Whether it is possible to lay a laminate on linoleum: how to put the hands, whether the substrate, video-instruction, technology of stacking, a laminate on a parquet is necessary

Laminate many attracts with their many advantages and aesthetic qualities Laminate many attracts with its many advantages and aesthetic qualities Having started repairs, many decide to change the flooring and put the now popular laminate. It is handsome, practical, wear-resistant and moisture resistant and in general in the kitchen looks better than many coatings. But in fact often on the floors there is already linoleum, parquet. Nobody wants to do double work and waste time on removing the old cover. Is it possible to lay a laminate on a parquet, a tile and linoleum?

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    • Laminate plus linoleum
    • Do you need a substrate
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    • Laminate for parquet
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Requirements for working with laminate

Laminate has become popular with the masses not only because of its practicality and beauty, but also because it is not difficult to lay it, like linoleum. With this kind of work you can manage by yourself.

With the laying of laminate flooring on other floor coverings it is not difficult to cope on your own With laying laminate on other floor coverings it is not difficult to cope alone

There are many kinds of laminate, as well as the companies producing them. But almost all have similar requirements for work with them. It is necessary to lay the laminate on the surface smooth and dry. Also, they should not crumble, crumple, swell, pour. In short, the old surface must be strong. If the room is wet or the ground is wet, then a substrate is also needed.

To prevent the laminate from touching the concrete base, an insulating substrate is used. Its role:

  • Thermal insulation;
  • Sound insulation;
  • Protection from moisture;
  • Align the surface.

Detailed instructions for laying laminate( video)

Laminate plus linoleum

Now the question arises - and the old linoleum can be considered already a substrate and a ready-made substrate, or should it be removed? Here it is necessary to carry out a revision of the coating, guided by the requirements of the laminate manufacturers to the substrate. That is, by default, we can assume that if the old linoleum is not damaged and lies exactly, then you can safely lay a laminate.

If the old linoleum coating has no damage and lies exactly, it can be laid on a laminate If the old linoleum coating has no damage and lies flat,

can be laid on it. This is possible, because when linoleum was laid, the base was already placed under it, the floor was leveled, the defects were eliminated. And now, if nothing has happened to the linoleum itself, this previous basis can already be considered ready.

Before work, the entire floor surface in the kitchen, hallway, rooms is inspected. If there are no torn surfaces, bends, the old linoleum lies exactly, then you can put a laminate.

Important: If the linoleum is quite old, then it will have to be removed. Since at any time it will begin to break down, which will lead to deformation of the laid floor from the laminate . Either the old linoleum should be covered with a backing. Its thickness should be about 3 mm. To do this, you can use a plug, foamed polyethylene foam, polystyrene .

Do I need a substrate

The substrate is needed according to the recommendations of laminate manufacturers. Putting it or not in the kitchen and in the rooms depends in this case on what characteristics the canvas of old linoleum, parquet, tile has.

Much depends on how tightly and firmly the old base, which is the old flooring. Tiles and parquet are strong enough and firm enough and they do not need to be given additional strength so that they do not bend or deform. Therefore, the substrate can not be laid on them.

The need for laying the substrate under the laminate each determines for himself Everyone determines the need for laying under the laminate for himself If the linoleum is severely damaged, before laying the laminate it must be removed If the linoleum is severely damaged, it must be removed before laying the laminate

Linoleum can be of different thickness and softness. If the old linoleum is thin, without a substrate, and even the texture itself is soft, then it is a bad basis. If you lay on it a laminate, then soon the floorboards will begin to sag, make a show. The boards will start moving, gaps will begin to form between them. Therefore, a soft linoleum must first lay the substrate. And it does not matter whether it's a kitchen or a different room.

What are the advantages of

? Laying a laminate on a tile, parquet or linoleum is good in that you do not have to take out all the furniture from the room. It's enough simply to shift it to the side as you work, and lay laminate boards in free space. This greatly facilitates both temporary and labor costs.

Also laying on linoleum or parquet allows you to save money, because you can not purchase other materials for the organization of the substrate.

The beauty of laying a laminate on the tile is that the repair can be carried out in stages, not releasing the room completely from the furniture beauty laying laminate on tiles that repairs can be carried out in stages, without emptying the room completely from furniture

Before laying the laminate on the tile, it is important to check the horizontal level of the floor Before laying the laminate on the tiles, it is important to check the horizontal level of the floor When laying a laminate on a tile, it is necessary to use a foam polystyrene substrate Stacking laminate tiles, it is necessary to use expanded polystyrene substrate


operated by levelCheck the flatness of the floor. It is important that there are no significant differences found. At the same time it is worth checking whether the linoleum is well fixed. If he has moved away somewhere, then he must be backed up. This is by labor costs incommensurably less than the removal of linoleum and the laying of the substrate.

Laminated boards are laid out in a room and left for a few days for a so-called acclimatization. They should get the same temperature and humidity as the floor in the room, especially in the kitchen. It is very important to do so in the cold season.

To laminate flooring according to the technology recommended by the manufacturer, starting it from a wall on which there is a window.

Laminate laying on old linoleum( video)

Laminate on parquet

Before laying a laminate on a parquet floor, you must carefully inspect the condition of the floor. If defects are found, then they must be eliminated. Departed boards should be inserted back, formed thick cracks plastered and carefully sealed. If more than 20% of the surface of the parquet has been damaged, it will have to be completely sorted.

In some cases, the parquet needs to be looped before laying the laminate. If the parquet was seriously damaged, and its bulkhead is not included in the plans, then simply plywood sheets are laid over the parquet. And already on top of them is laminate laying. Laminate the same as it should be according to the instructions to it. The procedure here does not differ from the usual laying of the laminate.

Laying laminate over the old floor( video)

Can I put linoleum tiles

Floor from the tile under the laying of linoleum in alignment does not need floor tiles for laying linoleum in the lining does not need If the repair is carried out in-house beauty, almost always on the floors already have the old flooring. In the kitchen and bathroom it can be linoleum. Many decide to renew the floor and choose a durable and aesthetic tile. Can I put it on the old linoleum? And whether it is possible to make a reverse operation - to lay a new linoleum old tile?

Ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles are the perfect ready-made linoleum base. The requirements for the base are simple. The base must be:

  • level;
  • strong;
  • does not sag.

Tile meets all these requirements. Under it, once the floor has already leveled, so in its evenness there is no doubt. The tile itself has a hard surface and, accordingly, when stacked on it, linoleum will not be blown and deformed. Therefore, if the kitchen decided to lay linoleum on the tile, no additional substrates should be done.

Important: the linoleum is placed on a special glue. If the tile is too glossy, then its surface can be sanded in order to create a better grip between the surfaces of the tile and linoleum.

Course of work

First cut out linoleum spreads indoors. He must lie down for at least 24 hours in order to smooth out and take the form of sex.

Linoleum is folded in the longitudinal direction. Each half of it is spread with glue. Also glue the surface of the tile. After 20 minutes, which are required to absorb the glue, you can start laying. First glue one half of the linoleum, and then the other. When stacking, they try to immediately smooth the surface of the linoleum, so that it lay flat, without creases. Plinths are installed after the linoleum is stuck in the kitchen.

Laying instructions for linoleum on the old coating( video)

Laying tiles on linoleum

Much more often there is a situation where it is necessary to put the tile on the linoleum. In this case, the condition of the linoleum itself and the possibility to use it as a foundation are also taken into account.

If linoleum has sufficient rigidity, has no damage and does not peel anywhere, then it can be considered a good basis for laying tiles. The tile is equally well adhered to concrete, plywood, vinyl base of linoleum. The main thing is that the linoleum really was not new and ceased to be elastic. The very same laying of the tiles is made, as usual - on a tile mix or special glue for tiles.

It is quite possible to put one floor covering on the kitchen in another. The main thing is that they, as the ground were level. And then there will be no problems with the new sex.

Rules for laying tiles on the floor( video)


To lay the laminate flooring on linoleum, tile, parquet does not present any difficulties. It can be done by one's own hands and this will greatly speed up the repair work.