Fir tree from Foamiran with own hands master class: how to make fir twigs, photo ornaments, bezel on video

Beautiful and stylish Christmas tree from Foamiran with ease will complete the festive interior Beautiful and stylish tree from foamirana easily complement the festive interior Firs their foamirana urgency as artificial as well, are very expensive, but real quickly showered, and besides, it is a pity to cut them.

  • Beautiful Fir tree from the FAMIRAIN by yourself
  • How to make a fir tree from your own hands
  • Simple master-class of fir-tree fir-trees
  • Crafting spruce branches from famiraman for crafts
  • Fir-tree from Foamiran: masterthe class( video)
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  • beautiful tree from its foamirana

    forces such Christmas trees can be made in different shapes and sizes. If you put a little effort and perseverance, you can make a believable copy of the pine branch.

    on jewelry, hand made, nice to look at, they will transform the interior, and if the hack is quality, you can even arrange a sale.

    Foamiran is an excellent material that allows you to create a Christmas tree of any shape and size Foamiran - this is a great material that allows you to create the Christmas tree of all shapes and sizes

    Make crafts with the children is not difficult


    What can produce a herringbone:

    • herringbone of foamirana be excellent decoration;
    • Joint creativity unites children with parents;
    • Excellent souvenir and gift for the holiday.

    This Christmas tree will be an excellent gift for your family and friends for the New Year and other winter holidays.

    How to make a fir tree from the fameiran with your own hands

    It is made a Christmas tree is not difficult.

    What will need to create crafts:

    • First of all, you must purchase foamiran different colors;
    • Thick cardboard or cone-shaped piece of foam;
    • Compass Part;
    • Acrylic paint, the shade needs to be chosen a little lighter than the foamiran;
    • Scotch tape;
    • Scissors;
    • Iron;
    • Adhesive gun;
    • Sequins, a variety of ribbons, large beads and beads, items for decorating the Christmas tree( optional).

    Decorations for the Christmas tree can be made the most diverse. For example, small bows or flowers from ribbons. Bows are made with a fork. The first version of making crafts in a step-by-step way is done in a couple of hours.

    Before you start to make a Christmas tree from Foamiran, you should prepare all necessary materials and tools in advance so that you do not get distracted while working Before starting to manufacture the fir tree, prepare all necessary materials and tools in advance so that you do not get distracted while working.


    1. First you need to make a cone that will serveThe basis of the product. To do this, tight cardboard format A4 is used. On the cardboard, with the help of a circular, a quarter of a circle is drawn. Then the template needs to be cut.
    2. Now the resulting template is curled into a cone. The joints can be fastened together using adhesive tape or glue gun.
    3. The next step is to prepare a pattern from Foamiran. The width of the strip should be an average of 2.5 cm. The length of the strip is 70 cm. We cut the necessary blanks. To see the herringbone more vividly, the ends of the strip must be covered with acrylic paint using a sponge, creating a gradient. Wait for the paint to dry.
    4. Then, on the workpiece, you need to make a fringe, notching with a pair of scissors at approximately the same distance. The edge of the strip is 5-7 cm.
    5. Now it is necessary to give the strip volume. This is useful iron. Apply it gradually to the hot iron, and wait until the needles begin to bend. You have to be very careful, because it happens very quickly.
    6. Attach the strips to the cone with a gun glue. We apply glue on the bottom of the cone and apply a part of the workpiece. The next strips must be glued tightly to each other.
    7. We decorate the resulting Christmas tree with ribbons, beads, snowflakes, bows. Show imagination and creativity. Christmas tree toy will be an additional decoration for the hand-made.

    The second variant of making a Christmas tree is also not complicated. In this case, as a basis, we will use a piece of foam. Now cut the squares. You can do this without the help of a ruler, not observing the exact size. It all depends on the size of the future craft. For a small Christmas tree, squares of approximately 3x3 cm are used.

    In the corner of the square and on two sides of it, small incisions are made. They need to be done as thin as possible and closer to each other. Thanks to such "needles", the Christmas tree will acquire the necessary structure and look almost like a real one. Having prepared all the squares, we resort to the help of an iron. We apply fringe to the heated part. After the fringe begins to bend, we distribute the needles with a toothpick. We make the base of the tree. Apply the cone to the foyamiran, and easily traverse the lower base with a pen or needle. Cut out the circle with scissors, and glue the gun with glue to the base of the cone.

    We will deal with future needles. If the squares were originally cut out in different sizes, then glue them from larger to smaller, overlapping. On the edge of the square, the glue is applied, and then applied to the bottom of the workpiece. Adhere to the very end of the tree. If you want the top of the product to be pointed, then you need to take a thick wire. We put it in the top of the foam base. From foyamiran we cut out a thin strip, and we make longitudinal incisions on it, we bring it to the iron until the edges start spinning. Then, from the tip to the end of the wire, glue it in a spiral. A stand for such a Christmas tree can be made, for example, from a small beautiful mug.

    That's it, your furry Christmas tree is ready!

    Simple master-class of fir-tree from fayamiran

    How is the fir-tree made-up on legs and in fashionable boots?

    Materials that will be required:

    • Foma sheets;
    • Polyfoam sludge cardboard blank;
    • Adhesive gun;
    • Scissors;
    • Polyfoam small balls of different diameters;
    • Two wooden skewers;

    An interesting and fascinating master class will tell in more detail about the creation of a beautiful New Year tree from the fameirana An interesting and fascinating master class will tell you in more detail about the creation of a beautiful Christmas tree from faymiran

    We make the Christmas tree on the same principle. But to attach the legs and make shoes - the task is not easy. Let's start making shoes. We cut the balls from the foam into 2 identical parts. Cut off the small pieces from the edge of the balls, so that when you attach them to each other, something like boots appears. And then we glue these parts to each other. Consider that the shoes for the Christmas tree are already ready, it remains only to decorate and trim them. One of the variants of shoes for a Christmas tree: we take a small rectangular piece of fonir. A few seconds, iron it through a dense fabric. Then, while it's warm, pull it onto our shoes so that it takes their shape. We paste by means of a glue-pistol.

    Attach the shoe to the foimiran sheet and circle to make the sole. Cut out the template and glue it to the bottom of the boot. To smooth the joints between the upper and lower parts of the shoe, we cut a strip of Foma using a figured scissors. We glue it between the joints.

    If desired, decorate shoes with beads, ribbons, draw a marker laces or bows.

    Make the legs for our Christmas tree: we take a sheet of Foamiran A4 size, place it horizontally and cut it in half. We tightly twist the wooden skewers into it and fix it with thermal glue. The ends of the skewers are inserted into the boots.
    Feet for the Christmas tree ready! In such a simple way, you can make a merry Christmas tree-topot.

    We make spruce fir branches from foamiran for crafts.

    Spruce and pine branches from Foma are much harder to make. You will need diligence and patience. But it's worth it. The result will please you for many years, the twigs will look like the real ones due to the fineness of the needles.

    It is quite difficult to make fir branches from foamiran, however, even an aspiring needlewoman can easily cope with this task It is quite difficult to make spruce branches from foamiran, however, even the beginning needlewoman

    can easily handle this task. Materials for manufacturing:

    • Wire;
    • Foamiran;
    • Decor accessories.

    We make workpieces from foamiran. We cut into strips 6 cm wide. After that, on each strip we cut the fringe. Cuttings should be no more than 1 cm. These are the future needles of a branch. In each incision it is necessary to place a wire and glue the edges. After you have prepared all the strips, it is necessary for a needle each spiral twist as long as it will not be as thin as possible. The thinner, the better.

    For twigs, we will use a wire stranded in several layers, wound with brown threads.

    We twist a strip with needles around each wire, while gluing with glue. Then twirl our twigs together. That's all. A small pine branch is ready! As a decor, a cone or a star made of foma will do. Kiddies can make a simple spruce magnet from phoma.

    Herringbone of foamirana: Master Class( VIDEO)

    In conclusion, it is worth noting that the small Christmas trees made from foamirana, can be mounted on the rim. Such decoration can be used for children's fur-tree costume, and any girl will be pleased with such a wonderful accessory.

    Examples of tree foamirana( photo)

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