Than wash the floor tiles after the repair: tiles on the floor, a primer for porcelain tiles, cleaning and how to wash

Quick and easy to clean floor tiles after repair is easy, if you get acquainted with the advice of specialists Quick and easy to wash floor tiles after repair is not difficult, if read with the advice of experts The structure consists of floor tiles are usually clay, sand and aluminum silicates. The mixture is molded and fired. The firing is disposable and two-time with different temperature conditions, the firing can be with the application of glaze or without glaze. The quality of the raw material and the method of roasting determine the type of ceramic tile and its surface. Depending on the method of production, composition and surface, each type of tile requires an individual approach to cleaning and care. So than wash the floor tiles after repair? The question is simple, and the answer implies the presence of some knowledge, both about the surface of ceramic tiles, and about the means that can be applied.

    • Than to clean the tile after repair
    • Tile on the floor: how to wash it after repair
    • How and what to wash the primer with porcelain tiles
    • Cleaning of tile elements after repair
    • Solutions: how to wash the floortiles after repair( video)
  • The quality wash tiles after repair

    Ceramic tile or tiles in a modern interior space, irreplaceable material, asPractical, comfortable in cleaning and beautiful, gives the room a finished neat appearance. The only thing that can greatly upset is the contamination of the tiles after repair.

    The ceramic tile surface can be unpolished, polished, polished, embossed and glazed.

    Depending on the raw material, the surface can react to the chemical composition of the treated surface, and can be indifferent to the action of aggressive agents. The clinker tile is formed by extrusion or wet pressing, and then long firing at high temperature is used. Ceramic granite is produced by the method of semi-dry pressing and just like clinker tiles, ceramic granite is fired at high temperature. These types of tiles are of universal use and wide application, they are faced with facades, laid on the floor, on walls in houses and apartments, used in landscape design, etc.

    Qualitatively wash the tiles after repair can be done with both a homemade and a purchase solution qualitatively wash tiles after repair can be using both homemade and purchased solution

    After the repair, unfortunately, tile is contaminated, the contamination are such that ordinary soap and water is not washed. Sometimes the question is very acute, than to wash the tiles after repair?

    methods cleaning tiles:

    1. Cured adhesive solution is moistened with water in which is dissolved vinegar or ammonia, then apply mechanical force using any auxiliary equipment, such as a spatula, a scraper, a screwdriver, etc., or use chemical means to. Based solvents.
    2. The soaked primer is washed off with special means, which contain solvents, acetone or you can use a fresh primer, then simply clean off the auxiliary tools.
    3. If the tile is contaminated with cement mortar, lime or plaster, it can simply be washed off with water, but for epoxy grout you will have to buy a special epoxy solvent. Constructional
    4. dust filler can first be removed with a dry cloth, a vacuum cleaner, and further serves simply washed with water or soapy water, water with lemon, vinegar or a means for washing glasses.
    5. Silicone sealant or paint is mechanically cleaned or solvents based on acetone or white spirit are used.

    Successful cleaning tile consists of correct identification of the type of contamination, the surface layer itself and tiles applying suitable means, but the best means of cleaning all types of tiles will protect it before timely repair or cleaning contaminants.

    Tile on the floor: what to wash it after repair

    Ceramic tiles, very durable finish, resistant to the influence of aggressive chemical solutions, nevertheless, requires a careful attitude. Even if all visible dirt has been wiped off when laying ceramic tiles, nevertheless, the floor tile must first of all be cleaned of dust particles and visible dirt that have settled on it, then wash it with a soap solution, and to give shine, when rinsed with clean water, Add vinegar, citric acid or ammonia to it.

    In order to wash the floor tiles, several means can be used, including washing liquid for bathrooms, hydrochloric acid or liquid for cleaning glasses In order to wash the floor tiles, several means can be used, including washing liquid for the bathrooms, hydrochloric acid or the glass cleaning liquid

    Ceramic tiles can be cleaned using the following tools:

    • Liquids for washing bathrooms, spreading stains in several steps layer by layer;
    • Cook table salt on the contamination and moisten with water;
    • Hydrochloric acid 5%;
    • The liquid for clearing glasses to spray on stains;
    • Tooth powder apply to the stain, wet and rub with a stiff brush.

    If contamination is significant, then use a cleaning agent, having first read the instructions for use. But, if you have tried everything, and wash the tile does not work, then you have to buy a special remedy for a particular type of pollution, and already rinse the leftovers with the purchased product from the stains.

    As wash primer than with granite

    If stoneware tiles stained primer, and from it was an unpleasant whitish stains, you can clean it by means of household chemicals, having in its composition acid.

    Hand-washing products can be detergent formulations for toilets.

    If the divorce after drying has appeared again, then it is necessary to apply a means for washing the bathrooms, cover with a wet rag and allow to get wet for an hour, then carefully rub the stub with a hard brush or washcloth, then rinse with clean water and quickly wipe the dirt dry.

    It is easy and quick enough to clean the primer from porcelain stoneware with the help of improvised detergents It is easy and quick enough to clean the primer from porcelain stoneware with the help of detergent detergents

    It is difficult to remove the dried, dried primer from porcelain stoneware, the following precautions are recommended when repairing:

    • Covering with polyethyleneFilm or other protective material tile from porcelain stoneware;
    • Wipe off contamination immediately as they appeared, do not allow them to soak in and dry out.
    • If the tile surface is unpolished or semi-polished, need special protection.

    necessary to cause the drug on stoneware tiles, rigid sponge rub it on the surface, and then rinsed with clean water. Be attentive to your ceramic tiles, and do not then have to wash it with all sorts of chemical means.

    Cleaning of tile elements after repair

    Once the repair is over, it is necessary to put everything in order, especially in cleaning the tiles needed, which were laid in the premises, both on the floor and on the walls. Tile matt tiles are cleaned with means that should not contain organic acids and fats, because they can destroy the top layer of the tile, becauseIts surface is porous. To clean glossy tiles, do not use soda and laundry soap, metal brushes or scouring pads.

    If you need to wash the tiles after repair, then first you need to prepare detergents and special gloves so as not to damage the skin of your hands If you need to wash the tiles after repair, then the first should prepare detergents and special gloves to avoid damaging the skin of the hands

    After the repair, carefully have to check those places, which may be the most polluted:

    • Surface next to the seam;
    • Cemented stains on the entire surface of the tile;
    • Whitish spots from the primer.

    If the tiles were lubes, enamel or resin marks rubber wax candle, then they can be removed nitrosolvent, acetone or turpentine. Usual animal or vegetable oils can be washed off with caustic soda.

    Inks, lime, rust, pieces of cement and glue can be removed from ceramic tiles by means of acids, for example, hydrochloric, oxalic, etc.

    Solutions: how to clean the floor tiles after repair( video)

    For cleaning any type of tile, do not use abrasive cleaners, The abrasive particles destroy the top layer of ceramic tiles. Take care of your tile, take good care of it, and it will please you with its beautiful look for a long time.