, how to make a village patchwork

Pictures for decoupage in the Baroque style can be found on the Internet or buy in the store for needlework pictures baroque decoupage can be found on the Internet or buy in the store for needlework Decoupage - a very interesting kind of creativity. The essence of this art is the use of various pictures and additional materials( cloth, napkins) for decoration. The end result should look like a full-fledged flat surface, without a hint of using ready-made pictures. The master's task is to decorate the surface as smoothly as possible, at the same time, it is necessary to select the appropriate style of decoration under the surface.

    • Various styles of decoupage in everyday life
    • We select images for decompaction in style steampunk for masterpieces
    • What are pictures for decoupage in country style
    • Getting acquainted with Polish decoupage and style of Provence from France
    • How to choose wallpaper for decoupage Rococo and similar
    • stylish rustic decoupage: workshop and training
    • Extravagant decoupage patchwork their own
    • de Polishupazh( video)
    • Details: decoupage maritime-style( photo ex

decoupage Various styles in everyday life

This type of creativity as decoupage, considered to be relatively simple, and it can use any novice master. Decoupage, thanks to its variety of styles, is allowed to maximize the creative potential of a person, and to show full fantasy. Things and furniture in the processing of this kind of handmade work will be exquisite and exclusive works. Apply this kind of creativity can be for almost any surface and thing, making a decor, like those of such celebrities as Tiffany, Merlin Monroe, Rustic. There are different styles of decapitation.

Pictures for decoupage allow from old household items to make original elements of decor pictures for decoupage permit from old household items to make original features

most popular styles:

  1. steampunk and Victorian style. Steampunk is a style of the Victorian era, however, it differs in a more fantasy worldview. Pictured in the pictures of the scene of science fiction, there are ironic motives.
  2. Country. It is better known as a rustic style. The main essence is the creation of works, and their approach to the interior of the village room. Things and furniture imitate naturalness and maximum laconism.
  3. Polish. The style of craftsmen from Poland is distinguished by depicting various berries, flowers and fruits on products. They also prefer to decorate bottles and kitchen utensils and vases. In colors, they prefer to make soft transitions.
  4. Rococo( Italy).The basic principles are a combination of classic finishes and luxurious elements. Colors are used deep and saturated shades. Basically, gold, red, and green are used. It is very popular to use cells and strips as basic prints for creativity. In the paintings, as a rule, scenes of hunting and signs of aristocratic life are depicted.
  5. Provence. It has its name from the province in the south of France. Often depicted small village houses, sunflowers and grapes. At work, use the aging effect, which, as a rule, makes the surface non-smooth.
  6. Patchwork. This style is characterized by the use of patchwork motifs in decoupage. The use of fabric is very interesting to work with, both with furniture and with other small things.

This is an incomplete list of styles that can be used in the work, there are: Italian, Modern, Japanese, stylish ascetic, Chinese, Scandinavian, terra, Indian and different ideas in the eastern and Spanish.

Decoupage allows you to show your imagination at the maximum level.

In doing so, you can use your own vision of the finished work.

We select pictures for decoupage in steampunk style for masterpieces

Steampunk - a very original style. On the pictures in this style, you can see various fantasy images, their theme is diverse.

For example, you can see:

  • Mad animals;
  • Many different metal structures;
  • Strange technique.

Compositions, decorated in the technique of decoupage with the help of pictures in the style of steampunk, are an original gift for extraordinary personalities Compositions decorated in the technique of decoupage with the help of pictures in the style of steampunk are an original gift for extraordinary personalities

You can even simulate a rust coating on the decorated surface. For example, a wooden chest of drawers in this style will look like equipment from films about science fiction.

Also often pictures depict people in unusual glasses, like glasses of pilots and with strange appearance, massive metal keys, with an interesting arrangement of denticles, bicycles with huge wheels. In the metal style, various animals and birds are made.

In the children's room, the dresser, decorated in this style, will involuntarily make the child fantasize about the theme of images, and revive these strange machines and people.

Colors use approximate to copper and rust, gray, brown-red, brick. It goes well with the loft style.

What are the pictures for decoupage in the style of the country

The style of the English village will be to many people's liking. As English motifs flash, then the inscriptions are made in English.

Key features:

  • Laconism and simplicity;
  • Absence of a large number of unnecessary elements;
  • No fancy decor elements.

Pictures for decoupage in the style of country can create a composition that will give the interior a cosiness and comfort Pictures for decoupage in the country style allow you to create a composition that will give the interior a cosiness and comfort

Things decorated in this style are as functional as possible.

The decoration is very cozy, some things will create a romantic atmosphere and ease, for nature lovers, this style fits perfectly.

Decoupage is not heavier and not too complicated. The most suitable for work is the effect of artificial aging. The pictures often depict various pets, many natural motifs, vegetables and fruits, as well as floral and floral ornaments. In English country, cowboys, cocks, cows and horses are depicted.

In Russian country the main symbols of Russia are depicted: birch and Russian field, samovar, point painting. In this folk style you can use the motives of safari, ethno, mix of different nationalities. And also many elements are decorated in the style of Khokhloma and Gzhel. The main choice of elements depends on the overall interior, so that things fit perfectly into the room.

Getting acquainted with the Polish decoupage and the style of Provence from France

Polish decoupage is named after Polish masters.

The Polish school of decoupage is very interesting and original.

Many masters use this technique in their work.

Products created with the help of images in the style of Provence, perfectly fit into the interior of the kitchen

Key features simplicity and elegance of images, and more:

  1. Works in this style cause a clear sense of self-decoration. Since in work it is not necessary to use the finish to the ideal condition, as if it was done not in the home, but in the factory.
  2. Many complex subjects and motifs are used in images, but they are on the edge. But still do not look overloaded and out of place.
  3. The promise of vintage is becoming the most popular in Polish motifs at this point in time. I use stencils and structural pastes in my work.
  4. With their own hands, as a rule, Polish craftsmen prefer to create the decor of bottles.
  5. Features of the Provence style are the creation of the most gentle, warm, cozy and sunny work.
  6. The paintings in this style depict fields with meadow flowers, a lot of lavender motifs, as well as grape fields.

Working on the style of French Provence, use the themes of azure seashore, as well as the romantic atmosphere of France. The color palette for patterns and overall decoration is very warm and muted, mainly used white, milky, light blue shades of olive and pink, warm shades of yellow, beige and mint. Typical for this style is the use of only natural materials. You can use stones in the decor, imitating stones from the shore of the sea, natural linen and silk fabrics, wood. Rural motifs are present on almost all images.

How to choose a picture for decoction in rococo style and similar to it

Rococo style appeared in the 18th century.

The main direction was the decoration of the interiors of the palace rooms, respectively, in decoupage used elements and directions used to decorate the palaces.

This style is slightly softer than baroque. The main elements emphasize the splendor and magnificence of the royal chambers. In modern decoupage this style is very popular.

Pictures for decoupage in the Rococo style are well suited for products designed for a gift to the second half pictures decoupage rococo well suited for articles intended to present the second half

Main characteristics:

  1. Using gold and pastel colors.
  2. Simulation of elements of stucco, embroidery, mosaic, silk fabrics.
  3. Actively used painting in gold tones with stencils.
  4. The main images used in the pictures show scenes from mythology, human life. Especially popular are exquisite images of romantic and romantic scenes.
  5. Rococo is easy to learn from images of heavenly nature, clouds.
  6. Little angels and amurcs are often used.
  7. The basic patterns imitate stucco molding in the palace vaults.

The most popular technique is the decoration of plates, caskets of shells, the decor of the cabinet.

Stylish decoupage in the rustic style: master class and training

Village style will be to the liking of many craftsmen.

As the village style is very close in spirit to many, the things decorated in this style will perfectly fit in the interior.

The painting has an original style, where the natural theme is displayed.

Decoupage in the rustic style is worth doing on old, shabby objects Decoupage in a rustic style is carried out on the old, worn items

can be seen in the image:

  • Forests;
  • Fields;
  • Hay;
  • Herbal and flower fields;
  • Various inhabitants of nature, such as bees, ladybugs, birds;
  • Many animals, preferably domesticated - calves, cocks and chickens.

Decorated things in a rustic style will take their owner to a village glade, in an atmosphere of warmth, summer and rural romance. Especially popular in this style is to decorate bottles and vases, caskets with meadow floral images, flowering peas.

Extravagant decoupage patchwork its

forces The most important feature of this style is considered to be the use of materials in the old state - decoration fabrics, which have previously been used for something. Fabrics are used with a variety of ornaments, a color palette and in various combinations.

Decoupage in the style of patchwork can be performed even by a child who turned 5 years old Decoupage patchwork can perform even a child who is 5 years old

very interesting to combine this style with a rustic style. Textile decor is great for decorating furniture, furniture in this style will perfectly emphasize the individuality of the owner.

It is advisable to select flaps of fabric of the same structure and combined in style and color. Patchwork can be adjusted to any style, to make work in the sea, Ukrainian, classical, Greek, antique.

Polish decoupage( video)

Very original decoupage use different techniques, lampshade decor, chandeliers. All this is possible on their own, without studying various media and audio lessons. The main thing is purposefulness.

Detail: decoupage in marine style( photo of examples)

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