Dairy kitchen what is required Moscow 2017: table for pregnant women, what is given in the Moscow region, addresses and hours of work, will they cancel

Category children

What can get

Standards monthly volume

How many grams in a package

issuance mode

from 0 to 2 months

liquid dairy mix( adapt.)



1 week

Dry milk mixture( adapt.)



1 month

3-4 months

As above graph + fruit juice and fruit puree 1 l 1 month

5 months

similar age 3-4 months.+ Dry cereal 400 g of 1 month, vegetable puree - 1920 1 month

6 months

Dry milk mixture - 350 g, the liquid mole. Mixture - 2400 g, fruit.puree - 1000 g vegetable. Puree - 1920 g, fruit juice - 1200 g, dry cereal - 400 g

All except for the liquid mixture - 1 month

7-8 months

Added to all the children's cottage cheese-600 g, meat-grown.puree - 300 g, meat sauce - 560 g

All except cheese and dairy liquid mixture, 1 month

9-15 months

added to all children kefir 2000

yogurt, cottage cheese and liquid mixture - 1 time per week, and the rest - 1 month

1-2 years

Children kefirchik



1 week

Baby milk



1 month

Children curd



1 week




1 month

fruit purée



1 month

2-3 years

Similar to the previous step, 400 g of milk reduces the rate, but increases the juice norm

Up to 7 years




1 month

Up to 15 years

similar to the previous point

Children with disabilities

Anlogically previous item





1 month

Juice vitaminizes.



1 month

Nursing mothers




1 month

Juice vitaminized.



1 month

When registering documents, take into account the opening hours of the dispenser When registering documents, take into account the opening hours of the dispenser. The residents of the capital are informed about changes in the mode of operation of dairy kitchens. This information can be seen in the media, find out in the clinic at the place of residence, etc. But to get more complete information, accessible and accurate, it's easier for mom to look at the Internet. How are things going in 2017, and whether the kitchen will change in 2017, that's what moms are interested in first. And many do not mind looking for vacancies in such kitchens, and find out whether it is worth looking for job data at all.

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MolochSeparated kitchen in Moscow and Moscow region

not only in Moscow and the region, but also in other regions of Russia, some changes in the dairy kitchens took place in July 2014 st. Namely - the norms for the delivery of products and the product range have changed. But the categories of citizens who are entitled to this aid can be said to remain the same.

For many then the negative factor seemed to be that the amount of money that the state allocated to "milk" became more modest. But, nevertheless, last year's changes can not be called negative, since in addition to dairy products, fruit and meat purees and juices appeared on a large scale. That is, this list has become more diverse. Who did not like this? Yes, many who are already accustomed to a certain list of dairy products, which now have to be bought.

But first things first.

Opening hours of dairy kitchen in Moscow

The schedule of these points is not the same in the capital and the region.

Kitchens are attached either to children Kitchens are attached to either children's polyclinics or outpatient clinics

Usually, the standard dispensing center working hours are morning hours:

  • From 6.30 to 10.00;
  • From 6.30 am( 12.00).

But, for example, the kitchen with NSHK is open from 11 am to 8 pm, and the working hours of the Milk kitchen are from 9.00 to 9.00 pm.

Kitchens at children's polyclinics of Moscow and the region, basically, begin work from half of the seventh morning. In these hours you can already get food.

What is given in a dairy kitchen in Moscow

The list of products is quite large. It includes the nutrition that is recommended by pediatricians in this or that year of the child's life. That is, it is the minimum that guarantees the child a full development.

Now in the milk kitchen they give:

  • Dry adapted mixture;
  • Liquid adapted mixture;
  • Milk;
  • Kefir;
  • Curd;
  • Fruit juice;
  • Fruit puree;
  • VegetableMashed potatoes;
  • Meat. Mashed potatoes;
  • Meat-raised. Mashed potatoes.

Children Children's products are supposed to be issued in accordance with the regulations, categories and recommendations

Standards of dairy cuisine: Moscow

The product kits depend on the child's age. It is clear that very little babies are given less in terms of the variety of foods than for older children.

It can be noted that the issuance rates in the regions are about the same as in the capital and the Moscow region. They may differ, but not significantly.

Children's milk kitchen in Moscow without a residence permit

They give out the products in the dairy kitchen in Moscow and the region upon the fact of propiska. That is, the mother makes a passport, writes an application to the appropriate authority( children's polyclinic or social protection department), brings a list of other documents that will be required.

The rule remains the same - help is given to women and children with a permanent registration in the capital and the region.

Fruit juice for children is laid from the age of 4 months Fruit juice put children from 4 months of age

Dairy food for nursing mothers: Moscow

Breastfeeding mothers can write a statement to the head of the place of observation of the child. Specify - in the name of the head of the organization that issues the put product. Above in the table you can see that breastfeeding mothers are supposed to receive milk and juice.

Pregnant women are another category who are entitled to this help. They are also given juice and milk, and they write the application in a women's consultation, where they observe a pregnancy.

Both in Moscow, and in the Moscow region, and in the region, these requirements are the same. Specify the time, terms, in which you need to apply with a statement. Specify the time, come strictly at the reception hours, observe the schedule for obtaining the products, know the norms for which help is given.

Working in a dairy kitchen: vacancies in Moscow

Jobs in a dairy kitchen, indeed, are often open. They provide an opportunity to get a job at a distribution center if you are satisfied with the hours and schedule of its work.

At present the most popular positions for such kitchens:

  • nurse( in this position means that it - razdatchitsa);
  • Ancillary Worker.

Of course, these vacancies are not among the highly paid, but such work is valuable in our time. But such vacancies in the very near future may not be relevant, and this work will simply not be available.

work on a dairy kitchen in Moscow( video)

Dairy kitchen with January 1, 2017 Moscow: Do

cancel If 2016 is considered to be quite prosperous in terms of milk kitchen work, on the eve of 2017, my mother began to worry - will the children's help, Distributors will not be closed for a while.

Various sources, referring to official information from the Moscow City Hall, give the following comments on this topic.

In 2017, children's milk kitchen, indeed, will undergo changes. On January 1, 2017, the law on closing dairy cuisine in the capital and in the region will come into force. This is due to the fact that the issuing points must be fully checked, inventoryed and closed.

After that, the inspection authorities and other bodies must make a proposal on whether this kitchen will function in a different way, what can replace it, and for whom to somehow help further.

Children infant food are not considered rational in terms of aid allocation, so closing them inevitably

therefore easy to conclude: dairy food in the current clock is regarded as an inefficient way of social assistance, and wasteful consumption of public funds. And once it is supposed to be checked and closed, in 2017 it will be seen what kind of work of officials will be held, how it will end, and how it will be addressed to those who need help at this time.

How to get a dairy kitchen in Moscow

But before January there is still time, help is given, the children's kitchen in 2017 is open both in the capital and in the region.

This children's help for many families is essential, therefore:

  • Find out hours of work organization that are responsible for the distribution of such assistance( for example, a clinic, where at certain hours working distribution point);
  • Gather the following documents: the application itself, the birth certificate of your child( copy), the policy of compulsory insurance( copy), a copy of the registration certificate and a copy of the passport of a parent;
  • If such child care relies on someone from the preferential categories, you need a document confirming the benefits.

The recipe for free meals is obtained from a pediatrician, that is, a children's polyclinic is the place where such recipes are given. Products are issued for these recipes.

What is given in a dairy kitchen in Moscow( video)

Children's dairy kitchen is a concept that everyone has become accustomed to since the Soviet era, soon may disappear. But, probably, some new help to needy categories can be offered already in the near future.