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Most consumers purchase ready-made kitchens from well-known manufacturers, since they appreciate their quality and reliability Most consumers buy ready-made food from reputable manufactures, as they appreciate the quality and reliability Kitchen - an important part of any apartment, so its selection should be taken especially seriously. How to choose a quality and durable version of kitchen furniture and necessary elements? In the modern market, you can find both ready-made kitchens, which are immediately mounted in any apartment, and firms that fulfill orders by individual standards. That is why, in order to facilitate the search, it is possible to make a rating of factories and manufacturers ready to fulfill all the customer's wishes, as well as to provide feedback for a more detailed opinion on each firm.

    • How to determine what kind of food is needed?
    • How to choose the kitchen( video)
    • What food is better: customer reviews
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How to determine which food is needed?

As a rule, when choosing a kitchen, the main criteria are the quality of the material<div><center>
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</center></div> and the price As a rule, the choice of cuisine are the main criteria - quality of the material and the price

Before you choose a manufacturer that meets all the necessary requirements, it is necessary to decide on several criteria. In the future they will help you not get lost in the search for a suitable company:

  1. Budget .Full kitchen - the pleasure is not cheap, but you can always choose an option that will satisfy any purse. A well-timed budget will be an excellent assistant and will save complications in the aftermath.
  2. Type .You can buy a ready-made kitchen, the variants of which are always presented in shops and factories. This will save time, since transport and installation of all components usually does not take more than a week. The second option - making a kitchen to order. To do this, you only need to provide the manufacturer with the dimensions and parameters of the apartment, where it will be installed. It can be more expensive and take more time, but the result will fully satisfy the customer's personal representations.
  3. Material .Wood, metal, plastic - another item that depends on the budget and individual wishes, but directly affects the final choice.
  4. Country of origin .Russia and the CIS countries are increasingly becoming clients' choice, as they generate more confidence and are often lower in value. But foreign firms( Germany, Italy, etc.) are also known for the quality of their products.

How to choose the kitchen( video)

What food is better: customer reviews

Most of the customers are not afraid to leave the reviews before and after the purchase of food, which helps to identify other customers with the necessary information.

  • Many customers advise the kitchens produced by IKEA, but the reviews vary greatly. For example, the opinion of this customer is shared by many: "IKEA kitchens have one big drawback - the inability to make a non-standard size."In other respects, this company satisfies most buyers with a great choice and attractive price.
  • Another popular option among customers is the firm "Maria", but in it not everything is satisfied with the average customer."There were problems with color. We chose one, but made a completely different one, not suitable for the interior. "However, in general, "Maria" is one of the most popular choices for buyers of cuisines.
  • ZOV, whose offices are located in the capital, is satisfied with the majority."In the salon we picked up the color, dimensions and everything necessary, which greatly accelerated the design process."

To determine the choice of the manufacturer of the kitchen, it is enough to familiarize with the feedback of customers on the official website To determine the choice of food products, familiar enough with customer testimonials on

official website Top manufacturer of kitchen

Each manufacturer is different specific criteria. It is possible to bring the rating of the top ten firms in this field, available in Russia, determined among which one can be sure that the result will turn out to be qualitative.


The manufacturer of kitchen furniture PLAZAREAL produces up to 400 sets of cabinet furniture every month and has a well-deserved reputation and quality assurance.


The most famous Swedish furniture center, whose services are used annually by millions of people around the world. Impressive guarantees, low prices and world recognition - this company is difficult to ignore when choosing a kitchen.


Well-known in Russia manufacturer with many years of practice. It is popular and has a lot of positive feedback from customers.


На сегодняшний день много положительных отзывов можно увидеть о белорусской фабрике "ЗОВ" To date, many positive comments can be seen about the Belarusian factory "ZOV"

Belarusian factory, one of the best in its profile. Only the professionals of their business work in the production, one can not worry about the result - he will not disappoint.


This is a trademark of the factory "Announce", the largest manufacturer of furniture for the kitchen, which has been working on the Russian market since 1999.He earned many titles and good reviews, as well as the trust of customers across the country.

"Stylish kitchens"

The factory for the production of the most modern kitchens. A popular choice among customers. It uses materials of imported production and exclusively the newest technologies.


Крупная мебельная фабрика "Явид" производит качественные и красивые кухни The large furniture factory "Yavid" produces quality and beautiful kitchens

Large furniture factory. Modern production, which deals only with the best materials. A wide network of representative offices allows us to use the services of the company in many countries and confirms its quality and well-deserved reputation.


The salons of this company provide products manufactured at the factory of the same name. Guarantee and positive feedback from many buyers, as well as extensive experience in this field, make it necessary to consider this manufacturer as one of the best.


Produces custom-made kitchens, provides a wide range of services. For twenty years of work, this company has become one of the most famous on the market. Specialists will help to choose not only the right sizes, but also the design of the future cuisine.


Deserves special attention, as it is engaged in the manufacture of elements for the kitchen. It will be a useful choice for a client who wants to independently pick up every corner of his future room.

Review of the kitchen ZOV( video)

We hope that our advice will help you choose a quality cuisine that will please you for many years!