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Narrow cuisine is not a verdict, but a place where you can beat different design decisions A narrow kitchen is not a sentence, but a place where you can beat different design solutions A narrow kitchen in our houses is quite common. This layout has its pluses - in a small small space everything is at hand, and the hostess does not have to spend time traveling around the kitchen. Another thing is that it is difficult to design such a kitchen design so that it does not look cluttered and at the same time remains comfortable and roomy. How to arrange the kitchen so that it was cozy for everyone?

    • Basics of design
    • Interior color
    • Furniture selection
    • Layout
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  • Basics of design

    If the kitchen has a width of one and a half or a little more than a meter, then it is clearly narrow. However, it is not necessarily small - there are rooms with an area of ​​15 meters and at the same time narrow, in the form of a pencil case. To beat such a p

    roject of the kitchen, you need to think carefully about the choice and arrangement of furniture and equipment;Choose the right finishing materials.

    In a narrow kitchen, wall cabinets are recommended to be hung as high as possible In a narrow kitchen, wall cabinets are recommended to be hung as high as possible.

    The peculiarity of the layout of narrow kitchens lies in their shape. As a rule, they have the form of an elongated pencil case with a window on the narrowest side. This feature of one-sided natural lighting makes the eyes of the kitchen even narrower and smaller than it is.

    Therefore, narrow spaces need to be visually expanded. The main principles used for this are orientation to light colors in decoration and furniture, rejecting too bright colors, contrasting combinations and playing with lighting.

    Color in the interior

    Whatever the design of the kitchen was chosen, in narrow spaces, you must choose the right color. I'll have to give up using black, dark purple, saturated blue, dark green, bright red, as if I did not want to apply them. These bright and strong colors visually compress space. The kitchen will seem cramped and from this cluttered.

    Interior should be decorated in light colors. The ideal color for a narrow kitchen is white and all its shades and variations. The following colors for the room are also quite good:

    • light pink;
    • light green;
    • blue;
    • yellow and its shades;
    • soft-lilac.

    Light colors are used everywhere - for walls, ceiling, furniture. A light apron, together with light light curtains against the backdrop of light walls, makes the interior more airy and cheerful, and space is more voluminous.

    Important: To make the interior look not boring, you should not make out everything in one color, especially in white. We welcome combinations of colors: white and yellow, white and light blue, white and gently purple.

    For a small narrow kitchen, compact and ergonomic furniture is optimal.

    If the width of the kitchen does not allow you to install a dining table, you can use an alternative If the width of the kitchen does not allow you to install a dining table, you can use the alternative For a narrow kitchen, the best option is the angular arrangement of kitchen unit modules For a narrow kitchen, Kitchen set

    From contrasting combinations in the design of the walls will have to be abandoned. Red combined with black, black combined with purple, white and black will destroy the interior of the narrow kitchen and turn it into a gloomy back room. Similarly, you should not use contrasting color combinations in furniture or combinations of walls and furniture. The red set on the background of light walls, alas, will make the design of the kitchen unnecessarily pressing and will create a feeling of clutter.

    For a narrow room, there are more interesting ideas:

    • light pink walls and white facades headset;
    • light blue wall solutions and white headset and apron;
    • light mauve walls and pink facade solutions;
    • light green walls and lemon-yellow furniture.

    The design of the room looks interesting, if the upper level of the kitchen is decorated in lighter colors, and the lower one - in darker or more colored. This applies not only to the walls, but also to the facades of the cabinets.

    Choosing furniture

    The design of a small small kitchen largely depends on the choice of furniture. Furniture of standard standard sizes is most often not suitable for it. The standard suite either simply does not enter the narrow kitchen, or completely fills it and leaves only a narrow strip for passage that will kill any interior.

    Designers recommend using combinations of small lamps on the ceiling of a narrow kitchen Designers recommend the use of combinations of small luminaires on the ceiling of a narrow kitchen Correct laying of the floor in a narrow kitchen area plays an important role in the visual perception of the kitchen Correct floor laying in a narrow kitchen area plays an important role in the visual perception of the kitchen

    Therefore, for narrow kitchens, it is better to make furniture according to individual measurements andProjects. In this case, you can solve several problems at once:

    • used to the maximum every centimeter of space;
    • create a unique room design and implement their ideas;
    • save money, especially if you make furniture yourself.

    Furniture for a small kitchen should be primarily very compact and to the maximum functional. It was in the narrow kitchens that high, narrow pencil cases, shelves, hinged cabinets, folding tables were used.

    Space planning

    A narrow room dictates a special arrangement of furniture in it. As a rule, furniture is built along a long wall in one line. The room has, of course, a second long side, but if you also put furniture along it, the kitchen will look like a reserved car and a narrow passage. Cozy such an interior is not exactly called.

    You can beat the configuration of the room and try to place furniture and equipment more original. To do this, it is best to activate actively and the space around the window. In his area, you can arrange a working area - the design of the room looks rather interesting, where a sink is located under the window, and shelves and cabinets along the window. This allows you to change the geometry of the kitchen, and it will look, not as an elongated rectangle, but as a square. That for the eyes is more proportionate and aesthetic.

    If you have a narrow, long kitchen, this layout for her will be the most optimal If you have a long narrow kitchen, this plan for it to be the most optimal

    good way to use the space for a maximum countertop-sill. Along the long wall, you can start the worktop of the working area, which then smoothly includes a window sill. Such a table top allows to solve the problem of a kitchen table, which in narrow kitchens, as a rule, does not have a place. In the same case, the sill will be able to play the role of a table.

    About the place of the table

    Alas, in the narrow kitchen there is simply no place for a full dining area. Does this mean that you will completely abandon the table? In principle, you can do so and move the dining area into the living room, if the kitchen is too small. If still the layout is just narrow, and not small, then you can try to organize a place for eating here. Just need to think about the shape and size of the table.

    A desk with a standard size does not fit here. But you can make a small table. The best place for his organization is the smallest party. Usually, the window space is used. The length of the side just enough to organize a small table the size of 2-3 people. To save space, you can make such a table also folding or folding. In this case, the battery must be transferred from the window area to another location.

    Angular layout of furniture in a narrow kitchen visually makes the room square angular layout of furniture in the narrow kitchen, makes the space visually square

    looks good on the narrow kitchen and a bar, which can serve as a desk and storage space. The interior of the bar will only benefit. In narrow kitchens, it is best to use a retractable bar counter.

    Interior of a narrow kitchen - repairs and ideas( video)

    Summing up

    The design of a narrow kitchen can be designed in such a way that it will be comfortable for all members of the family to work and rest on it. Good luck in the repair!

    Examples narrow kitchen design( photo)