Than to cover a wooden floor: how to process a floor board, a covering with wax and pine oil, processing a tree

To ensure that the wooden floor has been used for a long time, it should be covered with a protective agent to wood floor served for a long time, it should be covered with protecting means floor made of wood - is a virtue all apartments. It is he who makes the interior cozy, stylish and rich. But, unfortunately, natural material is subject to the influence of environmental factors. On the appearance and performance characteristics of wood can be negatively affected by open sunlight, changes in temperature, humidity in the room. To protect the wooden floor from rapid deterioration, repair and replacement, to preserve the original appearance of the coating, it is necessary to take care of its protection. How and what to process the wooden floor, read below.

  • cover the wooden floor in the house
  • How to evenly coat the floor with oil( video)
  • choice of composition: the handle wooden floors in the house

    The best way to protect the coating from rotting, abrasion, burn, insect and cracks of -It is covered with a special compound. Today, the market for wood processing materia

    ls offers mixtures that can not only reliably protect wood from any damage, but also emphasize its decorative qualities. The choice of composition depends on each case.

    Composition for the treatment of wood coating can be bought in any construction shop composition for the treatment of wooden coverings can be purchased at any hardware store

    should choose sparing formulations safe for humans and pets biocides for the treatment of floors in the house.

    The wooden floor in the apartment on the first floor should necessarily be covered with a remedy against fungus and mold. To protect the wooden floor on the verandas and terraces of private houses, it is necessary to use tools that include insecticides. Most often, manufacturers offer formulations with a combined effect. For example, Belinka Impregnan help protect the floor and he pests and mildew, and Pirilaks-Suite - from moisture and insect pests. The wood healer biopassite is a coating from the processes of decay, mold and fungus.

    When buying wood floor protection, carefully study the label and composition.

    Pay attention to the expiration date of the product. If it is tens of years, then, most likely, you have the substance for carrying out outdoor work. Such products contain aggressive biocides, which are dangerous for human health. Branded products often place on the label number of the hotline, which you can get answers to all the questions of interest. Do not hesitate to call, because it depends not only on the "life" of your wooden floor, but on the health of all the inhabitants of the house.

    Varnishes for wood floors: how and what to cover

    floor most usual means for protection of wood is lacquered. Floor varnishes not only protect the surface from moisture, dirt, insects and sun, but also give it a shine, emphasize the natural color of the wood.

    You should choose a varnish for wood that does not contain harmful substances should be chosen such varnish for wood, which does not contain harmful substances

    There are several types of lacquers that have different characteristics:

    1. Water-soluble varnishes. These varnishes quickly dry, do not have an unpleasant odor and adhere well to the substrate. Depending on the type of water-soluble varnish( single- or double-phase), it can serve from 3 to 10 years without re-coating the floor.
    2. Alkyd. Such varnishes are ideal for "moving" floors, parquet floors with heating, but they dry for a long time. In addition, the technology of applying such varnishes has many nuances. The life of such varnishes is 2-3 years.
    3. Anhydrous polyurethane varnishes. Such products have a high level of durability, are resistant to chemicals and high humidity. This varnish dries faster than water soluble. For the floor covering with polyurethane lacquer, the moisture content of the wood should not exceed 8%.Otherwise, the varnish can go bubbles. Serves such a protective coating for 2-3 years.
    4. Acid-cured lacquers. These varnishes have the highest performance characteristics: they guarantee a reliable coating, which is not afraid of chemical and mechanical damage, moisture. To apply such a varnish is simple, it is not picky about tools. However, the treatment should take place in a ventilated room, and work should be performed in a respiratory mask.

    Lucky is not recommended for use on floors covered with oil or varnish compositions, open verandas, terraces( most lacquers respond poorly to direct sunlight).

    Oil for wooden floor of pine: features

    Product Oil - is a good option to cover the wooden floor; it dries quickly and allows for local repair( to reprocess the floor is not necessary to make furniture, to carry out grinding).In addition, oil is an absolutely safe, ecological product( this is important for allergy sufferers and families with children).But, judging by the feedback of users, little has lower performance than lacquer.

    The wooden floor, which has been stained with a stain, is absolutely forbidden to cover with oil: the oil does not form an insulating film and any dyeing object will leave a color print on the floor.

    Thanks to the oil, it is possible to improve the aesthetic and operational properties of a wooden floor made of pine Due oil can improve the aesthetic and performance properties of the wooden floor of pine

    However, the oil for some breeds - the only way out. So, coating the floor of the pine board with lacquer can lead to the fact that after a short operation the floor will crack: hard lacquer is poorly combined with softwood and can easily damage the floorboard. Therefore, oil is an ideal choice for soft pine flooring.

    When covering with pine wood, it should be remembered that due to the resin that is contained in the wood, the impregnation will last longer than on other conifers.

    Builders advise choosing to cover the pine wood floors in the house oil with wax in the composition. Such a product penetrates well into the pores of the tree, making it stronger. In addition, oil with wax well emphasizes the texture of wood: the floor after application looks natural and attractive.

    Wax for floor protection: how to cover the wooden floor in the house

    Wax is a traditional way of protecting wood from moisture. A modern wax agent for the treatment of wooden floors is made of beeswax, inorganic additives and oils. The main advantage of wax is its availability and environmental friendliness. In addition, the wax is suitable for covering all types of wood. It can be either colored or colorless, glossy and matte. This makes it possible to restore the original color of the old wooden covering and to emphasize the new floor.

    To protect the floor it is enough to apply a thin layer of wax To protect the floor apply sufficiently thin layer of wax

    To treat wood floor wax needed:

    1. Clear coating. The old varnish is removed with a solvent or a batch. You can apply the product over the oil.
    2. Sand and degrease the surface for better adhesion of wood and wax. You can additionally treat the surface with a primer on wood, and sand the layer after drying.
    3. Apply wax with a tissue swab in a circular motion, as if rubbing it into the floor.
    4. Wait for the layer to dry and, if necessary, coat the floor again.
    5. Polish the floor after drying the wax with a felt cloth.

    The process of wax drying can be accelerated by selecting a tool with polymerization accelerators. In the finished wax mixture, you can add a drier.

    How to evenly coat the floor with oil( video)

    Due to environmental and attractive appearance, wood is often used for decoration of both internal and external spaces. To keep a wooden covering is the paramount task of anyone who was lucky enough to have a floor at home from a parquet, a board, a laminate. And if before the floor could only be painted, then today to help protect the cover can specialized tools that are easily applied themselves. Choose the composition depending on your financial capabilities, such as wood and surrounding conditions and enjoy the beautiful wooden floor for decades!