Sunflower from Foamiran: master class and MK with photo, how to make a pattern with your own hands, template with video

Sunflower from Foamiran looks very natural and spectacular Sunflower from foamirana looks very naturally and effectively Sunflowers - flowers though simple, but exactly what they do not refuse, so it is colorful. Solar, very bright, self-sufficient, it is not surprising that they are so popular in the decor, and in various types of needlework, their themes are quite vigorously exploited. Foamiran or plastic suede with your own hands allows you to make almost any flower, including - a sunflower.

    • Materials: how to make a sunflower from foamirana
    • Simple template sunflower of foamirana
    • Patterns sunflower from foamirana: how to make the middle of a
    • Workshop: sunflower from foamirana, assembly elements
    • Sunflower fromfoamirana: master class( vIDEO)
    • Examples of sunflowers foamirana( photo)

Materials: how to make a sunflower from foamirana

It would seem important to get itself suede. But to make the flower look spectacular, you will have to use many other materials. And also tools that help to achieve maximum accuracy.

For work you will need:

  • Bright yellow ampoules;
  • Black foyamyran;
  • Olive Foamiran;
  • Thermo-gun;
  • Tinted sponge;
  • Oil pastel or acrylic paints;
  • Scissors;
  • Ruler;
  • Iron;
  • Toothpick;
  • Any base for a flower( from elastic to rim);Caddle mold and universal mold.
  • .

Before you start to make a sunflower from Foamiran, prepare the material Before you start making a sunflower from foamirana, prepare material

first all prepare to release the job. Remember good lighting and enough space. The work will have to be focused, so never sit down for creativity with a bad mood.

Simple template sunflower of foamirana

Pattern or sunflower pattern usually made on cardboard. On the material( plastic suede), you circle the patterns in the desired number of petals. In order to correctly cut out the petal from the pattern, the foiramine should be folded somewhere in 3-4 layers. Apply a pattern, cut out. Thus, only simple petals are cut out.

For cutting out more complex parts, you need to circle the patterns with a toothpick or not with a pen. And only then cut.

A sunflower pattern can be made on cardboard, and then cut out The sunflower pattern can be made on cardboard and then cut out

Cut out leaves and petals are toned and processed with a mold. For petals it is necessary to take mold Cattleya, and for leaves a universal mold is suitable. The leaves are toned with acrylic paint( brown), it's easier to make it with a sponge.

For petals it is necessary to mix yellow and red colors. To give the petals texture, the iron is put on a crock, a leaf or petal along with the mold is applied to the iron. First, the upper half is held for a couple of seconds on the iron, then it is removed and the sheet is quickly pressed against the mold, then the lower half of the leaf. The tips of the petals are scrolled with a thumb and forefinger.

Patterns of sunflower foamirana: how do seredinku

midway can be made in two embodiments. Choose the one that you like more. The options are equivalent.

So, we can do this as follows:

  • Take striped black foamirana, 40 cm long by 1 cm wide, finely chop it;
  • Do not cut to the end, leaving 3-4 cm at the base;
  • The cut strip is twisted in a roll with glue and a toothpick, so the middle is ready.

The middle for a sunflower from foamiran can be done in two ways The middle for a sunflower made from foiramane can be made in two ways:

The roll can also be obtained by gluing with a thermo-gun. There is another option for creating a middle. It is also uncomplicated.

It is necessary to cut a strip of 42 cm by 2 cm. Do with it the same as with the first one - but after twisting in a roll it should be processed over a candle. At the same time, it should decrease by half a centimeter. Do this carefully so that the material does not catch fire. When the foamiran cools down, just fan the middle with your fingers. The second option, perhaps, will be more interesting.

Master-class: sunflower from foamiran, assembly of


Next, the sunflower needs to be collected. In turn, take the petals, start gluing them to the middle. In the first row, six petals are glued, do this with some overlap. In the second row, the petals need to be glued staggered between the first-row petals.

That's all - further you need to fix the flower on the basis. It can be an elastic band, a clasp, a bezel, in a word, that thing that you decorate with such beautiful sunflowers. They can also decorate the summer clutch.

But there is another option, when you have a sunflower, a large one, and it is the center of the product. Then why not leave the famearina petals, but make a heart made from real sunflower seeds? In this case, hot glue is applied in the center of the cardboard core, and you glue the seed with the vertical side. Stick them around in a circle.

Begin assembling the sunflower from gluing the petals to the middle Begin assembling the sunflower from gluing the lobes to the center

You can proceed as follows:

  • Cut the stripes of plastic suede, with the diameter and height being equal to the diameter and height of the middle.
  • The stripes are cut into narrow fringes. Strips are applied to the iron, and are glued to the center in a circle.
  • Then the petals are cut from the templates, twisted, each petal is processed with a slightly heated double knife( this is done from the bottom up).

Thus, the first row is laid out. In the second row there will be petals of a larger size. It turns out that two rows of 11 petals, a fringe at the core of foyamiranova fringe, and the core of the real seeds, and a beautiful decorative sunflower is ready. However, in the work you can have author's comments and ideas, and you improve the master class.

Sunflower from Foamiran: master class( video)

Plastic suede is the best material for ornamental flowers. And sunflower is no exception, it can turn out just for a long time. Try, time will not take much, but the result will please.

Have fun!

Examples of sunflowers foamirana( photo)