Wet felting from wool: a master class and video for beginners, how to wag with a beads layout, technique for a palatine

To be engaged in wet felting out of a wool it is simple, with what perfectly can be consulted even beginning needlewomen Engage Wet felting of wool is easy, what can perfectly cope even novice needlewoman felting can get a lot of useful and interesting things felt as souvenirs and unique items and useful things that will be useful in everyday life. How to do this, we read further.

    • Wet felting wool for beginners: a useful guide
    • Tips stages: wet felting their own hands
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    • house make beads made of wool: a master class wet felting for beginners
    • A simple technique of wet felting wool fornovice masters
    • wet felting of wool: a master class( video)
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wet felting wool for beginners: a useful guide

Anyone who wants nauTo wool, can achieve this, becauseTo make felt is simple enough, the main thing is to have the desire to get acquainted with this matter.

Wet felting wool begins with training tools, this will require:

  1. Merino wool can be several shades, they can be purchased in spe
    cialty shops for creative work.
  2. Bamboo mat, you can use the rug, which is sold in stores selling accessories for rolls and sushi.
  3. You also need a material for the substrate, you can use pimply film, which is used for packaging. And also need a mosquito net, or you can take old tulle curtains.
  4. You will need water in a bottle, with holes in the lid, and a piece of baby soap.

Before you start wet felting, it is better to read in advance the detailed instructions Before proceeding to wet felting, it is better to read the detailed instruction of

in advance. When everything is ready, you can start to wool. From the prepared wool is necessary to tear a few bundles of 20-30 cm long. They need to stretch, and the need to do this several times, first beams are expanded in the horizontal direction on pupyrchatoy film( pimples up) so that they form a square 30x30 cm. After that, the new tufts of hairLaid out on top of the first layer, but already vertically, and the top is laid out yet another layer horizontally.

The wool is covered with a net or tulle from above, it is sprayed with a soap solution so that the wool is soaked.

After you need to rub your hands on the grid in a circle, after the wool is laid out on a bamboo mat, and it rolls into the tube. After that, the bamboo mat rolls on a hard surface, and thanks to this, the wool falls off.

Tips stages: wet felting their own hands

order to learn to play the hair wet, it is necessary to take merino wool or Shetland( Shetland).

First, it is better to separate a bundle from it, more precisely, you need to separate several beams.

Lay the wool layers overlapping, horizontally and vertically. Spread it along the length and width of such sizes as they want to get a piece of felt.

The result of wet felting depends on the quality of the wool, which is designed to work The result of wet felting depends on the quality of the wool that is designed for the operation of the

. When everything is ready, you can proceed to the following steps:

  1. You need to press your palms in several places to make sure that the thickness of the coat is the same everywhere, if there are places where there are not so many wool, then they should be filled with bundles of wool.
  2. After the wool on top is covered with a net or tulle, after it is topped with plenty of soapy water on top, it needs to be moistened from the center to the edges. In this case, moistening should not be too strong if, with the pressure of hands, the water appears through the fabric, you should put a terry towel on top, and make several vigorous strokes to absorb the excess water from the towel.
  3. After that, you can start rubbing the tissue from above with circular motions, and you do not need to press too hard. After a sufficiently long time, the net is removed, the coat is covered with a film and rolled over to the other side, after which the felting process continues.
  4. After that, the net from the wool is removed, and the future felt is checked as it fell, for this it is necessary to slightly pull the fibers from any place of the fabric. If after this begins to raise all the fiber, then you can further the canvas, picking up, begin to rub it between the palms for a stronger adhesion of the fibers.

The main thing - do not rush.

Example of laying wool for wet felting at home

In order for the product to turn out to be of high quality, it is necessary to be able to correctly lay out the wool, so that it can later be successfully piled. This is especially important for beginners - those people who first decided to tackle this kind of needlework.

Without fail it is necessary to learn how to lay out the wool properly, so that the future product will turn out to be beautiful and neat You must learn how to correctly lay out the wool so that the future product will turn out to be beautiful and tidy.

Master class:

  1. The sheaf is separated from the finished sheep wool, and carefully, row by row, The first layer. Thickness everywhere should be the same, this layout will make a quality canvas.
  2. If you plan to do not just a canvas, but some things, for example, a decorative heart, then you already need bundles of wool to roll into the ball between the palms, from which you can subsequently form figures, for example, from sheep wool, a snowman is beautiful.
  3. If a picture is supposed on the canvas, for example, a picture of a tulip, then in this case there are 2 variants of its computation - reverse and direct.

With a straight layout, the colored wool is laid out on top of the already laid wool. With this layout, the picture turns out to be mute blurred and will, after the final felting, resemble the drawing with watercolor.

With the back layout, first laid out the colored wool, and then the top is laid out the usual wool, while the picture is clear enough.

When the canvas is ready, it must be washed in warm water and, without squeezing, neatly spread out on a bamboo mat.

If it is not enough, you can use a large towel.

Making beads of wool: a master class of wet felting for beginners

In addition to the canvas or any funny little animals, you can make interesting things, for example, beads. Such things can serve as a training for beginners, since they do not require any special skills and knowledge.

Wet felting is used even to create original and creative beads Wet felting is used even to create original and creative beads.

The technology of making beads is as follows:

  1. From the wool, plucked small pieces and slides first between the fingers and then between the palms. In order for the beads to turn out to be multi-colored, you can roll them out of multi-colored wool.
  2. When the base is ready, the balls are immersed in warm soapy water, wetted and continue to roll between the palms. Bead sizes can vary from small to large enough.
  3. When the desired size is reached, the balls must be rinsed in cold water, dried, wrapped in a towel and lightly squeezed.

Finished beads are connected with each other using a needle and thread, the needle is passed through the center of the beads.

For beauty, beads should alternate between each other, both in size and color.

This workshop will help a person who begins to engage felting, learn to work with wool, felt and, subsequently, to make any larger things, such as can be milled clutch or tippet.

A simple technique of wet felting wool for beginners masters

those who are just beginning to engage in felting, it is best to start with simple products, for example, with a simple felted fabric. From it you can later make any things, for example, some people are engaged in the manufacture of pints.

Cope with the wet felting of the wool will be able even beginners, the main thing - to start with a simple felt cloth cope with wet felting wool can even beginners, the main thing - to start with a simple felted fabric

wet felting technique is different, for example:

  1. first on the table, as usual, laid pupyrchatoy film on top of it is laid out a piece of silk, and on top of it is laid outLong strands of wool. At the same time, the hair needs to be slightly fluffed, and it is necessary to leave gaps between the bundles.
  2. If you plan to make a color canvas, you can alternate the wool of different colors, then carefully place the mesh on top, so as not to move the unfolded wool. Through
  3. grid wool sprayed with warm soapy water, water, palms gently spread evenly throughout the hair, and then, you can start felting.
  4. After a few movements with his hands on the grid, it is carefully removed from the wool, it is necessary to ensure that wool is not privalyalas to the grid.
  5. Wool with silk gently rolls over, and palms need to rub on silk, gradually the fibers will penetrate through silk. Silk again turns over, folds on a towel, and the towel is wound on a rolling pin and several times the wool on silk is rolled.
  6. After that almost ready silk with fibers of a wool need to be aired, and washed in warm water.

You can slightly crumble the product, wash several times after each wash, silk needs to be straightened. After the final washing, the product is spread and dried.

Wet felting of wool: a master class( video)

Using simple tools for the job, as well as the lessons above can be successfully fooling yourself wool. And you can do not only a simple or decorated cloth, but also any things.

Examples of wet felting( photo)