Crafts from Foamiran: for beginners, photos of flowers, master-class on materials for children

Crafts from Foamiran can be performed not only by professionals, but also by beginners Crafts from foamirana can perform not only professionals, but also newcomers Foamiran - the latest eco-friendly material from it nice to do different crafts. Foamiran has a number of properties - it is not just pleasant to the touch, but easily cut with scissors, easily colored, changes shape when heated, non-hygroscopic, eco-friendly and odor-free.

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Cute crafts from foamirana for beginners rukodelnikov

You do not have to make flowers and dolls from foyamiran, you can make different bows.

This will require:

  • Foamiran of the selected color( pink, lilac);
  • Scissors;
  • Super glue;
  • Figured buttons. Doll of

A doll from Foamiran looks great in the interior regardless of his style foamirana looks great in the interior regardless of style

From foamirana strips 3 cut width of about 2 cm and a length of 13 cm. One strip cut width 1 cm, length 14 cm.

glue strips 3 cut rings. After the glue has frozen, take 2 blanks and glue them together in the middle. The third piece is glued on top of two glued. After that, we wrap them in the middle of a thin cut strip, and in the middle we attach a figured button. The bow is ready.

It can serve as an ornament on a hair clip, baby shoes, like a brooch on children's clothes or in decor for clips for curtains.

The main advantage - hand-making.

Making crafts from foamirana own hands

House Of foamirana can make a difference brooches, topiary, flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, bows, volumetric applique, winter pictures, dolls and puzzles for children, which can be made not only of Terry felt.

Such novelties can be done:

  • For Mother's Day;
  • For the New Year;
  • For Christmas;
  • For a birthday, Easter;
  • To the day of St. Nicholas.

Hairpin with flowers from Foamiran is an excellent accessory, since it has excellent aesthetic properties Hairpin with flowers from foamirana is a great accessory because it has excellent aesthetic properties

A variety of interesting and simple crafts you can make with your own hands from a material such as foamiran. There are various step-by-step instructions, diagrams and patterns for crafts from foyamiran, both for beginners and for masters in this matter.

Not only for girls it will be interesting to make crafts from foamiran, but for boys too, for example, to make a 3D model of a typewriter or a robot.

You can watch lessons on making crafts from foamiran, and you can learn by yourself, you just need to connect your imagination and patience.

How to make crafts from foamirana

flowers for those who have just started doing odd jobs from foamirana, fit chamomile manufacture their own hands.

For this you will need:

  • Dry pastel;
  • Toothpicks;
  • Trapez ribbon;
  • Superglue;
  • Wet wipes and iron;
  • Wire.

When making flowers from foamiran, use at least 2 colors When making flowers from foamiran it is necessary to use at least 2 colors

At first it is necessary to make templates from cardboard for future chamomiles, and a glossy-looking paper. The template is a circle of 5-6 cm and 7-8 cm. Then apply to the white fonamir and cut out, however, it is necessary to cut out the waves. Waves or curvatures can be made with special scissors( figured), but you can use simple manicure. After this, each wave is cut to the base, leaving about 1 cm to the center untouched. When cut out the blanks for chamomile, you need to sun them. This will require a wet napkin, wound on a finger or folded in half, wiped in a pale green color. In this color we will decorate the middle of the daisy.

To make the petals realistic, it is necessary to iron iron blanks. The petals from this bend to the middle.

The next step is to cut out the yellow foyamiran strip, 2 cm long. We make fringe on the strip. Then we twist them and glue them to the wire( chamomile stalk).After the glue has frozen, it is necessary to attach the obtained blanks to the iron or hold it over the lighter so that the fringe opens. After making the blanks for the flower itself, we cut out leaves from the green fomirana. It is necessary to cut out leaves 5 cm long, long and round in diameter about 4 cm. Also they cut the fringe and apply it to the iron or lighter so that the edges of the sheets curl.

The last step is the joining of all manufactured blanks. To do this, the white preform from foiramane, which is colored in the middle in a pale green color, is strung onto a wire and glued to a yellow bud with fringe. Next, we string a green rounded leaf, and also glue it to a white workpiece. We paste the leaves on the chamomile stalk, and we wrap it with a green trape tape. And now the daisy is ready! But, for a bouquet it will be required such 10 made by hands daisies.

Crafts from famiraman own hands: master class

From fojmirana it is possible to make amusing butterflies and dragonflies.

There are many videos with master classes that are worth seeing for newcomers before starting to create crafts from fameirana There are a lot of videos with master classes that are worth seeing for newcomers before starting to create crafts from fameiran

. To do this you will need:

  • of different colors;
  • Wire thin and thick;
  • Adhesive;
  • Acrylic paint;
  • Toothpick;
  • Sequins.

We cut out strips with the dimensions of 1 cm by 10 cm( 3 strips), 1 cm by 16 cm( 1 strip), 1 cm by 21 cm( 2 strips), 1 cm by 15 cm( 2 strips) from the fameiran.

We twist and glue first smaller strips, then more, inserting them one into the other.3 strips with a size of 1 cm per 10 cm and one with dimensions of 1 cm per 16 cm we twist the tube and glue together - this is the body of a dragonfly. On the sides of the body of the dragonfly we glue the wings. From a thin wire we make a dragonfly's antennae, and glue them to the head of a dragonfly( you can just insert it).At the ends of the antennae, you can attach beads or beads. Dragon on a thick wire, pre-puncture it with a toothpick. The trunk is decorated with acrylic paint.

You can apply a little glue, and sprinkle with sequins.

Here's a dragonfly turned out.

Required material for fameiran articles: dimensions and characteristics

Foamiran is a velvety, soft material and is sold in sheets with dimensions 50x50 cm, 50x60 cm, 50x70 cm. Foamiran thickness is from 0.5 mm and up to several centimeters. Today, foiuran has more than 40 shades and shades are constantly replenished. There are Chinese, Turkish, Iranian, Korean phaamirans.

Materials for crafts made from fameirana can be bought on the Internet or in a store for needlework Materials for crafts made from fameiran can be bought on the Internet or in the store for needlework

All of them differ in size and thickness:

  1. Iranian foiiran has dimensions of 60x70 cm, or 60x90 cm. Its thickness is from 0.8 mm to 1 mm. The touch is very light, velvety. But, in the manufacture of handicrafts, it is worse stretches and keeps the form, with intensive stretching, the foamiran can tear.
  2. The Chinese foiaran has dimensions of 50x50 cm. The thickness of Chinese foiamir is from 0.5 mm to 1 mm. To the touch, the Chinese phaamiran can be completely non-porous, smooth, or maybe velvety. Also, Chinese phaamiran can be plastic and easy to handle, and can be very sensitive, so that when processed with an iron, it can shrink and deteriorate.
  3. The Turkish foiuran has dimensions of 60x70 cm, its thickness is 1 mm. The Turkish foamiran has less than 30 shades. Turkish foiiran is the same as Iranian, pleasant to the touch, velvety, easy to process.
  4. The Korean foiuran has dimensions of 60x40 cm, with a sheet thickness of 1 mm. Korean foiiran is very pleasant to the touch, it is so velvety that it resembles plush. It stretches very hard, and it is difficult to break when processed. Also, the Korean foamiran can be 0.6 mm thick and 0.8 mm thick, which are not inferior in quality to a fameiran with a thickness of 1 mm. Korean foiuran is very colorful and in its palette bright enough and juicy shades.

Whatever country produces such material as foamiran, everyone will have their pros and cons.

For one will be the best Iranian foiaran, for another Chinese, that is for personal taste.

Many people think about how to glue a foiraman, because a simple PVA glue will not work. The cage of the foiran is followed by a glue gun, a super moment or on a double-sided scotch tape.

We create crafts for children and loved ones for

For children it is good to use voluminous applications. All the components of the application can be cut by yourself, and the child should be assembled, glued together. So it will be safer for a small child. However, whether the child is already going to school, then you can cut it out together.

For children, New Year New Year's adornments from faymiran

are perfect for children. For volumetric application in the form of grapes it will be required:

  • Light and dark green fameiran;
  • Brown foyamyran;
  • Several shades of pink foamiran;
  • Purple Foamiran;
  • Scissors;
  • Iron;
  • Double-sided adhesive tape;
  • Toothpick.

For the pattern you will need a base in the form of a pear( 1 pc.), A strip with a length of 25 cm and a width of 0.5 cm, 4 curly leaves, two of which are smaller, a piece of a branch cut from a brown foyamiran with a different diameter of 25 pieces of circles. We cut out circles of different diameters from pink and violet fonirin.

On the basis in the form of a pear on a double-sided adhesive tape we glue the mugs in a staggered order.

Cut out sheets( 4 pieces) are processed with an iron, to give a slight waviness. Toothpick scratch the veins in the middle of the sheets.2 large sheets of glue on the background of the backbone, and 2 smaller sheet of glue on a cap of grapes. At the very top of the head, we glue a brown branch carved from the foyamiran. From the strip we make a vine, by pulling it with scissors, and gluing to the sheet from the side. This branch of the grape can serve as a decor in the house for the New Year, it can be placed in a frame and hung on a wall or glued to a magnet to hang it on the refrigerator.

Crafts from Foamiran( video)

Crafts made from fameiran are beautiful, light, soft, colorful, which can be given to children, and it will be safe. Such crafts are not just harmless, but they can be bathed and washed from various contaminants. So, foiamir is the most perfect material for crafts.

More details: fameiran crafts( photo examples)