Laying a massive board: plywood on the floor and screed, the technology of the array, mounting the adhesive backing, warm parquet

Make the floor in the room reliable and durable with a massive board The floor is indoors and safe with solid wood The solid board can be classified as one of the most durable materials for flooring. Externally, it looks like a parquet board, but it differs significantly from its structure, since it consists entirely of arrays of trees. Such material is practical and durable, a massive board is also able to withstand the impact of the environment and is able to tolerate more loads and treatments. The installation of massive boards, as a rule, is carried out at the end of the repair. And in order for the installation to pass without problems, you need to know all the features of this material and the ways of laying.

    • Choose one of 6 options: laying a massive board on th
      e screed
    • Laying a massive board on the plywood
    • Solid board floor: how to prepare for laying
    • How to lay a solid board on a screed without plywood
    • Solid board laying technology
    • Laying a massive board on plywood( video)

We choose one of 6 options: laying a massive board on the screed

Mounting a massive board on the screed on concretemade only in those cases when the house there is floor heating. The substrate is not used in this situation, since it prevents the supply of heat. The screed is pre-prepared. The surface should become one continuous horizontal line. If the screed will deviate from these indicators, then you need to use a self-leveling solution that can bring the surface to an ideal state.

After the entire surface has dried, the layer can be treated with a primer. What is it for? The primer is able to improve the adhesive properties that are produced by using the adhesive. Only after all the work done, you can proceed to laying massive boards. How to organize this process can be seen on the training videos, in which everything is told in detail.

The laying can be carried out in many ways, we offer you 6 basic.

You can make laying of a massive board in several ways, which you can choose yourself You can perform the laying of a massive board in several ways, you can choose it yourself

Most commonly used:

  1. Straight laying .This technique involves installing a floorboard by lining the wall.
  2. Diagonal laying .In this situation, the boards are laid in the 45 degree position.
  3. Block .The technique refers to one of the classical. The method is based on laying out boards a few pieces until the time when a square block is formed.
  4. Chaotic layout .The method is similar to straight masonry, because the boards are installed along the wall. However, in this case they have different sizes.
  5. Herringbone 90 .Technology is considered one of the most famous. This method allows you to evenly distribute the load on the floor. Using this method, it is possible to reduce the possibility of crevices. Technological work can create a kind of parquet.
  6. Vintage .In order for the coating to receive a special charm, boards of different length and width are used.

You can carry out the installation of the boards with your own hands only when you have done all the preparatory work and finishing activities, so that in the future the coating is not damaged. It is very important to remember that before mounting, it is necessary to prepare and process not only the base, but also the boards themselves.

Laying a massive board on plywood

As for laying a massive board on plywood, this is considered the most popular method of forming a high-quality surface. In order to prepare the base, experts recommend the use of plywood, the thickness of which will be about 15 mm, as well as it must necessarily be moisture resistant. If you follow the rules, the plywood is cut into strips, their width should not exceed 60 cm. Then the tiles are expanded with a shift to exclude later the coincidence of the corners. The base is fixed under a massive board, using dowels and screws, all the heads are heated in the material during work.

Suffice popular method is to lay a solid board plywood

for each element to be used to mount the elements 9.

An alternative is to use glue. Similarly, the material can be laid on both cement and "directly" without using plywood or logs. However, these methods can only be used in those rooms where there is an ideal base. This applies to the second and more floors.

Solid wood floor: how to prepare for laying

It is undoubtedly important to organize proper installation, but no less important is the preparation process for laying. To ensure that in the future you do not get unpleasant surprises, experts recommend adhering to certain training rules.

It is very important to remember that the stacked massive boards are the floor covering that you have purchased. And in the case of noticed even the most minimal damage - it is necessary to immediately replace the goods.

Before stacking, carefully check the massive board for minor damage should be carefully checked for the presence of solid wood minor injuries

For this reason, do not rush to unpack purchased boards, carefully inspect the packaging, because even its damage can say a lot before laying. If there is no damage, then you can start sorting. Make a choice where any boards you will use and which ones you will cut.

As for the boards after unpacking, they must undergo acclimatization. To do this, they are left in the room for 3 days. If the masonry is made on the first floor, you need to organize a preliminary and thorough ventilation of the basement.

What to laying solid wood on plywood without screed

If you put solid wood on plywood without screed, the main role of the lags in the take the form of wooden beams with a rectangular cross-section. They are attached to the screed with screws or dowels. If you think that you can damage the communications that will be under the screed, then it is better to attach the lag to the mastic, which will contain glue or bitumen in the composition. Between the attachment points the distance should be 50 cm, no more, this is the maximum distance. With the help of a planer or chip placement, leveling of the bars is carried out. As for the distance between the lags, it can be filled with insulation material.

Independently, you can lay a massive board on a screed without plywood, if you properly read all the nuances of this process Independently can be made laying solid wood on plywood without screed, if properly acquainted with all the nuances of this process

If your home is located on the first floor, which has no basement, it is best to use a heat-insulating material.

On the logs, experts recommend placing a waterproof film that is fastened using staples. And only after all the work done you can proceed with the installation of massive boards.

Technology laying solid wood

to realize hardware boards in major cases use screws, keep in mind that the distance between each of the screws must be at least 20 cm. Of course, it is desirable to use special screws, especially if your board is made of exoticSpecies of trees.

Experts recommend to prepare in advance self-tapping screws, which will help when laying a massive board recommends to prepare in advance the screws that will assist in laying a solid board

Sometimes laying floor boards is carried out with a special glue, should not be considered that this method is considered less reliable. This material is more conveniently applied and the floating spatula is evenly distributed throughout the board.

Remember, massive boards can not glue the array to clean glue, in any situation, additional fixing with self-tapping screws is simply necessary.

Adhesive backing can not withstand the array, so laying boards without additional fastening, an empty case.

When docked, you need to pay attention to the clearances, especially the area near the wall and between the boards. Long distances can always be corrected using wedges. Laying should start at the wall and use a groove method. The first and last rows are fastened through the front surface of the boards. Places of fastening are closed with skirting boards.

Laying a massive board on plywood( video)

Massive boards, a great option for creating a luxurious interior. The installation of this material is quite painstaking, but using the recommendations mentioned in this article, you will be able to cope with this difficult matter and organize a magnificent view in any room of your home. We can only wish good luck in your upcoming work process.