Rosa from foyamira: master class and how to make small roses, video and MK for beginners, with their own hands bud

Using decorative roses from Foamiran, you can create an interesting composition for decorating the interior Using miniature roses from foamirana, you can create an interesting composition for interior decoration The unique fragrance of a rose can not be confused with one of the natural flowers. In nature, there are 3 main types of roses: ordinary, lush terry and half-marble. The shades of the feminine flower are also huge, so a gentle rose is a universal and basic flower in order to create realistic compositions. On its basis, you can easily make interesting bouquets, because these graceful flowers are combined with almost any other. Foamiran, unfortunately, does not give the flavor of how and products in engineering kanzashi, but it can make a beautiful flower that will decorate the brooch, hairpin or other object. This master class on famemarina for beginners will tell you step by step how to make various kinds of roses.

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rose from foamirana MK: flower in Japanese style

For productiontions must prepare foamiran marshmallow pink and purple. And also superglue, lighter, oil pastel violet, foil, hair clip, hair band or brooch.

Before you begin to design roses, you must first prepare a pattern of petals Before proceeding with the design of the rose, you should first prepare the pattern of the petals

The master class for the creation in stages is performed as follows:

  1. Any artwork begins with a pattern. It is necessary to cut out 3 kinds of petals on the specified sizes.
  2. Next comes the manufacture of the petals themselves. The smallest are light, medium and large dark. When the petals are cut out they need to be shaped by heating the cigarette lighter and pastured with pastel.
  3. The next step is the creation of the middle of a foil rose. It must be twisted. The size of the middle of the flower should be as follows: height 2-2.5 cm, diameter from below 1.5 cm. The middle part should be wrapped in a small petal.
  4. Next, you need to collect the flower in a circle, gluing the petals, one after another. It turns out a kind of Esperanza.
  5. Then you need to attach the rose meringue to the elastic band or hair clip. A stem for this craft is not needed.

It's so easy to make an original decoration.

small rosettes of foamirana

creative project can provide not only for large flowers, very tender and touching small rosettes look. Making beautiful mini-flowers is not difficult.

Foamiran is perfect for creating small and neat roses Foamiran perfect for creating small and neat roses

To work needed:

  • foamiran marshmallow pink;
  • Leaflets made from green foma;
  • Mold for leaves;
  • Pastel;
  • Superglue;
  • Paper A4;
  • Foil;
  • Iron;
  • Fasteners.

"Live" small shrub roses are made by a step-by-step method. It is necessary to take 2 bands of pink foma... One strip of 5 to 24 cm, a second 4 to 36 cm bands should be cut into rectangles 5x4 cm - 6 cm pieces and 4x3 - 12 pieces. Blanks should be goblet. They must be put on paper, covered and ironed to warm up. The petals of the semi-hollow type are toned, and they are given a natural form.

From the foil it is necessary to make a ball and to paste on it petals. Get a bud.

The leaves are cut from the green foma. They need to be heated and wrung out on the molding. Zatonirovat. The last step is to fasten the rose on the clamp and the decoration is ready. Such roses are well decorated with wreaths, vintage hand-made articles. Babies are well suited for rims and brooches. Many roses can be placed on a pot or basket - it's original.

Bud and leaves of roses from fayamiran

Bud is not an open rose is one of the most popular. A simple garden luxurious rose on the stem is not difficult.

You need to prepare to create:

  • Foamiran is pink and green.
  • Mold is universal.
  • Pastel pink, green, red, lilac, yellow.
  • Superglue.
  • Lighter.
  • Tape tape.
  • Paper.
  • Wire and Litons.
  • Toothpicks.
  • Foil.
  • Acrylic lacquer.
  • Iron.

To date, popular are beautiful flower buds from fameirana To date, the beautiful flower buds from the fameeran

are popular. The master class looks like this. The pink bud is in vogue today. The width of the bands is 3 cm, 5.5 cm, 6.5 cm. They need to be cut into squares. Small 12, large 8. Petals should be sunk from 2 sides. Then tint the bottom of the petal with a yellow and green pastel, using a sponge. Next, you need to trace the veins put the petals on the sheet and iron iron.

Next we need to roll a ball of foil, give the pink petals a realistic shape, the edge is processed with a cigarette lighter.

The next step is to create a bud shape. On the foil attached to the wire it is necessary to paste the petals. Then the bottom of the foil is covered with large petals 4 in a row. Sepals and leaves are cut and squeezed out on the molding. The blanks are tinted and put on a wire, which is pre-wrapped with a tape tape. The rose is ready. Such a flower will decorate any bouquet. The rose may not be luxuriant, cup-shaped, but a neat closed or slightly open head, it looks romantic and tender.

How to make a rose from Foamiran: a master class to create a pioneer rose

In nature, you can find many kinds of roses and stone, and tea, and flat. Also popular is the Dutch, Tuberose, Esperanza, Winter, Bengal, David Austin, English, Dolce Vita and Rosemelia. One of them is the most beautiful pion rose. It is a fluffy flower that resembles a peony.

Many needlewomen are engaged in making a stylish and unusual pion rose, which is able to perfectly decorate any composition Many needlewomen are engaged in the manufacture of a stylish and unusual pion rose that can perfectly decorate any composition

To create it is necessary to prepare:

  • Pink and green foamiran.
  • Mold is universal.
  • Pastel.
  • Superglue.
  • Office paper.
  • Iron. Hairpin, brooch.

The master class looks like this. From pink fojmirana it is necessary to cut out strips. The first 2,5х32 cm, the second 2,5х48 cm, the third 3х40 cm. From the stripes it is necessary to cut the squares. Next, we need to cut out the teardrop-shaped petals from the squares and iron it out through paper, to give it a realistic shape.

Next, the petals must be folded with an accordion and rubbed, spread, make a groove.

Then you need to glue the small petals, drop on the conic and squeeze. The next step, gluing together.10 of the middle we glue together. Larger are glued together. The blanks are connected. The leaves are heated, squeezed on the mold, glued to the flower and a brooch, or a hairpin. You can decorate a comb or other object. Large roses can be yellow, a great option is a blue or brown rose. The matter of the needlewoman's taste.

Black and white roses from Foamiran: master class for beginners

Huge, giant roses look impressive, but when you want to make an original gift from Santa Claus, the best solution is a decorative, interior black and white rose Yin-yan. A bicolour rose is created simply.

An unusual and original gift will be a stylish black and white rose from the foyamir in the style of yin-yang An unusual and original gift will be a stylish black and white rose from the ying-yang faimiran

For work you will need:

  • Foamiran black, white, green.
  • Molding is universal.
  • Superglue.
  • Paper.
  • Iron.
  • Hairpin.

The master class is executed as follows. The pattern of petals of roses can be printed, for this you can use a template, a stencil, templates. Petals must be cut in the same number of black and white. Petals are processed on an iron and collected as a sign of yin-yang. They are glued in turn, going to a two-tone beautiful bud. This is the most painstaking work.

Next, you have to cut out the five-piece and glue it to the rose. Leaves of sepals can be spiral.

The last step is to fix the rose on the barrette.

Roses from Foamiran: master-class( video)

Pictures of hand-made articles prove how beautiful, real works of art can be obtained. The main thing is to choose a good fame, better if the country of the producer is China or Turkey. A little desire, work, mood and everything will turn out.

detail: from foamirana( photo examples) rose

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