Violet from Foamiran: master class and video, a template how to make, terry leaves and a photo

Violets from Foamiran are an excellent decor element for any room Violets from foamirana are a great element of decor for any room Make foamirana violet from very easy and simple. By making it possible to safely connect the children, and arrange whole family lessons of creativity. In general, the material is exceptionally excellent, and it produces colorful and original accessories.

    • Why is it chosen for the violet violet leaves?
    • Is it easy to make a pattern of violets from the famearana?
    • Advisories of an experienced needlewoman: how to make a violet from a foamiran
    • Original violet from a foamiran: master class for
    • It's easy.

      It has such remarkable characteristics as:

      • Strength;
      • Elasticity;
      • Elasticity.

      It should be noted immediately that he has one only drawback, and it lies in the fact that the porosity of the fabric is too high and if overdo the stretching, it is possible to just simply break the workpiece.

      Violets from foamirana can be made in different colors: blue, white, pink

      Foamiran Make colors as realistic as possible, but if you want to spice up their 100%, you can use colors and dyes.

      Flowers foamirana used for interior home decoration, decoration for wardrobe items and accessories for decoration, such as collars, scarves, bracelets, and similar products.


      • Non-toxic;
      • Completely safe;
      • Does not stick together;
      • Can be washed.

      Foamiran produces a variety of flowers, even the most complex, for example, pions or asters and the like.

      easy to make a pattern of violets foamirana

      Since that foamiran - this material is very easy to use, out of him the template for violets and other flowers can do everything.


      • Children;
      • Adults;
      • Those who do not have experience in needlework.

      A pattern of violets from foamiran is recommended to be done with the help of petals of real colors pattern of violets foamirana recommended using the petals of these flowers

      Violets from foamirana - it is incredibly beautiful product.

      With such artificial violets you can decorate everything that your heart desires, and make a real bouquet for a house that will never fade.

      It does not need to be watered and trimmed. If desired, you can apply the decor in the form of sequins or any other spraying. Very beautiful look large flower buds of roses and peonies, and distinguish them from natural flowers is simply not real, well, except perhaps with a thorough examination. Templates from foyamiran are made in the same way as from any other material and fabric. And to be precise, you just need to make a blank cardboard, put it on a canvas, and cut the required number of parts, which will then be assembled into a single unit.

      experienced handy tips: how to make the violet of foamirana

      Terry suede - this is foamiran. In other words - it is especially plastic and porous suede.

      This material:

      • known throughout the world;
      • It is considered the most malleable for creativity;
      • Often used in master classes to teach children.

      To flower composition from foyamir looked original and stylish, when it is made it is necessary to use petals of different shades To make the flower composition from the fameiran look original and stylish, it is necessary to use the petals of different shades

      . For the first time, the foiraman appeared in Iran, where they gave it to him an uncomplicated name.

      The blade has an incredible porosity, which allows it to be stretched by 15% when heated.

      He is not afraid of water, dirt and even getting soap. Once the product is ready, it will for a long time retain its proper appearance. Foamiran has an excellent color scheme, and it can be easily toned with a great originality. Products from the fameiran are durable, beautiful and realistic. Just imagine, you can collect a real bouquet of flowers in winter time, give to a loved one, and he will never wither.

      Violets from Foamiran can decorate boutonniere, bracelets and sandals. In short, that's just enough fantasy. It's convenient and pleasant to work with FAMIRAN, but it will take a lot of accuracy and patience. Every step must be carefully worked out so as not to spoil, neither the canvas nor the future beauty. The process of creativity will not take long to wait and, if competently prepared for it, the result will simply amaze.

      original violet from foamirana: a master class for beginners

      Workshop violets from foamirana is simple in the extreme.

      To produce violets, will need to have:

      • Toothpicks;
      • Scissors;
      • Beads;
      • Wire;
      • Gypsum;
      • Pot;
      • Adhesive gun;
      • Foamiran.

      Before you start creating a violet from foyamiran, it Before you start creating violets from foamirana worth watching instructional videos with master class

      Production starts with the preparation of flowers. A template is made by drawing a stencil on paper, cutting it, applying it to the canvas and then cutting out the details from the canvas.

      Templates are enough for two - a small flower and a large one.

      Once the flowers are ready, you can grasp the wire. It is cut into equal parts, each of which is superimposed beads. The tail of the wire must be twisted so that the beads do not move out of the desired location.

      Phoamiran made petals and leaves of violets. Flowers are collected in the middle of the wire. Under the flowers you need to arrange the leaves. To connect the flowers and leaves together, you need to apply a glue gun. Typically, the stem of the flowers is wrapped in a satin ribbon to hide the wire. On the leaves from the flower, you must make streaks, for which the toothpick is used.

      Next, the question arises, why do I need a pot and gypsum? Naturally, violets do not contain bouquets, but are grown in decorative pots on the windowsill. That's why you need to prepare the base, the pot, the diluted gypsum, where the violet stem will be mounted. Some needlewomen instead of gypsum use a conventional foam ball that will not make the product worse or less attractive.

      Violet Violet( video)

      Violet feng shui are considered to be extremely favorable plants for the home, even if they are decorative. They perfectly decorate the apartment, creating in it a comfort and warmth. Having made them from Foamiran, you can enjoy their beauty for a long time, and you do not need to spend time caring for them.

      Details: violets from foamirana( photo examples)

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