What is the meter kitchen: this is how much, how to calculate and what it means

The kitchen meter was designed by the sellers for ease of work with the buyer running meter of kitchen furniture retailers have come up with for the sake of simplicity of work with the buyer considered to be "Kitchen - a kind of altar, on which the woman every day, relatively speaking, sacrifices himself to the family."And it is for this most important reason that a beautiful floor should be cooked in a spacious and comfortable kitchen, where you can fit everything that is necessary for this process. A significant role is played by the design of the room, but this is a completely different story. Initially, you need to calculate the size of countertops and lockers, and then choose your own color and shape.

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  • Before making a choice, in the storeEvery kitchen buyer should ask the seller: "What does your store include in the standard meter meter list and what exactly is the standard?".

    What meter dishes

    It is a standard unit of measurement of any kitchen with the minimum set of specific elements which comprises the kitchen of MRF finishing with minimal internal stuffing lockers, upper and lower cabinets with opening doors, one shelf, a countertopAnd a bar designed for hanging shelves. It happens that the minimum set includes more knobs, plinth and base. This all in the end means that the meter is an average price of one meter in length, it is used when you actively calculate the cost of a product on order for one meter. It should be borne in mind that the cost per meter is not included: base, backlight and wall, cornice, oven, sink and wall plinth.

    Running meter cuisine - a standard unit of measurement cuisine, which is a result of dividing the value of the shopping headset to its length along the wall.

    Running meter is a conventional unit of measurement for any kitchen with the most minimal set of certain elements running meter is a standard unit of measurement of any kitchen with the minimum set of specific elements

    How to calculate the running meter of the kitchen

    After determination in this matter, you need to measure the length of your kitchen and determine the height. Then you can calculate everything and get the desired result by a simple formula: multiply the length of your kitchen by running meter at a given height.

    In order to avoid troubles and errors in measurements, it is easier to count the length of the kitchen on the baseboard. In the calculations, the lowest version of the kitchen is taken, which is up to 72 centimeters in length, as well as the most out-of-the-way parts of the room.

    You can independently count the running meter, of course, by dividing its store price by one meter of kitchen in length along the entire wall.

    If a set of non-standard sizes, then its length should be multiplied by the store value of the value. Experts have told, that the price of any kitchen can decrease or raise, if it to collect differently.

    It is believed that the running meter of the kitchen is a meter of furniture installed along the wall, the height from floor to ceiling, according to the design believed that the meter is a meter of kitchen furniture set along the wall height from floor to ceiling, in accordance with the design

    Still any cuisine - it is very special, we can say, intimate venue. After all, in the kitchens themselves are sometimes uttered those things that for nothing and can not be uttered, for example, in a common living room. The arrogant mistresses will agree with this expression, and therefore for them the kitchen acts as a kind of sanctuary where the mystery of preparing various feasts and secret conversations takes place. The design and dimensions of your headset should be comfortable for the first sacrament and be arranged for a spiritual conversation. Therefore, when choosing a woman's kitchen, she does not care much about how much her meter is worth. The main thing is how much she can accommodate the guests and how much space she needs for cooking. The meter can be read by both the customers themselves and employees who represent the corresponding store.


    instruction is counting procedure:

    1. Measure the length of your kitchen on the plinth;
    2. We learn the meter of the kitchen from the shops;
    3. We make calculations, if you do not get it, we resort to the help of specialists.

    After these simple procedures, the hostess will prepare an excellent dinner and will always be in a mood to cook for the whole family, as well as for any number of guests who have visited your cozy home.

    The price point for kitchen furniture is the value - the running meter of the kitchen The price point for kitchen furniture is the value - the running meter of the kitchen

    Kitchen meter( video)