Callas from foamiran: master class or MK, how to make a flower pattern by hand

Callas from Foamiran can play the role of both an accessory and an element of decor Callas from Foamiran can act as an accessory and decor element You can make flowers like callas yourself. Therefore, you should step-by-step to figure out how to make calla with your own hands, and learn several ways of toning the petals. The master class on manufacturing will be described below.

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  • Callas of foamirana: master class

    need to manufacture some of the materials that are found in the store will not be difficult.


    • Billets foamirana( pitch suitable size of green matter strips 1 cm x 4 cm, yellow foamirana 2.5 cm x 5 cm;
    • Narrative pastel yellow, light green and dark green, red color;
    • wipes;
    • toothpicks;
    • wire floral;
    • Yellow microbeads;
    • PVA glue;
    • Thermo-gun;
    • teips tape;
    • Iron

    To make semimetric kallah from foamiran, you need to make a pattern of petals in advance To manufacture semmitri

    chnnye calla. From the fameir

    The first step is to select a suitable stencil for the petals, from the stripes of yellow matter it is necessary to make a pestle, having bent the floristic wire from one side to 5 cm. The size of the pistil depends on the size of the flower. And cut out the rectangle, leaving a small part, to close the top of the pistil. Next, apply glue to the top and to the wire. Then you need to bend the top and spread a little glue on the edge.

    Pestle should be completely covered with PVA glue. On top, you need to sprinkle with beads.

    It, of course, should be used ideally, and as an alternative, you can crumple the yellow dry pastel and mix with semolina, it will be no less original. This composition must completely cover the pestle. Next, we must begin to give the petals a realistic shape, they must be heated, and then stretch in different directions. To tint yellow calla, take a red dry pastel and draw frequent lines 2 cm from the edge of the petal.

    You do not need to crush a chalk, but you just put it on the petal. It is necessary to tint from 2 sides. Next, you need to draw a bright line along the edge of the petal. The red line should be slightly shaded, and the base of the calla should be sunk with a green pastel. To do this, you must mix yellow and light green chalk and first, apply the mixture with a damp cloth, then the very base of the calla make a little darker by applying a dark green pastel.

    The white lobe should be toned using the following color crayons:

    • Yellow;
    • Light green;
    • Dark green.

    On the side that will be on the outside you need to make the base darker the more saturated the greener, just like when tinting the yellow petal. The shape of the petal should be given after heating on the iron. The stem of the wire is wrapped in a green fomir and the flower is connected with a glue gun.

    MK: callas from faymiran

    To make callas from foamiran, you need to prepare a set of materials.

    A bouquet of callas from fameirana is often used at a wedding bouquet of calla foamirana often used for wedding


    • Foamiran white, red, green;
    • Floral wire;
    • PVA glue and brush;
    • Munk;
    • Piece of foam rubber;
    • Adhesive gun;
    • Scissors;
    • Iron.

    The first step is to make a pattern. The petal of the charming flower is one, but of a large size and slightly twisted. You can change them, but the width of the petal is always wider than the height. Next, you need to cut out the foraminade from the preform. Turn at the foot of the flower should be painted with green and yellow acrylic paint. The paint must be applied with foam rubber.

    Then it is necessary to dry the paint, twist the petal to give it a realistic shape. Pestle is made of yellow foyamiran and wire. Pestle must be covered with glue and apply a manga on it. Next, you need to make a stalk using a green foyamiran, wound on a wire. The calla leaf is cut out arbitrarily. With the help of a toothpick, a relief is applied, and the flower is connected with a glue gun.

    How to make calla from foiamane for a hair clip

    For making a hairpin decorated with callas from foamiran it is necessary to prepare materials.

    Color callas from foyamirana for hair clips should be chosen depending on the shade of hair color of calla foamirana for pins must be chosen depending on hair color


    • Foamiran appropriate color;
    • Finished stamens;
    • Adhesive gun;
    • Scissors.

    Next, you need to take the foamiran and cut it into small-sized squares. You can use the template. It is necessary to circle the workpiece on the material and then cut it, you will get a petal. Next, we must take ready-made stamens and wrap them with a petal, giving the form of callas. Then fameiran must be heated and bent petal.

    The flower is ready, now it remains to make a few more pieces and fasten them to the hairpin. A little time and good mood and you can get an original decoration.

    We make callas from famiraman with our own hands

    For making white calla we have to prepare materials.


    • Floral wire;
    • Foamiran white and green, can be olive;
    • Oil paints;
    • Tape tape;
    • Superglue;
    • Adhesive-pistol;
    • Paper;
    • Toothpick;
    • Lemon plastics;
    • Iron.

    A bracelet created with callas from Foamiran is an excellent gift for any holiday Bracelet created with callas from Foamiran is an excellent gift for any holiday.

    You need to start from the stems. Several procrastinations must be combined and glued on them with a green foiramine. The bottom of the stem should be thicker than the upper part. Wrap tape 2 times. For the first time, just a ribbon of foams, and the second time a crumpled ribbon. For the calla leaf, you need to take a template and transfer it to the material with a toothpick, cut. The template is done on paper. Through the entire length of the petal, it is necessary to apply relief strips. Next, the petal must be twisted and diluted with oil paint.

    Use a wet wipe to make a shading. From the back of the petal you have to submerge in green, inside the yellow one.

    The edge of the petal should be heated and screwed. The principle of assembling the petal resembles the clotting of a bag. The stamen is made of yellow plastic, the flower is collected and, if necessary, you can make a large green leaf. The leaf is 2 times larger than the flower itself and it must be sunk with green oil, apply a relief on the surface. The sheet is attached to a separate wire. Having made 3 callas and 1 sheet you can get a beautiful bouquet that will become an ornament of the interior.

    How do callas from foamiran( video)

    A little time, desire and work and a wonderful composition for yourself or as a gift is ready. Study the detail of the master class and get creative. I wish you success!

    Details: calla from foamirana( photo examples)