Dry felting: technique and video, drawings Husky and pictures for children, raccoon and hedgehog how to fool around the photo, the fox scheme

  • Husky, raccoon, hedgehog, fox, rabbit, bullfinch;
  • Mice, bunny, Christmas tree, parody spitz, rabbit, puppy;
  • Ladybird, winter landscape, butterfly, fox, elephant, hare, panda;
  • Smeshariki, beads on the frame, even Easter, a magic ball;
  • Hamster and dachshund;
  • Snowman, rabbit, puppy and bear, patterns, balls, dragon, hearts, bear;
  • Totoro, squirrel, poppy, mouse, penguin, mouse, cubs;
  • Santa Claus, Rottweiler, Piglet, Elephant, People, Lamb.

For decorative approaches of different accessories, beads, ribbons, buttons, felt, sheet, plastic, and glass eyes, which can be, how to sew and glue.

How to make a hedgehog with the help of dry felting

After thinking about doing felting, first try to select pictures, schemes, i.e. Creative project or draw an object that you are going to produce. Determine which smaller parts can be divided.

from the production of these components and have to start felting:

  1. Taking sufficient quantity of wool( do not forget about it decreases when the folding volume) s
    hare locks on the fibers and mix them to form a homogenous lump.
  2. If it is necessary to prepare the same parts, such as legs, you must immediately take to each equal in terms of bundles of wool and faster uniform motion, sticking a needle into a ball, twisting fibers, hands giving them the desired shape.
  3. When turning an item, treat all its sides.
  4. To punch a tight inner part of the workpiece on a felt, for example, a needle is stuck deep into the fleece.

Before you start creating a hedgehog, you must first determine its shape and appearance Before you begin to build a hedgehog, you must first decide on its shape and appearance

With soft wool work as a clay, trying to give it the desired shape. The part should be dense, elastic, not hairy, do not deform when you press it. In the joints, you must leave loose strands.

The body and head of the figure are better to roll together, making small details, tails, legs separately.

Small parts at the ends that need to be attached to the base are left with strings, with which they are subsequently attached to the figure. Having united all parts of the product into one whole, we proceed to grinding, because its surface should not be piley, rather dense. To this end, take a new woolen strand, and turn it, tearing the fleece with his hands in a light cloud without long villi. We apply it to the part and gently weave it with a thin needle.

We prepare a new cloud, and overlay it with a slight overlap to the previous one. So we work through the surface of the whole product, making sure that it becomes completely smooth, got a neat look.

Interesting dry felting: raccoon child

Using a thick, rough wool, well dumped by her needles bring down in a continuous layer of felt, and are trying to create an amusing figure raccoon.

To create it you need:

  1. Sliver;
  2. Color fleece;
  3. Sponge;
  4. Needle set;
  5. Wire for frame;
  6. Eyes;
  7. Glue "Moment".

With the help of dry felting, you can create an interesting and exciting raccoon, which is sure to please the child Using a dry felting you can create interesting and exciting raccoon, who will love the child

basis of the head must be painted. To do this, we use a lump of colored wool, we spread it with our hands, and we put a thin needle on the surface of the base. When using different colors, the fleece of each color, without tangling, is attached to the base, denoting the contours, then fill the space inside. So we decorate the nose of the raccoon.

The ears of the animal are also made of colored wool, lapping them on a sponge. The lower edge of them is attached to the head. We need to make sure that the shape and size of the ears are the same.

For the trunk, you need to pile a cone from the sink, rounded from the bottom, to cover it with a colored fleece. Then seal the head to the body.

The feet are made using a wire frame. They do it, slightly pouring a thin layer of colored wool, and dropping a little glue on each finger. When the glue dries, wrap the wool separately around each finger, put the end into the palm of the raccoon, which is formed from two small pieces of fleece.

Sliver is suitable for making a cone in which a brush is inserted. Its broad side is attached to the trunk.

We also decorate the paws with colored wool. Add a tail, sew or glue eyes, mouth - and the animal is ready! It turned out a delightful toy, no country of masters can compare with such a masterpiece.

We select the designs for dry felting: Easter souvenir

Pretty cute would look like if the Easter holidays to make souvenirs - Easter eggs, made with the use of tamping technology. Before you start, make a pattern of the pattern that will decorate the Easter egg.

And in order to make this a souvenir with your hands, make blanks:

  • Styrofoam eggs;
  • Wool;
  • Needles No. 38;
  • Bubble film;
  • Soap;
  • Water.

To please relatives you will help the original Easter eggs, which are made with the help of the technique of dry felting To please those closest to you to help the original Easter eggs, which are made using the technique of dry felting

But it uses the combined technique: dry and wet felting.

basis souvenir - an egg made of plastic, it has the perfect shape, besides saving wool and foam does not deform when piercing it with the needle.

The workpiece is wrapped in colored, preferably red, wool. Needle carefully, without making too deep and frequent punctures, we attach the fleece to the base. The egg becomes fluffy.

Now the testicle should be lightly soaped and rolled in different directions in hands, then the workpiece should be dried. Again, deeply not piercing, we add a pattern. In the technique of dry felting, you can create beautiful drawings that represent patterns, images of animals and birds, flowers, inhabitants of the seas and oceans, abstract figures. Drawings can be applied to knitwear, felt boots, handbags, clutches. They will transform and decorate the thing, make it extraordinarily attractive.

Make Husky: dry felting

To create a drawing, at any one thing, such as a purse, we must try.

First, its main contours are fine-tuned.

In order to make beautiful husky with the help of dry felting, it is better to familiarize yourself in advance with the detailed master class for its manufacture In order to make beautiful husky with dry felting, it is better to get acquainted with the detailed master class on its manufacture in advance

Then, step by step, choosing the color of wool according to the sketch, make the dream a reality:

  1. With the help of a needle, we fill the space inside the contours with the help of a needle, only slightly pressing it to the base. This, for example, is the body of a dog from the Husky breed.
  2. In order for the drawing to have a flat contour, the needle is now inserted in butt between the welded hair and the bag's background. We are trying to ensure that all filled-in forms get equal boundaries.
  3. The picture is sealed with a thinner needle, removing the holes from the thicker needle.
  4. We pass to the muzzle of the husky. Fill it with hair, in accordance with its natural color. Every detail of the needle are working on number 38, and then grind needle № 43.
  5. From a small piece of wool, gently pulling and twisting it, do the dog's tail, and fills it.
  6. After the "fill" is completed, we proceed to a more detailed study. We take small strands of black rune, pull them into thin "strings", and beat them with needle No. 43, creating contours in the details. In black, we trace the outer contour of the husky, and next we start white, then the figure will stand out more strongly against the background of the handbag.
  7. Eyes are made from small pieces of wool, a little by twisting their fingers, nailing the picture.

The handbag is updated! It will attract everyone's attention!

Dry felting( video)

Folding in knitwear today is also quite popular. It includes techniques, both dry and wet felting. Everyone can master the technique of stuffing. This is not an easy, but fascinating process, and its result will bring you great pleasure, and the history of failures and masterpieces will be remembered for a long time.

Details: dry felting( photo)

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