Dairy kitchen from January 1, 2017: whether dairy kitchen for pregnant women will be canceled, how to receive benefits, how to issue documents, to what age free of charge, video

Documents for the production of dairy kitchen begins to be issued by a pediatrician Documents on dairy food production begins to draw a pediatrician The best nutrition for infants has always been the mother's milk, but for many reasons, not all mothers have the ability to breast-feed. It can be replaced by a baby formula that can be cooked at home. This handbook also issues a distribution point. Children's dairy kitchen is a social program that includes the organization of free meals for children under two years of age.

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  • Dairy kitchen: how to get

    A dairy kitchen is a public institution providing milk for infants.

    In 2017, as in the past, the decision to grant benefits in the form of dairy products on a milk-distributing point take the local authorities, for this reason they are not presented in each region and are arranged in different ways. But still there are provisions common t

    o most cities.

    How old grudnichok can be powered:

    • If a baby on artificial feeding( infant formula), the power given from the date of his birth.
    • When breastfeeding, the child receives the right to food from the moment when they begin to inject him( from about 6 months).
    • You can receive products from the dairy kitchen before the child is two years old.
    • Children from large families are provided with meals from children's kitchens until the age of 3 years.

    Drawing up of documents

    Before arriving at a distributing point in Khimki or Mytischi, documents for benefits are needed. To formalize the right to food from the dairy kitchen, you need to register by submitting an application to your pediatrician, a sample of which can be taken at the local department of the children's polyclinic. Taking into account the number of years and the weight of the child, as well as information on his state of health, the doctor prepares a prescription for the dispensing station, for the volume of dairy products that the baby needs for full development.

    Today, the quality of dairy products supplied to issuing points is strictly controlled by the relevant authorities Today the quality of dairy products supplied to the points of issue, is strictly controlled by the relevant authorities

    In 2017 recipes for benefits for children's nutrition in the distributing point will write every month to the 25th day.

    Documents must be submitted to the distribution center. Instead of the recipe for the allowance, give a personal number, which must be remembered and fixed in the child's medical card to be called when the food is given out.

    At some points, distributions are given only to parents, other relatives need a statement and a power of attorney. On the order of work, the schedule and hours of issuing dairy products in a particular kitchen should be known in advance. Kefir, cottage cheese, dry and sour-milk mixture is usually given in the morning, up to 10 hours. If the child is willing to eat cottage cheese, and whole milk or a mixture of his allergy, try to negotiate with your doctor about the replacement in the prescription of individual products, such as milk for an extra helping of cheese.

    Sometimes getting a mixture and other food to moms offers a dispensing point at the place of residence, even if the family lives in a completely different place. Addresses of dairy cuisine should correspond to the area in which the polyclinic( Khimki, Lobnya, Mytischi) is located, but the subtleties should be specified in the pediatrician who has a child. What are the conditions for young mothers in 2017 in cities where there are no dairy cuisines?

    If there is no distributing point in the city or village, the mother has the right to monetary compensation for the purchase of baby food. This issue is in the competence of the district department of social security.

    Dairy outlets usually work in the morning Our stores dairy dishes, tend to work in the morning

    To put dairy food

    For the registration of food at the distribution points free of charge, it is first of all necessary to find out whether this service is provided in a specific region( Mytischi, Khimki), and what procedure of clearance must be completed. This information can be obtained from the health departments where the dispenser is located. Is the production of dairy food for pregnant mothers? From what age and to how many years can it be received by children?

    Until four months of age the infant allowance is necessary in a case where a mother enough milk for breastfeeding, a mixture, or for other reasons, it is not able to feed your baby breast. Each region establishes its own rules of work, but in general, to obtain food at a dairy station, a permanent registration of a child up to two years of age in a specific locality is necessary.

    Can children receive products for up to 3 years

    How many years do children receive food from the dairy kitchen? After one year free of charge, baby food is provided, as a rule, to single mothers and low-income families.

    documents to formalize the rights of baby food child 2-3 years free:

    • income certificate of parents for 3 months;
    • Help on registration from the passport office( for the kid and adults);
    • Birth certificates;Photocopies of the passports of parents.
    • .

    Children from 2 to 3 years old can receive dairy products only in certain cases Children from 2 to 3 years old can receive products and milk cuisine only in certain cases

    Clarify the list should be in local government, as the on-site work may require and other documents.

    What is given in a dairy kitchen

    Dairy kitchens give children up to two years of the highest quality dairy products that meet all health standards. The ready-made mixture and other products of the dairy kitchen are stored for no more than a day, so it can be used even in the feeding of babies from the moment of birth. A short implementation period confirms the absence of preservatives that promote long-term storage.

    products offered item distribution of baby food are different from products from the shelves of supermarkets so that they are prepared on the basis of natural( not dry) milk as factories. Ready meals and a mixture of dairy cuisine is not subjected to special treatment to extend the implementation period. In different regions, working conditions and range of products may differ, for example, in Moscow, many points( Khimki, Mytischi, Lobnya) switched to the issuance of factory food, mainly from the company "Agusha".The main disadvantage of such products is heat treatment, which is used in the factory to increase the implementation period. What are the conditions for food and work schedule?

    The delivery of the power distribution point produces in the morning, every other day. If the recipe specifies only milk or a mixture, you can come after him once every 5 days. The schedule of work of points( hours of issue): 6.30 - 10.00.This regime is due to the fact that many parents prefer to come for meals before work, in the morning.

    Sometimes a pediatrician refuses to write out documents for a dairy kitchen on the grounds that the baby has breastfeeding. This is a violation of the rules - all children without exception have the right to food from the dairy kitchen for free. Also, the doctor has no right to refuse to issue a prescription for dairy products and a mixture in the absence of vaccinations in the child or some tests. Such misunderstandings must be solved with the head physician of the polyclinic.

    Products for dairy kitchens are manufactured using modern equipment and delivered to the points of delivery centrally Products for dairy kitchens are manufactured using modern equipment and is delivered to points dispensing centrally

    to cancel dairy kitchen in 2017

    According to various Internet resources, news, deputies of the State Duma want nationwideTo cancel food stations( free of charge) from January 1, 2017.What are the arguments in favor of the innovation? This is due to the fact that the treasury has no money, so they decided to save on children. The problem of dairy cuisines is that many will have a deadline for certificates for dairy food next year.

    To obtain a new license, you need the following documents:

    • Compliance with the requirements of the Customs Union( new equipment, a recent repair the premises);
    • Registration of state registration.

    Benefit or product: which is more profitable

    By law, children from 1-3 years in different cases are eligible for a standard set of dairy products. But since many families do not use these benefits, the state budget incurs unjustified expenses. The main reason for not visiting a children's kitchen is in terms of their work: for many mothers, the travel to the distribution point( Khimki, Mytischi, Lobnya) is more expensive there and back than the products that they give. Someone simply does not have the opportunity to leave an infant child to go after the food he has been given. Therefore, the government of the Russian Federation proposes to conduct from January 1, 2017 "monetization" of all mothers with young children, as well as pregnant women.

    Many regions have already switched to cash compensation for dairy nutrition for children under two years of age and pregnant mothers. But, unfortunately, these amounts are significantly inferior to the price of a set of mandatory products from dairy. For example, in the Yaroslavl region, compensation in the amount of 200 rubles, while the Leningrad region - 700 rubles. And in Chuvashia such payments are only 100 rubles. Most parents are against such changes, since this money does not buy those products that are issued in children's kitchens. Formulas for calculating the monetary equivalent are still not available. The cost of a basket of baby food is 50 rubles. On this money to buy a similar set of products in stores is impossible.

    According to some experts, the change in the form of benefits for pregnant and young mothers from January 1, 2017, the authorities is economically profitable.

    The material benefit is:

    • In saving on the content of the baby food distribution points from the beginning of 2017;
    • In the need to monitor their work in compliance with all standards of sanitary hygiene;
    • In the payment of salaries to staff.

    Not all young mothers use dairy services. Someone from personal considerations, and someone simply does not have the opportunity. However, if there is a point of issue of children's products in the district - you should not give up the opportunity referring to any reasons, because a healthy child is a joy for his parents.

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