Safety in the kitchen: rules of conduct during work, briefing

To ensure safety, you must follow the precautionary measures in the kitchen For safety, precautions must be taken in the kitchen In their daily lives, every day we spend a lot of time in the kitchen. In some families it is also a place of gathering all our native people. And we do not even think about the dangers that lie in wait for us on every corner. But knowledge of safety technology can save our lives.

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  • Slippery flooring can cause injury, fracture or other injury to a person

    First of all, it is important to monitor the condition of the floor in the kitchen - this is the most commonSource of problems. For the cleanliness of the floor in the kitchen should be particularly monitored.

    due to slippery floor, you can slip and run into an acute angle, sharp objects, open fire, and simply fall to the floor and break something.

    safety rules in the kitchen( video)

    working area

    Working kitchen area may pose to human danger, so it planning need to be addressed:

    1. Working surface should be from flammable, toxic and harmful to healthMaterials.
    2. It should not be slippery or sticky. It is important to monitor its condition, otherwise you can get it sideways.
    3. If possible, you should choose countertops with rounded edges, in order to avoid unpleasant situations. You can buy special silicone pads for furniture at sharp angles.
    4. The tools should be located in intuitive places. You should not get lost and waste time searching for objects. If you change the location of objects in the work area, you should be especially careful not to mistakenly take dangerous items and do yourself harm.

    Do not neglect the precautions when cooking in the kitchen work area Do not neglect safety precautions when preparing food in the kitchen work area

    Electricity and electrical appliances

    Improper installation and operation of machinery can lead to injuries and even fire, and in general with electricity in the kitchen, jokes are bad. You should be especially careful with the sockets, and make sure that your hands are not wet.

    • Do not place containers with liquids in close proximity to sockets. Observe the condition of the appliance forks - they should not be wet or damaged.
    • If you have an electric stove, then there must be a grounding and supplying electric wires.
    • Do not leave the appliance permanently switched on unattended, including the electric stove.
    • With faults with appliances, should immediately contact the experts - if you ignore the damage, in consequence, this may lead to even higher costs.

    Do not allow moisture to enter the power outlet in the kitchen, as this can lead to a disastrous result Avoid moisture penetration into the wall socket in the kitchen, as this can lead to disastrous results

    Caution - hand

    Perhaps the greatest danger in the kitchen - it's cutting objects. Oddly enough, but the knives should be sharp, because if they are stupid, you put more effort and the probability of a knife to slip increases.

    To at least see your hands, you need good lighting. A good light is a guarantee of security. Agree that the chances of cutting less, if you see that you cut.

    Another danger is the cans, or rather their opening. Do it only with a special knife, and it should be well sharpened.

    Be careful when working in a kitchen with cutting items Be careful when working in the kitchen with sharp objects

    Do not push the meat in the meat grinder. You can do this with anything, not with your hands, otherwise you risk crippling them or even without them. Do not actively resist when working with a grater, especially when rubbing already small pieces of food.

    Kids in the kitchen: the safety rules

    Children in the kitchen should be looked after in order to protect them from all kinds of injuries and bruises For children in the kitchen you need to keep an eye on in order to protect them from all kinds of injuries and bruises

    with children is another story, for their rules are not written. It is important to try and predict the possible risk to the child:

    1. necessary to restrict access to the baby Kitchenware, possible clean electrical appliances.
    2. Do not forget to clean the cloth after a meal, be sure to take advantage of this opportunity toddler pull the tablecloth off the table, and with it, and all that is on top.
    3. Special sockets are sold for sockets with which it is plugged.
    4. For a child a particular danger are acute angles, and, as already mentioned, this can be solved by buying a soft lining.
    5. It is also important to lock all the lockers so that the baby does not get things out.
    6. Do not leave the child unattended for a long time in the kitchen, because even if you remove your all, he could just climb up on a chair, then on the table and onto the floor.
    7. If you have electric, then you need to make sure that the baby does not touch its heating surface, even if it is off. The baby will not be able to determine whether she is on or not, and by habit will put her hand there, knowing that there is not dangerous, and will get a serious burn.

    How to protect children in the kitchen. Safety( video)

    So, these are the basic safety rules in the kitchen. Good luck and safe culinary feats!