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The bar counter is perfect for living space: this is evidenced by rave reviews of the most diverse people who went to this bold experiment The bar is perfect for residential premises: prove it rave reviews from a wide variety of people who have taken this bold experiment Modern kitchen no longer be imagined without the bar, as it is one of the components, which is applied at the interior of thePremises. Due to it it is possible to organize a kitchen of any area and configuration. Even in a small kitchen the bar table will be appropriate, but you just need to think through all the trifles. Even though the bar table came from the west, but we were able to bring a national note into it.

  • Advantages and disadvantages of bar countertops for the kitchen
  • Selection rules for the kitchen counterbar tables and chairs for kitchen
  • How to make the bar with your hands( video)
  • Examples bar table for the kitchen( photo)
  • Modern bar at the kitchen table in the interior

    Bar tables in the kitchen occupy a leading position, because this is a practical and convenient solution. Now, increasingly, they began to buy both a ba

    r-table and a regular table. Because, the racks perfectly divide the space into zones and are used for minor snacks, and at the usual table the whole family gathers for dinners or holidays.

    The bar counter is not suitable for a kitchen with low ceilings The bar is not suitable for kitchens with low ceilings

    Options bar table models for the kitchen:

    1. Classic version. Bar counter can be part of the kitchen elements, which is important for a small kitchen with corner set. Thus, it visually continues the line of surfaces in the workplace. The height of the rack is smaller than that of the stand alone table, but it will be the same as the furniture of the working corner. The best option is a set with the letter P or G. On the bar is usually fastened railing or frukovnitsa, even there are small shelves. And the rack on top has a highlight.
    2. The bar is an "island". This type of table is used in large rooms, because it is located separately from the furniture to one side of his L-shaped working part, and on the other - a seating area. Bar table can be made in the form of a rack and have additional cabinets under the table top. The island layout in the kitchen interior gives a sense of wealth and style.
    3. Desk stand. Usually this design is purchased instead of a dining table, which saves space. The table-rack can be placed along the wall because of its small width or, to make it a delimiter of the kitchen from the room. In this case, the rack dimensions will be standard, so that you can sit and see each other. The table top by color and style should match the room, or the effect of zoning will not work.

    Many people have opted for the modern standard table-rack options, because this is an excellent option for spending free time. Kitchen furniture and appliances will ideally turn the usual kitchen space into a modern room.

    bar in the interior of the kitchen( video)

    choice of worktop materials for the bar to the kitchen

    countertop for the bar to the kitchen should be water-resistant, withstand the mechanical and thermal effects, so Treat the choice of materials is quite serious. To the table top was close in color and texture of the overall interior, be guided by what made all the rest of the kitchen furniture.

    Unlike wood, plastic is not prone to rotting: this material is distinguished by its longevity Unlike wood, plastic does not rot: This material is characterized by its durability

    choice of materials for kitchen countertops:

    • Glass. The glass tabletop is fragile, but elegant in appearance, so you need to keep it from bumps. It will look great in the form of high-tech, and will also suit the design of modern classics. The glass can be transparent, tinted or opaque. Such a table top does not need special care and will not lose sight even after a long time.
    • The tree is a versatile material, as it is easy and convenient to work with and it is possible to make any curved element. The wooden countertop will find its place in classical, Scandinavian, modern styles, provence and country. Maintain such products from high temperatures and fire, cover with protective equipment and protect from scratches.
    • Plastic. Plastic worktops fit into any style thanks to a wide range of colors, but lose in appearance due to the low cost of the material. But they do not absorb moisture at all, they are resistant to temperature and soft household chemicals.
    • Stone and acrylic. These materials have a lot of advantages, but they have a high price and are the main accents of interiors. But give the interior an unprecedented sophistication and will not spoil up to a hundred years, in the event that the stone will be natural. Such countertops easily withstand high temperatures and other aggressive effects.

    Wooden countertops will suit for lovers of stability, coziness and home Wooden worktops are suitable for lovers of stability, comfort and a home

    The choice of bar tables is large enough and with their help it is possible to implement any design idea. Most are available for sale, but individual options can be done with their own hands or made to order. Such tables allow zoning space and are very convenient to use.

    Advantages and disadvantages of bar countertops for the kitchen

    Bar countertops for the kitchen from a designer point of view, are an unusual element in the interior of the kitchen and are constantly used in everyday life, which is doubly convenient and practical. But each raisin has its pros and cons. Let's consider them in more detail.

    The bar table has a smooth surface: this property allows you to easily and quickly wash any stains on your table top The bar table has a smooth surface: this feature allows you to easily and quickly wash any stains on your table top

    Advantages of the bar counter:

    1. The bar counter tops a minimum of space that even in small kitchens it will be practicalPlace such furniture and get a whole family. And the saved space can be safely used for different lockers and other kitchen utensils.
    2. Bar counters perfectly delimit the space in large kitchens or studio apartments.
    3. Available chairs can easily be removed under the countertop, while saving a lot of space.
    4. Bar tables look aesthetically and fashionably.
    5. Behind the bar is very convenient and there is a two. If you want to discuss something, then there is no need to reach the whole table.

    Bar racks are easy to clean and wash. The worktop is usually smooth in texture, so liquid and crumbs from it are removed instantly.

    Disadvantages of the bar tabletop:

    • In most cases, bar counters are suitable for young people or middle-aged people, since it's not very convenient for an elderly person to sit down and get up from such a table.
    • Pregnant women also need to be cautious at these tables.
    • Due to high furniture, injuries can occur during falls.

    Bar desks are in their own way useful and convenient, and despite the existing shortcomings present for them, they are still used in interiors of kitchens. Many disadvantages can be solved, for example, it is enough to purchase heavy chairs with a backrest and then the security problem will be solved in a moment.

    Rules for choosing a bar and chairs for the kitchen

    The bar table and chairs for the kitchen are now an integral part of the kitchen space. When choosing an identical kitchen furniture, always stick to at least 3 criteria.

    The bar table top divides the room into a dining room and a kitchen area: this is especially true for small kitchens where every square centimeter is important Bar countertop divides the room into a dining room and a kitchen area: this is especially true for small kitchens where every square centimeter is important.

    The main criteria for choosing a bar and chairs:

    1. The first rule of the kitchen bar and chairs is that they should be comfortable. Beautiful furniture does not mean that it is comfortable and practical. An excellent option is the chairs with ergonomic seats that completely repeat the structure of the human body. Convenient are capacious tables with drawers and wide chairs with armrests.
    2. Kitchen tables and chairs are better to buy at the completion of repairs, where you will clearly see the entire interior design. The classic style of bar tables is gaining popularity, as wood products bear good quality and spectacularity. Plastic models show us originality in the style of hi-tech. You can choose not only materials, but also shades of products. But the most effective solution for the bar is a glass top.
    3. When choosing tables and chairs, do not forget about the dimensions of the kitchen itself and the whole structure. The standard dimensions of the height of the bar are from 86 to 130 centimeters. The narrow bar countertop occupies a width of 30-50 centimeters, when the standard version is about 60 centimeters. Bar stools also have their standard height - 75-85 cm. The height of the chair should be below the table by thirty centimeters in an ideal way.

    How to make a bar yourself( video)

    Bar kitchen tables are rapidly entering the daily life of ordinary people. Its advantages - multifunctionality, convenience, relative low cost, aesthetic appearance, they brought with them a certain charm in the kitchen space, which many can buy. Original design ideas can change the tastes in the design of the entire interior.

    Examples bar tables for kitchen( photo)