Floor tiles for the hallway: kitchen floor and corridor, views and how to choose, photo what, the correct sex dimensions

The most popular material for finishing the floor in the hallway today is the tile popular materials for finishing the floor in the hallway today is tile to finishing works have been qualitatively and without consequences, it is necessary to implement them not only strictly on technology, but also need to choose certain kinds of tiles, as well as familiarize themselves with their characteristics. There are different canvases, which have strength, density and even aesthetics. It is on these data and you need to decide which tile to put on the floor.

    • Advantages and tile shortcomings on the floor for the kitchen and corridor
    • What types of floor tiles
    • How to choose a tile floor
    • Laying floor tiles for the kitchen and corridor
    • choice of floor tiles for the hall( video)
    • Examples of floor tiles for the kitchenand hallway( photo ideas)

Advantages and disadvantages of the floor tiles for the kitchen and corridor

for kitchen, hallway, bathroom and hallways are mainly used is a tile, and this is a totally logical explanation. It

consists in many advantages of this type of floor covering.

The advantage of floor tiles for the corridor and kitchen is that it is hygienic and practical advantage of floor tiles for the kitchen and the hallway that she hygienic and practical

The advantages include the presence of:

  • hardness, as some fabrics can withstand a shock to several tons;
  • Moisture Absorption;
  • No slip;
  • Long service life, especially with very good care, it can reach 50 years;
  • Hygiene, due to which the formation and spread of microbes is completely excluded, provided that the grouting and grooming are carried out correctly;
  • Resistant to sudden temperature changes and to chemicals.

Floor tiles have their flaws, but against the background of many advantages they sometimes go to naught and become less important. Any tile is too cold, and therefore it is desirable to lay a system of warm floors, so that you can not experience discomfort during operation. Despite the fact that the tile is a durable material, it is impossible to protect it from all kinds of influences, and therefore it is worth to be as careful as possible during operation.

What types of floor tiles

floor tile is perfect for hallway, and which put the species or size of coverage depends largely on personal preference. The choice of tiles can be the most unpredictable, since there are several of its main types for the material, or in other words, for the constituent components.

A popular type of flooring for the corridor is granite popular type of flooring for the hall is ceramic granite

Ceramic - this kind of material is the most common, as it can be found:

  • The apartments;
  • In residential buildings;
  • Even in places like a pedestrian crossing;
  • Other public places.

The material is suitable for various and even the harshest conditions, even for the pool, and the advantages are high strength, durability and, most importantly, a long service life. Metal tiles are distinguished by their luxurious strength, since the canvas can withstand very high loads. The metal is coated with special stainless compounds, and therefore you can safely lay the linen in a room with high humidity.

Glass tiles - this kind of material is suitable for non-ordinary personalities who prefer originality, creativity and, most importantly, elegance. The cost of such a coating will not be small, but what can you get the effect of a chic material.

This coating, despite the fact that it is glass, is completely safe and has a long service life.

There is a kind of stone tile, which does not require special care or cleaning. It has endurance to sharp temperature changes, and also to mechanical influences. The thickness of such a cloth should be at least 3 cm. You can apply this coating, both outside the room and inside.

How to choose the right tile for the floor

Before the tile layout is done, you need to make the right choice of material. It is very important how it will look, and how it will fit into the overall interior of the room.

When choosing a tile, you should take into account both the quality of the floor covering and the interior of the room When choosing a tile, you should take into account both the quality of the flooring and the interior of the room.

To make a choice, you need to pay attention to a number of criteria:

  1. By the type of coating. Tiles can be glossy, matte or even with a 3D effect. It is due to such paintings that it is possible to visually expand the space, and make it more airy and high.
  2. According to the color scheme. It is this criterion that plays not a small role, since depending on the color of the tile, it is possible to decide whether it is suitable for a particular design decision or not.
  3. The size of the canvas affects how it will be laid. In other words, whether this layout is straight or diagonal. And also there are small sizes of tiles, by means of which the original patterns are made during installation.
  4. It is important to pay attention to what will be made the seams between the tiles. This will affect the visual perception of the floor covering.
  5. You should also pay attention to the choice of the color of the joints. More original look grout, contrast tile, which creates spaciousness and visually expands the room.

Approaching the choice of tiles should be as correct as possible, as the cost of materials is not cheap, and it will not be too easy to carry out repeated finishing works, if suddenly the renovated interior can not meet expectations. Many cases, when after the repair, people are disappointed in its form. As a rule, this happens if you make a number of mistakes when choosing materials - do not orient yourself in the interior of the room.

The floor covering should be selected in accordance with other finishing materials in the room, so that the stylistic design is complete and without oversights.

Tiles should be inspected before buying, as often in the lot there may be defective or completely broken cloths, which not only can stop repairs, but also bring a number of additional problems. Also, if the canvas is cracked or chipped, then you need to replace the purchased in the store. It is strictly forbidden to choose a coating only on aesthetic data, since the beauty of separately placed canvases in their entirety can far from justify the expectations.

Laying floor tiles for kitchen and corridor

Floor tiles for the hallway will be as required if it is properly matched, to prepare the necessary number of cloths, and properly mount. There are a number of recommendations on how the installation should be carried out, which will allow not only to finish the repair, but also to finish, as necessary.

To lay the floor tiles in the kitchen and in the corridor it is quite possible to do it yourself if you competently approach this process You can create laying of floor tiles in the kitchen and in the corridor yourself if you approach the process correctly


  1. The tile is put on a thick layer of glue.
  2. If the floor is not level, then an additional alignment is needed.
  3. The adhesive is diluted immediately before installation.
  4. The tiles are stacked one level at a time.
  5. Preliminary on the floor you need to make a layout, on which the canvas will be laid.
  6. Constantly it is necessary to check the smoothness of the coating through the building level.
  7. Excess adhesive is removed immediately.
  8. Do not use the tile until the adhesive is completely dry.

Selection of floor tiles for the hallway( video)

Recommendations for selection and installation are not at all complicated, and in order to implement them, you do not need to have a special education or extensive experience. The main thing is accuracy, clarity and accuracy, and you can achieve excellent floor finishing in any room.

Examples of floor tiles for kitchen and hallway( photo ideas)