Types of spotlights for stretch ceiling

Spotlights help to correctly place accents in interior design Spotlights help correct accents in interior design stretch ceiling requires special fixtures - mortise and overhead. Stretch ceiling helps to hide all the irregularities of the main ceiling plate, hide communications. It is suitable for offices, industrial and residential premises. But one of the main tasks when installing a stretch ceiling is the installation of fixtures.

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Spot lights are installed on the suspended ceiling. This allows you to achieve an optimal level of lighting even without using a centralized main light from a large chandelier.

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Spotlights to ceiling divided by the method of installation and type of lamps used. They can have different diameters, they can be created from different materials. At their manufacture glass, metal, plastic, crystal and other materials are used. Decorating is carried out with the help of plastic and wooden elements - depending on the style of decoration.

By type of installation are the following spotlights:


They cut into the ceiling - for this it is done a special hole. The main feature - after making a decision about the location of the luminaire, it can no longer be changed, since holes are difficult to mask.

The luminaires can be of 3 kinds Mortise lamps can be 3 types

Mortise model, in turn, are divided into:

  1. placed above the ceiling. Create an original glow effect of the ceiling. When installing, you need to pay attention to the optimal power consumption and protection from excessive heating.
  2. Located on the same level as the ceiling. Standard version, with good dispersion efficiency.
  3. Located below the ceiling. These types of fixtures have the best indicator of light dispersion. They are mounted slightly protruding from the stretch ceiling.


The peculiarity of this type is that they are superimposed on the ceiling peculiarity of this type is that they are superimposed on the ceiling

As the name implies, they are superimposed on the ceiling. Models open a lot of space for proper installation.

luminaires can be used halogen, LED lamps model, as well as incandescent lamps. All presented models are ISO certified. Before shipment to customers, the products are additionally checked for serviceability and compliance with specifications. In Moscow, there is a showroom, the delivery is provided to the regions of Russia.